The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 117: Familiar Feeling

Naito went back to his room, willing to take a break.

After two days of preparation, Naito was ready to leave the camp again, he was so concerned about Konan and Yahiko so he needed to see them again.

Along with the war he had a lot of things to deal with.

For example, Nagato, Black Zetsu, and Uchiha Madara.

Although these characters will not take part in this war, yet they cannot be considered unimportant characters.

On the contrary, they are very important, theyre even more important than the war itself.

However, so far, there are no traces on the existing of Nagato, and Uchiha Madara and Black Zetsu should be hidden in the dark watching the war.

Naito felt the pressure the moment he thought about Madara.

Although Naito now is very strong, and if he encounters an Anbu Captain level he would be able to fight against him.

Yet this is wont be enough in the face of Madara.

It wont be enough even in the face of Nagato who have the Renningen.

After all, this power belongs to the Rikudou himself!

“Really, theres no time to rest…”

Every time he thinks of Uchiha Madara and how hes watching the world from the Dark looking for an opportunity to begin his plans, Naito start having chills on the back of his neck.

And this feeling is pushing Naito further to continue his path and getting stronger every time.

If he wants to rest, he will need to become stronger and better than Madara, and even stronger than Kaguya!

After he rested for a little time, Naito was ready to start again, he wasnt prepared to waste any more time, he started his training again.

However, as he was about to start, he received an urgent call from Sakumo.

“Yuu Naito, come back immediately.”

An emergency call is a very rare thing, especially when its from Sakumo.

After all, hes the Anbu Captain and he will not do such a reckless thing if its not really an urgent matter.

Naito put his cloak and mask on and left his room.



The headquarter of Konohas camp.

Sakumo is sitting there, and there was another person wandering around the place looking so worried.

Withing the entire command, there was only the two of them.

“This is really bad.”

Looking at the information on the table, Sakumo shouted.

“I know that already, but its hard to deal with this situation.”

The man who was roaming around looked very worried, he also had a long silver hair, and hes one of the three future Sannin.

At that time, Naito walked in wearing his mask.

He looked at him and felt a little strange, he sensed some kind of familiarity, but he couldnt remember him.

Naito looked at him, but he didnt pay him any attention, and rushed directly toward Sakumo and asked: “What happened?”

“The Rock Village launched a surprise attack on one of our supply troops.”

Sakumos tone sounded so worried as he replied to Naito: “This begins almost a half month ago, the Rock Shinobis start to target our supply troops.”

Jiraiya didnt care about Naito anymore and focused on the situation itself and said with an angry tone: “We just heard that Minatos troop got attacked, its true his a Genius, and maybe hes at the same level as a Chunin, but he wont have a chance against a whole troop!”

Listening to Jiraiyas words, Naito got surprised.

He just saw Minato a couple of days ago.

What a bad luck!

Moreover, those Rock Shinobis are really brave.

The place of the attack is a half day away from the camp, yet they dared to attack us?! with a serious expression Naito looked at Sakumo and said: “They were launching these attacks for almost half a month, how come we didnt do anything about it up until now?”

Sakumo shook his head and with a troubled expression he said: “The Rock Village sent a very special unit for this mission, theyre moving underground!”


Naito revealed a surprised expression, then a thoughtful one.

Sakumo nodded then continued: “Yes, they are a special Earth users unit, they are wearing some special equipment, allowing them to move underground and launch a sneak attack whenever they want.”

“And because theyre also very strong in combats, even when we had some people around, they werent able to help, once they get underground, theres no way to stop them.”

Jiraiya looked at Naito and said: “Yes, this Rock Unit has been launching sneak attacks on us for almost two weeks, I was responsible of stopping them, we had several clashes up until now, but once they get underground, there no way to attack them.”

Jiraiyas tone was really revealing how much it was hard for him to fight against them for these two weeks, and now his student has been attacked by them, which made him very angry.

“Although they need to appear everytime they launch a surprise attack, yet we failed to defeat them every time, theyre also very skilled unit and its difficult to fight against them.

“Also the most important thing is how difficult it is to track their traces, we dont know where they will attack the next time, so if we want to deal with them, we will need a very fast guy who can react quickly.”

He said that then paused for a moment looking at Naito in a strange way.

Naito was wearing his mask, so there was no way he could recognize him, but since he was summoned by Sakumo, he should be strong.

Noticing that strange expression on Jiraiyas face, Sakumo nodded and said: “Well, Yujin is very fast, you should let him join you in this mission.”

“Oh? So youre fast huh?!”

Saying this Jiraiya stared at Naito and said: “Can you use any earth releases?”

“Sorry, I dont.”

Naito looked calm.

Jiraya stumbled the moment he heard Naitos words and he almost fell.

“Hey! Sakumo are you kidding me?!”

With a shock on his face, Jiraiya looked away toward Sakumo: “This is wont help! fast isnt enough against these guys!!”

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