The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 127: Dangerous

Thousands of Rocks Shinobis, with thousands of Konohas Shinobis, formed a black crowd in the battlefield, fighting each other in a fierce battle.

There were hundreds of people killing each other.

At the same time, on both sides, there were two teams of hundreds of people ready to join the battle.

The two teams didnt engage immediately and waited to for one of the two sides troops on the battlefield to get wiped out completely, they couldnt rush things.

But there was one person who acted differently, a Ninja from Konoha rushed immediately to the battlefield.

He was the only one who followed the orders!

There were hundreds of people on both side, yet everyone could notice Naitos movements.

“Why did he rushed like this?”

“Does he want to die?”

“What a mistake, its because hes inexperienced, you dont rush to the battlefield in this kind of situation!”

Some experienced Shinobis in Konohas side looked down on Naito.

Some of them even showed a bit of pity, in their view, theres no way for him to survive since he broke away from his unit.

On the opposite side of Konoha, some Ninjas from the Rock noticed Naitos movements too.

They got slightly shocked, then they showed a hint of mockery.

“Who is that little brat, who does he think he is?”

“Does he think hes the Anbu Captain or something?!”

“Lets go, if he wants to die, we will grant him this wish!”

At the next moment, a bunch of Shinobis from the Rock moved toward Naito under the command of their alley.

“Fire Release: Fire Ball!!”

“Fire Release: Fire Ball!!”


In an instant, they all released the same Ninjutsu, and it was a C-Class Fire release.

However, their casts fused together forming a big ball of fire!

The muddy ground got almost burned by the heat of this technique, and the rain was making a sizzling sound the moment it touches its flames.

This is not over yet!

After they cast this fire release, they all start to print hand signs again and released immediately another technique.

“Wind Release: The wind roll!!”


A dozen of them enhanced its power, by casting also a wind release toward the big fireball.


“Not good, hes done!”

Seeing this perfect technique that the Rocks troop managed to pull, some of the Shinobis in Konohas side got stunned, yet others wanted to help Naito and start to print some hand signs.

But at this time, someone saw Naito rushing over toward that giant fireball, and couldnt help but exclaim: “Wait! what is he doing!”

Normally once he gets touched by this technique, Naito will be dead.

“He really wants to die, hurry up and form a line to block this attack before it takes him!”

“Fast! otherwise, it will be too late!

Looking at that giant fireball moving toward Naito, all Shinobis from Konohas side formed a formation very quickly and tried to block this technique.

“Water Release: Water Waves!!”


Because it was the Rain country, the water releases were a lot powerful in this environment, so their normal release fused together and formed an A-Class technique.

The impact of this technique was so strong.

Nawaki wanted to do something but he couldnt do anything.

“Why is he rushing like this?”

The water flow moved toward the FireBall crushing everything in its way.

Nawaki held his fist and helplessly sighed as he saw Naito got trapped in the middle of these two techniques.

However, Naito stood in the middle with a very calm expression, which stunned everyone.

“These idiots… well it doesnt matter.”

Naito shook his head, then he turned sideways, and crossed his arms toward his chest, then hammered both sides.


The air burst so hard, as Naitos arms hammered both sides, space start to crack like a broken glass from both sides while he was standing in the middle.

Suddenly those crack spread out in every direction.


The impact of both techniques with Naitos shocks was so strong which made the ground itself crack open under Naitos feet.

The Fire release and the Water release both froze in mid-air inches away from Naitos fists, and in the next moment, they both got destroyed by those mad Shocks!!

In an instant, the whole audience was shocked!


“Did he just block both techniques?!”

“Are you kidding me?! What is this ability?!”

On the Rocks side, everyone including Onoki couldnt help but exclaim the moment they saw this scene.

On the other side, Some people including Orochimaru and Sakumo looked so calm as if they already predicted this outcome, on the other hand, Jiraiya and the others got stunned in their places.

“Impossible!! how could he be this strong?!”

Jiraiya was the first to exclaim and he almost hurt his voice.

He had seen this scene before, he used the same technique against Minato a year ago, but it cannot be compared to that time, the power got raised a lot, now its enough to destroy two A-Class techniques.


Jiraiya couldnt believe what he just saw, and in the next moment, a thought crossed his mind, which made him more shocked.

He couldnt help but to turn and look at Sakumo.

Sakumo noticed Jiraiyas expression, and he instantly figured out what he was thinking, then suddenly, he smiled and nodded at Jiraiya.

There was no need to hide Naitos identity anymore, after this battle, Naitos name will be sung through the world!

“It was him?!”

Looking at how Sakumo nodded at him, Jiraiya for a moment thought he was dreaming, that Anbu who was thinking about his identity for this whole time, the codenamed Yujin, was actually… Naito?!”

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