The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 125: The War Is Coming! Vol.1: End!

Once youre on the bright side, you cannot go back to the dark one.

That is to say, after this war, Naito will no longer be part of the Anbu department.

However, Naitos his eyes were fall of sorrow when he thought about the fact that hes gonna quite the Anbu, then suddenly he understood.

Yes, this is it!

His current rank in the Anbu is a member of the special force squad, yet his achievement in this short period was bigger than all of the team leaders of the Anbu!

If this is continued, his status will raise a lot, and he will be the next Anbu captain, the next Konohas White Fang

Thats why he was pushed toward the frontal line as a normal Shinobi.

Yet this is was perfect not just for him but even for Konoha, he wasnt this strong when he first joined the Anbu department, but as he became stronger it started to disturb the high ranked people in the country.

Once he becomes the Anbu Captain along with this enormous growth rate, his status will start to threaten the Hokage himself!

Even if Sarutobi does trust him and wanted to give him this status, Danzo and the other elders will never agree.

So this is why they took this decision.

putting Naito in the frontal line in such a big battle will raise his status from the bottom, even as a normal Shinobi.

After this war, even if the whole world turned upside down, he will at least be promoted to a Jonin.

This status is for sure a lot lower than the Anbu Captain, yet he can always be the hero of Konoha as long as he doesnt have the status or the strength that can disturb Danzo or Sarutobi.

Thinking of the causes of this decision, Naito finally reveals a trace of mockery for both Danzo and Sarutobi.

They think he wanted this shallow status?!

he doesnt even care!!

These status doesnt mean anything, Uchiha Madara can crush the existence of Konoha with his own strength and he doesnt even have a such a status.

Its not like the decision Danzo and Sarutobi had is wrong, they were just looking at the wrong side.

In the world of Naruto, theres a lot of strong people who they should be afraid of, and Naito is nothing compared to them.

Sarutobi should be afraid of Madara who was planning to destroy the whole world or Kaguya who also had her plans to rule again the world!

In the face of these people, the so-called Anbu Captain, the Hokage, or even the whole world doesnt mean anything.

“Well, I dont need to wear this mask anymore.”

Naito took his mask in the shock of everyone around him, he took also his cloak while everyone was in a great surprise.

Then he directly joined the army.

Naito saw a lot of familiar figures around him, some of them were students, but Minato wasnt one of them.

“Hey, Naito-Kun!”

Someone immediately recognized him then greeted him.

Naito didnt pay any attention to him, yet he replayed to him and nodded lightly.


The person who greeted him was the younger brother of Tsunade, Nawaki.

“Hey! so youve joined the army also, arent you a little bit scared?”

Nawaki walked toward Naito with a big smile on his face, he put his arm around Naito nick naturally then he said: “Of course theres no way that the Genius of Konoha wouldnt be here.”

Naito twitched his mouth slightly, no wonder Tsunade had a big interest in Naruto, indeed, the two people seem very similar.

It was a pity that he got killed very young and couldnt achieve anything.

Nawaki noticed how Naito twitched his mouth and he thought that he was really scared, so he smiled and said: “If youre afraid, you can follow me, am gonna become the Hokage, theres no way that am gonna die here!”


Naitos face had a sad expression when he heard this sentence.

Are you sure that these words wont be your last words?!

Nawaki wanted to add something, but he got interrupted by another voice.

“Can I have everyones attention?!”

The sound was very loud, and in a moment, the whole crowd was silent, and everyone looked forward.

One of the future three Sannin, Jiraiya was climbing the high platform in front of them.

“look out there, Its Jiraiya…”

Jiraiya had a serious expression as he was climbing the stairs toward the high platform.

But unfortunately, he missed the last stair and stumbled.


Jiraiya kicked the ground so hard then did a rotate in the air and landed very smoothly, yet it was clear that he stumbled at the end.

Naito: “…”

Nawaki: “…”

The whole crowd: “…”

Jiraiya got very embarrassed, and the atmosphere got really ruined.

This is was very wrong!

Jiraiya coughed and walked forward in a serious attitude.

“Well, am about to declare the name of the leaders of every division.”

These divisions were completely different than the originals.

The army of Konoha that was formed from a thousand Shinboi was divided into three groups then they chose one leader for every division.

they were only temporary divisions for the sake of the war.

Hatake Sakumo was the Regimental Commander of the army, yet he couldnt take care of every detailed thing so they needed to divide the whole army so they can set some other leaders to help him.

Soon, they decliared the name of two first leaders and they were very famous and powerful shinobis.

This was followed by the name of the third leader squad.

It was Yuu Naito!

“Hey, Yuu Naito… I didnt hear from you for a long time, but it turned out to be you the third leader!”

In the beginning, Jiraiya felt familiar when he hard this name, but the moment he saw him, he immediately recognized him, as he was the one who fought against Minato and won one year ago, he still didnt forget his face.

Although he was the one who announced Naito to be the third captain, he felt really strange, why did they choose an inexperienced child as Naito to be the third leader.

However, because it was an order from Sakumo, he couldnt do anything about it, yet he didnt feel like it was the right decision.

Thinking about the strength and the ability of Naito, and how he managed to win against Minato that easily, he should be a lot stronger by this time, even if he lacked experience, he felt maybe he could be qualified since he got chosen by Sakumo.

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