The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 121: Orochimaru!

When he first met Orochimaru in the Town, Naito was a little bit suspicious about his identity, he was sure that hes a Ninja, but he thought maybe he will be one of the enemies scouts.

He followed Orochimaru all the way until he left the tow, after that, Orochimaru suddenly transformed back to his original appearance, Naito was ready for the worse, yet he got surprised the moment he saw him.

“Youve been following me for so long, come out now.”

Orochimaru turned back toward the location of Naito, with a certain and serious expression.

After all, Orochimaru was extremely sensitive to his surrounding.

However, when Naito came out, Orochimaru got surprised, obviously, he didnt expect Naito to be the one whos following him.

Rather than following, its more like encountering.

“Oh… I didnt expect it to be you, Naito.

Orochimaru looked at Naito, then smirked in a way that Naito couldnt understand.

For this whole time during the war Naito didnt see Orochimaru, he didnt know what he was doing.

However, Naito wasnt nervous to see him, Naito wasnt afraid of him.

He might be very strong in the future, yet hes not that strong currently.

“Its just a coincidence.”

Naito nodded back to Orochimaru, but his expression and attitude didnt look humble.

The calm expression he had when he saw Naito wasnt weird also, Orochimaru was a squad leader of the Anbu department, he already knew that Naito is a member of the Anbu special force squad and hes no longer below him.

At that time, he also heard some of the achievements he accomplished in this war.

“I didnt know that youre also in this place, what youre up to? you should know that a big battle is about to start.”

“Some private things, and I was already going back.”

Naito was feeling unease while talking to Orochimaru, his tone had always made Naito feel very strange.

Sure enough, this wasnt the end of the conversation, Orochimaru stared at Naito and said: “I heard that youve got your hand on a Kusanagi sword.”

When he heard this sentence, Naito got all awkward, although, he didnt know where did Orochimaru got that information, it was obvious that Orochimaru was very interested in the Kusanagi sword.

But what if he was interested, Naito will never hand over his sword to anyone!

At the same time, Naito had a weird feeling in his heart, originally, he was thinking of grabbing the Kusanagi sword from Orochimaru, but now its the opposite.

“The people who saw my Kusanagi sword… Are all dead.”

Naito stared at Orochimaru, while his tone revealed a warning.

Hes the successor of the Kusanagi Clan, and that sword is his legacy and he will never let anyone touch it.

There was nothing wrong with Naitos sentence, basically, everyone who saw his sword is dead.

So far, the people who know that Naito is possessing the Kusanagi sword are only a few.

“Still~~ I really want to see it.”

Orochimaru wasnt threatened by Naitos warning, he said that line then he stuck his tongue out licking his lips.

Naito stood there quietly for a while, then he stared at Orochimaru and with a faint tone he said: “Do you really wanna play with me, Orochimaru?”

“I really want to teach you the true meaning of being a genius.”

With a cold stare on his face, Orochimaru retracted his tongue back, then with a smug grin he replayed.

In an instant, the momentum got raised.

An Anbu Captain level?!

No, he should be ranked as a Quasi-Anbu Captain, yet hes very strong, he didnt reach his level in the original story, after all, Orochimaru is still young.

Naito shook his head very calmly, yet his presence was very strong, his body was sending overbearing, violent vibes!

Orochimarus presence was the same as a big poisonous snake, it gives people an extreme feeling of danger, at the other hand, Naito presence, makes people feel that they shouldnt cross him!

The momentum was rising and rising as they were staring at each other.


“Extending Snake Hand!”


At the next moment, Orochimaru waved his hand, then it turned into a big snake, the snake extended so fast toward Naito.


In the face of this trick, Naito was very calm, and throw a punch toward it.


The air burst so strong, and the rain froze in the air.

The snake stopped inches before reaching Naitos punch.

It got shocked then destroyed from it head inches by inches until it reached Orochimaru, who got shocked by Naitos punch too.

“Youre Blood limit is really strong… I didnt expect it to be this strong at the beginning, no one expected it reach this level.”

Orochimarus body was squirming as it was trembling so hard, it looked as if it was repairing itself.

As long as his Chakra is still running, it seems that Orochimarus state is near to immortality.

“If you can improve it, even more, it will be even compared to the Mokuton Release.”

There was a hint of exclamation in the eyes of Orochimaru, he surely heard some news about Naitos power, yet hearing it and feeling it is completely different.

Naito stood in his place, he didnt move, and he didnt attack Orochimaru again, he just looked at him calmly.

He could feel that Orochimarus instinct isnt murderous.

Therefore, Naito didnt reveal a murderous instinct too.

“Let try this again…”

Orochimaru turned into a big snake and moved toward Naito at high speed.

In an instant, he reached Naito and opened his mouth directly.

“Snakes cry!!”


In an instant, snakes rushed out from Orochimarus mouth, it looked like a river of Snakes rushing toward Naito.

Orochimaru opened his mouth really wide as the river of the snakes continued on rushing out from his mouth.

Facing this trick, Naito didnt have any fear, he smirked, and couldnt help but think about one thing only.

hes really fucking disgusting!

Naito really felt like he wanted to vomit the moment he saw this scene.

One big snake didnt do you anything, so what is gonna change with some small ones? What a pain in the ass.

He didnt want to even be touched by these snakes.

Therefore, Naitos answer was nothing but a direct punch.


The air burst and space cracked open while his arm shined with a white halo light, destroying everything on its way!

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