The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 124: Squad-Leader!

Naito nick naturally then he said: “Of course theres no way that the Genius of Konoha wouldnt be here.”

Naito twitched his mouth slightly, no wonder Tsunade had a big interest in Naruto, indeed, the two people seem very similar.

It was a pity that he got killed very young and couldnt achieve anything.

Nawaki noticed how Naito twitched his mouth and he thought that he was really scared, so he smiled and said: “If youre afraid, you can follow me, am gonna become the Hokage, theres no way that am gonna die here!”


Naitos face had a sad expression when he heard this sentence.

Are you sure that these words wont be your last words?!

Nawaki wanted to add something, but he got interrupted by another voice.

“Can I have everyones attention?!”

The sound was very loud, and in a moment, the whole crowd was silent, and everyone looked forward.

One of the future three Sannin, Jiraiya was climbing the high platform in front of them.

“look out there, Its Jiraiya…”

Jiraiya had a serious expression as he was climbing the stairs toward the high platform.

But unfortunately, he missed the last stair and stumbled.


Jiraiya kicked the ground so hard then did a rotate in the air and landed very smoothly, yet it was clear that he stumbled at the end.

Naito: “…”

Nawaki: “…”

The whole crowd: “…”

Jiraiya got very embarrassed, and the atmosphere got really ruined.

This is was very wrong!

Jiraiya coughed and walked forward in a serious attitude.

“Well, am about to declare the name of the leaders of every division.”

These divisions were completely different than the originals.

The army of Konoha that was formed from a thousand Shinboi was divided into three groups then they chose one leader for every division.

they were only temporary divisions for the sake of the war.

Hatake Sakumo was the Regimental Commander of the army, yet he couldnt take care of every detailed thing so they needed to divide the whole army so they can set some other leaders to help him.

Soon, they decliared the name of two first leaders and they were very famous and powerful shinobis.

This was followed by the name of the third leader squad.

It was Yuu Naito!

“Hey, Yuu Naito… I didnt hear from you for a long time, but it turned out to be you the third leader!”

In the beginning, Jiraiya felt familiar when he hard this name, but the moment he saw him, he immediately recognized him, as he was the one who fought against Minato and won one year ago, he still didnt forget his face.

Although he was the one who announced Naito to be the third captain, he felt really strange, why did they choose an inexperienced child as Naito to be the third leader.

However, because it was an order from Sakumo, he couldnt do anything about it, yet he didnt feel like it was the right decision.

Thinking about the strength and the ability of Naito, and how he managed to win against Minato that easily, he should be a lot stronger by this time, even if he lacked experience, he felt maybe he could be qualified since he got chosen by Sakumo.

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