The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 122: 1 Vs 1

Seeing the situation on the battlefield, Jiraiya who was the first to arrive had a very surprised expression.

The entire area has been destroyed by Naito, and that only proves the ferocity of battle, yet there was no corpse on the ground.

He didnt kill anyone of them?

He shook his head, then his surprised expression became a disappointed one, he slowed down his speed then walked toward Naito.

Naito looked at Jiraiya with a sad expression then said: “Sorry, I couldnt save our supplier troop, they were all dead when I came here.”

Listening to Naitos words and seeing the sad expression he had Jiraiya couldnt help but comforting him: “I feel you, you couldnt save them, Ive been in your shoes several times before, I even watched them die in front of me one of the times, I couldnt stop them.”

The moment he said this sentence, Jiraiya clenched his fist in hatred: “Dont worry, we will get them the next time Yujin.”

When he heard this sentence, Naitos expression changed to a weird one.

After looking at Jiraiya he turned and said: “The mission is already completed, I will head back first.”

After all, Naito cannot leave without going back and reporting.


Jiraiya looked at the back of Naito as he was leaving with a horrified expression.

What did he mean when he said the mission is already completed?!

Just when he was about to stop Naito and ask, the shouting for another Shinobi made him stop.

“Jiraiya-Dunno, come quickly to see!!”


He frowned slightly, then he walked toward that ninja, he got shocked the moment he saw that horrifying scene.

It was a body drugged down in the ground with its head laying on the ground.

Although the corpse was covered in blood, yet he recognized him immediately, he wanted to kill him for every moment with his bare hands for the last half month.

“Hes dead?!”

With a shock on his face, Jiraiya turned back to look at Naito, but he already left at that moment.

Theres no doubt, that Anbu killed him!

He thought that Naito couldnt achieve anything, he didnt expect that he had already killed the Captain of the Rock Troop!

Jiraiya froze in his place.

Wait… did he said that the mission is already completed?

Did he….?!!

He turned and widened his eyes, this battlefield it looks like it was smashed by an enormous power.

In the next moment, Jiraiya started printing hand signs.

“Earth Release: The Art of Uplifting!”


The grounds cracked open and started pushing back everything inside back on the ground until a bunch of corpses appeared.

The Shinobis of Konoha got all stunned the moment they saw this scene, then they rushed over, counting them.

Soon, they confirmed the number, its Nineteen!

Plus the body of the Captain that they just found, its twenty!!

The whole troop got destroyed!

In an instant, everyone felt the cold sweat on the back of their nicks.


they kept this way for a long time until one of them broke the silence saying: “That Anbu… Is so strong.”

“He just destroyed the whole troop that weve failed to stop for more than half a month!”

At that moment, Jiraiyas eyes were shining with a bit of shock, he couldnt help but admire him.

He was telling the truth when Sakumo said that he is the most suitable Ninja for this mission!

In one attack he destroyed the whole troop who was giving them a headache for half a month.

Its not simple to kill a troop of Jonins with this kind of formation and equipment!

Its really difficult to defeat such a troop in this short time.

“This guy is so strong, he shouldnt be just a nameless Anbu, maybe I already know him.”

“The Anbu codenamed Yujin, who this person is… he seems familiar, but I cant remember him.”

Jiraiya looked at the direction where Naito left with a confused expression.



Onoki was relaxing drinking some hot tea, recently, the outcomes for the Rock Village were really good, not only they reduced the casualties to the minimum, they also managed to suppress the movements of the Rain and the Sand Village.

And more importantly, his troop was attacking Konohas supplying units for more than a half month cutting out their resources.

Because of this, Onoki was very comfortable for a short time.


Just as he was drinking his tea, a scout ninja suddenly appeared in his office and bowed toward him.

“Tsuchikage-Sama, theres something wrong!”

“What is it?”

“The surprising troop got wiped out!”


Just as he was drinking his tea, Onoki squirted it out and yelled at the scout in front of him.

“What did you say?!”

The scout was too afraid to report the news to Onoki, his voice trembled as he said: “The surprising troop successfully managed to cut Konohas supplies for almost a half month until they sent an Anbu to deal with them.”

“How come one Anbu from Konoha can destroy the whole troop by himself.”

Onoka had an incredible shock on his face: “This is impossible, even if its a Shinobi from Konoha, theres no way he could handle such a troop all by himself.

“The information we had from our scouts are certain, he was alone.”

The Ninja didnt want to say no more words, Onoki looked so angry.

The atmosphere became really gloomy.

Onoki kept quiet for a long time then he yelled asking: “Who is this Anbu?”

“Sorry we dont have any information about the identity of the Anbu, it seems to be top secret even within the Shinobis of Konoha, we cannot get access to such a level security.”

“Forget it, you can go.”


The Ninja looked relieved, he quickly left the Tsuchikage office.

Onoki closed his eyes and spaced out while he had a very stressed expression

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