The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 116: The Rock Village Surprise Troop!

“Youve made it in time, since youre here, were starting the discussion of the next moves.”

Sakumo ordered a Ninja from the outside to bring two more chairs.

Tsunade, sit down directly.

Naito didnt really want to participate in any meetings, but when she sat, Naito did the same thing casually after he shook his head.

The meeting started directly.

However, after he saw Tsunade, Danzos expression become darker and went into a deep silence.

The moment the meeting ended, Danzo immediately turned and left.

The others also left, and only Naito, Tsunade and Sakumo were left.

“Take off your mask, I already know your identity.”

Sakumo smiled at Naito while looking at him as he was taking off his mask, he could not help but to pat his shoulders.

“Good job son.”

This compliment was from the heart.

In his view, he didnt care much about how Naito was able to kill a whole squad of Rocks Shinobis more than the fact, that he could rescue Tsunade.

Originally, Sakumo cares more about his companions, not to mention that it was Tsunade.

“But Naito didnt only save me.”

From his side, Tsunade looked at Sakumo, and couldnt help but whisper these word, Naito looked at her and couldnt help but to admire her beauty.

Immediately afterward, Tsunade told him about the entire process of the events, including the encounter of the Sand Shinobis, and how Naito was able to defeat Chiyo.

At first, when he heard the news about of how Naito was able to defeat a whole squad of Rock Shinobis all by himself, Sakumo wasnt surprised, because he already knew how strong he is.

However, when he heard that Naito was able to defeat Chiyo, he got shocked.

Sakumo wasnt even confident that he could defeat Chiyo.

But… how old is Naito?!

He didnt even become eleven years old yet!

How could he defeat someone as Chiyo in this age?

Sakumo didnt even want to think about how strong Naito will become in the future, he could easily see the shadow of the first Hokage Hachirama on his back.

When Sakumo passed the news of Naitos achievements back to Konoha, he didnt forget to add one sentence that Naito insisted on, he needs the secrets of the second stage of the Lightning Armour Technique.

Of course, its better if he let the Village help in finding it.

However, its estimated that Konoha now is fighting with the Sand, Rocks and the Rain, its a little bit difficult to put some people on the other side of the country to find out about a technique in the Cloud Village.

Naito didnt put a lot of hope.

Naito took off his mask and cloak and walked out from the headquarter.

The moment he took the mask and the cloak, he was an ordinary Shinobi from Konoha, he was no longer the Anbu who destroyed a whole squad from the Rock Village, nor the Anbu who defeated Chiyo from the Sand.

Naito was so tired from the countless battles he had so he walked around the camp stretching his body and trying to relax.

However, Naito didnt expect to encounter a very familiar face.


When he saw him, Naito had a strange expression, did Sarutobi send Minato to participate in the battlefield?!

However, when he saw Minato holding some items and tools, Naitos expression changed.

It seems that Minato is in the team that responsible for the protection of the transportation of battlefield resources.

Thing like food, herb, pills and medicinal materials, can be sealed and transported in scrolls

However, not everything can be sealed in a scroll, because of their size.

Therefore, these things are not particularly important, even if they were ambushed it wont affect the battlefield, thats why they sent Minato, a Genin.

In general, no one will rob them to get some ordinary materials.

“Yuu Naito, is that you?”

Minato also noticed Naito, after he got a little surprised, he smiled and said hello to Naito.

Naito graduated before Minato, then he never heard any news about him, and when he came to the Rain Village, he finally met Naito.

He admired Naito, he was participating in the Battlefield.


Naito also nodded gently at Minato.

Minato felt that something was off, Naito didnt have a uniform.

If he is taking a part in this war, shouldnt he be promoted first?

“I just graduated from the Ninja school, Im responsible for transporting tools and items, what about you Naito… they should promote you to Chunin soon.”

Minato nodded slightly at Naito, but there was a hint of inexplicable light in his eyes.


Naito got slightly shocked, then he couldnt help but smile: “I dont know about this, but I will do my best.”

“I didnt expect to meet you again here as two Shinobis, Naito do you want to fight again?”

Minato looked at Naito with a challenging expression.

“Well… Forget about what I just said, this is not the right time, nor the right place.”

Naito couldnt help but smile, suddenly, he moved so fast toward Minato then stopped by his side and patted his shoulder.

“I have something to do, lets talk again the next time.”

After that, Naito turned and left.

Minato got stunned in his place, his expression was full of disbelieving, he couldnt move for a while.

What is this speed?!

Minato was really shocked, he saw a lot of Jonins, none had this kind of speed!

Minato has one of the best nerve systems in this world, and because of this, his shock was worse than anyone.

Because, he could react to Naito speed, yet his body wasnt ready yet to do such a fast movement!

His body speed couldnt keep up with his reactions, in other words, if Naito was an enemy, he could easily kill him!

After a while, Minato got back to his sense and smiled.

“I didnt expect the gap to become even bigger, I thought Ive made it smaller… Naitos speed is so incredible, how did this happen, is it because I didnt participate in this war?”

Thinking of this, Minato felt helpless, he knew that Naito is so talented, yet he believed that this war has sharpened his talent even more, but it was impossible for him to participate in it even if he wanted.

However, once he thinks about Naitos speed, he couldnt help but feel a little bit powerless.

“Speed… Speed…”

Looking at the direction where Naito left, Minato couldnt help but whispering these words again and again.

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