The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 128: Killed With a Punch


The impact made a loud sound of roaring, the flames and water releases got shattered entirely, and in the center, Naito reappeared again unharmed.

The vision of the Rock and Konoha both got blocked by the two big releases, and they couldnt see him clearly.

They all widened their eyes looking for him.

What did happen?!

Nawaki couldnt help but rub his eyes the moment he saw Naitos figure.

What did just happen?

Just in the confusion of everyone, Naitos figure started to appear slowly, and they all got frightened the moment they saw his scary expression.

In fact, Naito wasnt that scary guy, but this is war!

And he needed to do everything to win it!


Suddenly the ground got cracked, then he disappeared again as he was flashing here and there rushing toward the Rock Shinobis at top speed.

Everyone showed a terrified expression.

After all, they couldnt see Naitos movements, the only thing they could see is Naito flashing in a place then disappearing again!

The only thing the naked eye could see is his image flashing very fast in several places.

Only the Jonins could barely follow his movements, and this is proved that Naitos strength is not something you could underestimate!

This scene increased the moral of Konohas army to the top, and they all shouted so loud and followed Naito to the battlefield.

On the other hand, the Shinbois of the Rock got really terrified and stopped moving.

Looking at this scene from a distance, the Anbu Captain of the Rock Village got really anxious, he wanted to join the battle and deal with Naito by himself, but he endured this feeling quickly and sent some new orders.

A significant number of the Rock army got this order and rushed directly into the battlefield, their target was Naito, they needed to deal with him first to win this battle.

After being forced to send more people, Onoki was feeling unease, and these feelings were apparent on his face.

When he saw Naito destroying these two releases, he couldnt help but feel that Naito was the one, Onoki couldnt be entirely sure about it; therefore, he stood and continued on observing his movements.

On the battlefield.

Naito approached the Rocks side so quickly, and suddenly a lot of them start to fall one by one.

The horror was apparent on a bunch of them, they really couldnt see his movements!

They tried to resist and block, but the moment they got caught by him, they all end up on the ground.


In an instant, he approached another one, and his whole body got crushed on the ground while his blood was splashing all over the place.

This wasnt the first one to die by Naitos hand, and its not the last one!

“Kill that bastard!”

Looking at this bloody scene, the Rock Shinobis clenched both their teeth and arms and rushed toward Naito, although they were all afraid, yet this is war, and they also had more people.

“Hes only one person.”

“The support is coming, dont be afraid!”


In an instant, a lot of Shurikens, Kunais, and all kind of Ninja weapons were thrown at Naitos face.

In the face of this overwhelming attack, Naito kept his calm expression.

Suddenly, he slammed his fist, and the power of the Shock exploded!


The air burst so hard, and a horrible thick white light along with cracks spread all over the place, it seemed as if space had turned into a broking mirror.

This scary force cause the earth to crack, these cracks spread over a long distance, and the storm of weapons stopped in mid-air, then they start to tremble so hard until they turned into dust!

The shock didnt stop there, but it continued to reverberate in several directions.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

Several of Rock Shinobis looked like a tomato as their bodies got blasted.

The blood got splashed everywhere!

This scene looked very terrifying!

Even some of them who were far away didnt survive this attack, suddenly that force reached them and their bones start to crack, and they all fall on the ground from pain!

Dozens of Rock Shinbois got killed in a second by Naito.

The battlefield suddenly became silent.

Everyone felt the cold sweat on their forehead watching this scene, and their heart sunk into fear, even those who rushed to the battle and were facing the enemies stopped moving, everyone including Konohas side got stunned.

One attack managed to hit hundreds of people.

What a shocking scene!

He even managed to stop all of those weapons and turned them into dust, they couldnt help it, they were all scared!


“The fuck is this, what kind of power is this!!”

“What kind of demonic power is this? hes not a human!!”

The cold sweat was sliding from their forehead to their cheeks and dripping from their chins on the ground, yet they still were unaware of it.

At this time, a few people from the back were rushing to the battlefield.


“Move faster!!”

After they received the orders from Onoki, several of Shinobis rushed over toward the battlefield, the moment they saw how their side stopped moving from fear, they start to shout at their allies.

“Retreat immediately, leave him to us, we will deal with him!”

These guys revealed their killing instinct, as they were ready to join hands to deal with Naito.

When the support came and rushed over toward Naito, the Rocks side who looked a moment ago like theyre about to collapse gained focus again and rushed toward Konohas side.

Looking at this stunning scene, the Shinobis of Konoha gained confident and rushed toward the fight again.

“Kill them!!!”

In the face of the Rocks army, Konohas side was no longer afraid, after they saw how Naito easily killed hundreds of them, they know that their party was stronger than them.

In an instant, the two sides clashed with each other, and Konohas Shinobis immediately took the upper hand.

Even so, some other Shinobis from Konoha including Nawaki couldnt help but look at Naito with a perplexed expression.

He just killed several of Shinobis all by himself!

They were at the same side as Naito, yet they couldnt even be compared to him, and theres no way that they could follow his steps, let say they were really relieved that he was their alley.

Because Yuu Naito turned out to be really dangerous!

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