The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 120: Admiration And Wonder

The waving ground got split in the middle along with the big block of rock.

Then Naito rushed at high speed toward the enemy captain who didnt have time to react.

“What?! he cut my technique!!”

The captain got stunned in his place, this was unusual, normally he would have blocked or dodged, but to cut it this easily, this is just too incredible.


The captain knew that he didnt have any chance against Naito, he directly printed a hand sign, then his whole body started to sink into the ground, it looked as if the ground has turned into a swamp, and in just a second, his whole body started to disappear in the ground.

But in the next moment, Naito dashed toward him so fast and kicked the ground with his foot.


The ground got burst and cracked open, Naito gained a great vision of the captain from above!


The captain had a shocked expression when he saw the ground cracking open, he thought that he already escaped.

At that time, his head was still appearing on the ground, it was a matter of a second before he gets completely sunk again in the ground, all that he needed to do is to block the next attack.

His arms were covered with a weird thick layer of iron, obviously, those were the pieces of equipment they were using to move underground, he was about to use them to block Naitos attack.

But in the face of Naitos attack, blocking… just wont work!


He waved his Kusanagi sword, and the blood got splashed on the ground.

The Captain of the troop almost managed to escape but Naitos speed and power stopped him, both his head and arms got cut, leaving blood all over the place!


In the next moment, Naito waved his sword to get rid of the remaining blood on the blade.

“Theyve escaped huh!”

After he took a glance on the field, he found out that all of the remaining members of the troop have already escaped.

“What a bunch of rats…”

After shaking his head, Naito flashed toward their last location and lifted his leg smashing the whole ground under him.


The madness of the shock reached the deepest places underground, it crashed and broke the whole ground, trembling and shaking the whole place.

Although Naito wasnt a user of the Earth Release, his shocks were more effective!!

At that moment, the remaining nineteen members of the troop were hiding underground.

“The Captain didnt come down yet.”

“It seems hes still fighting against that Anbu, what do we do now?”

A few of them looked at each other while they didnt know what to do next.

But in the next moment, a horrible force of shock came from above with a strong impact crushing them along.

“Not good!!”

“What is this power?!”

Everyone felt that they will need to do something against this technique, otherwise, they will end up all dead, they didnt have time to sink more deeply in the ground.

“Earth Release: The art of hardening!!”

“Earth Release: The Severity Formation!!”

“Earth Release: The Ascending Rocks!!”

With no hesitation, everyone started printing and casting Ninjutsu.

After they infused their Chakra into the ground, the whole area above them turned into a hard big rock, harder than the iron, which started to block Naitos shock.


Their formation started to crack and shatter but they were repairing it every time until they managed to block the entire force.

The Rock Shinobis looked at each other in a touch of relieve.

At that time, the entire ground got destroyed but there was a huge block of rocks above protecting them.

It should be fine.

“What do we do next?”

“The captain didnt come yet, he might be captured by Konoha, I think we need to retreat for now.”


They looked at each other and nodded as they were ready to leave.

Suddenly, their expressions changed.

A greater force of shock slammed down on them destroying the rock formation above their heads!

At that time, Naito was aware that his first attack got blocked, and with a smug grin on his face, he kicked the ground several times.

You blocked the first one, so what will you against a bunch of them?!


There was a big hole under his feet, and the entire place was shaking and trembling so hard, while cracks spread out in every direction forming the shape of a spider web.

In the distance, the troop led by Jiraiya was advancing toward the location while a bunch of them had some stressed expression.

“Did he managed to stop them?”

“I hope that he managed to kill some of them.”

The Shinobis of Konoha were advancing at high speed.

Jiraiya who was running in front of them looked back and said: “Dont talk, focus on running, we need to reach them immediately, he doesnt use any Earth Techniques, he will suffer against them we need to support him!”



All the Shinobis responded at once, then they speeded up.


Naito continued on smashing the ground, and the roaring sound of the shock got stronger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

The ground continued on cracking, and the entire area became a mess.

The Rock Shinobis underground were already on the verge of collapsing due to the horrible power of the shocks.

Even if the ground itself weakens some of the power along with the long distance down, still it was really hard for them to resist it.

More than a dozen were joining forces to block the shocks.

In the end, after sending countless of shocks toward them, their defenses finally collapsed, and the whole area above them got destroyed, leaving them defenseless, and finally, they got all killed.

What a bad way to die!!

This has happened at the same time when the ground under Naito got completely destroyed leaving a very big hole, forcing him to stop and jump away.

In the distance, Konohas troop finally arrived.

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