The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 124: Squad-Leader!

In addition to the river of snakes, Orochimaru got almost stuck in the center of the force.


Orochimaru fell back immediately, while the ground itself start to crack.

At this time, Orochimaru looked at Naito with a calm expression, yet under that expression, there was a demon hidden in the dark that no one could understand.

“Well this is enough, I know your true ability now… Youre really a genius who surpassed Minato and everyone, I thought you were only good at first, but your growth rate is indeed beyond all expectations.”

As he was looking calm at Naito, that expression start to fade away as he raised his mouth revealing a smile full of evil.

“As your strength is reaching the limit some people will try to endure it, yet others will try to control it.”

Naito knew very clearly what Orochimaru was talking about.

The fact of Naito getting any stronger will cause a big disturbance in the power system of Konoha, then Sarutobis attitude will change from trust to doubt.

Moreover, even if Sarutobi himself trust him, will Danzo also do? what about the other elders, Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane?

Once Naitos strength will become a threaten to Sarutobi and Konoha, even if Naito wouldnt do anything, Danzo and the other elders wouldnt sit there watching.

When this thought flashed in his mind, Naito found it really comprehended as he shook his head slightly.

Naito didnt care about this, because Naito was very confident in his power, his strength isnt growing step by step, his power is taking a leap forward every time.

The next time, he will become a lot stronger!

The moment he opens the Fourth gate of the reverse Hachimon Tonkou, Naito will no longer fear anyone in Konoha, although he will not be invincible, yet there will basically no one to stand against him.

At that time, Konoha will no longer be able to restrain him.

“What do you want?”

Naito went straight to the point.

He knew that Orochimaru wouldnt go this far just to remind him of this.

Orochimaru smiled and said: “In fact, am really interested in the Kusanagi sword, but now, am more interested in you.”

A hint of coldness appeared on Naitos face when he heard these words, suddenly, Orochimaru opened his mouth and spit out a scroll, the scroll fell on the ground and rolled a few time, then stopped at Naitos foot.

Looking at this scene, Naito no longer could understand Orochimarus intentions, nor the deal with that scroll.

“There something you need in this scroll, you can consider it as a gift, or as a compensation for attacking you without any reason, of course, this all what I could do.”

After he said these words, he slowly took some steps back and turned around, just as he was leaving he smiled back at Naito, but he couldnt understand the meaning of that smile.

Looking at Orochimaru leaving, Naito shook his head then looked at the scroll down at his feet.

What is this?

What it will be? is this another Kusanagi sword?

Naito smiled knowing that this was impossible.

Naito finally picked the scroll using his sword.

Although it was safe, Naito couldnt pick it up, it came out of Orochimarus mouth, this is still very disgusting.

However, the moment he looked in the scroll, Naito got stunned in his place.

It was really what he mostly needed!

The second stage of the Lightning armor!

Because he already mastered the first stage, Naito was sure that these were the secrets of the second stage!

At the end of the second stage, there was some specific information on how he can also master the third and final stage of the Lightning armor.

“Orochimaru… What is going on in your head and what do you exactly want?”

This is the first time Naito find it really hard to understand one of the original story characters.

He didnt know how did Orochimaru got his hand on this scroll, but the sure thing is he didnt hand it over back to the village, yet he gave it to Naito.

This is just too incredible, Naito didnt expect to have his hands on the second stage of the lightning armor this early.

“Well, I dont know why he did it, and I dont really care even if I knew, lets take a good look at this scroll when I have time for training.”

Naito looked at the direction where Orochimaru left, then he shook his head slightly, and immediately hid the scroll.

Although he got the scroll of the second stage, it seems that there is no time to practice it.

The war is coming.


The Rock Village start to assemble their forces, and they were almost done, the Sand also gathered their forces very quickly.

However, the Sand Village encountered some problems during the process, they got hit by the Rain Village.

This is was exactly what the Rocks and Konoha wanted to hear in this time.

At this point, the Rain country was in a complete chaotic!

All the way back in the camp, Naito didnt encounter Orochimaru again, it seems he took another route back.

At this moment, the atmosphere back in the camp was very heavy.

All the ninja were in a complete preparation whether to attack or defend.

Everyones expression was very serious.

They all knew that the real battle was coming.

With these big numbers of Ninjas in every camp, even if youre strong you cannot be sure about your safety, you cannot act alone.

However, the number of the truly strong people wasnt actually that much, most of them were only Chunins and Jonins.

After he returned to the camp, Naito went directly to see Sakumo to learn about the plan of this battle.

However, what he didnt expect was an order he received from Sarutobi.

He chose Naito to fight in the frontal line of the battle, but as Yuu Naito not as the special squad member “Yujin”.

Naito felt that this is was really strange at first.

Because, the moment he reveals his strength in the battlefield, the Anbu codenamed “Yujin” will no longer exist and his identity will be revealed to everyone!

Why did Sarutobi take this decision?

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