The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 128: Killed With a Punch

ed to the ground.

His blood splashed everywhere and stained the muddy water.

The Shinobi couldnt stand up again after that punch, he was taking his last breaths, and his eyes were full of sorrow and disappointment, he never expected that his end will be in this humiliating way!


For a moment, all of the Shinobis of the Rock almost forgot to breath watching this terrifying scene, then they took a deep breath after that, but that only made them more horrified.

What a horrible end, and what overwhelming power!

All the people who saw this scene had a very shocked expression.

Nawaki was unable to move after he saw this scene and he almost got killed by an enemy strike.

Did Naito just killed a Jonin with a punch?!

The people who were the most shocked are the people who didnt hear about Yuu Naito and his ability before, they couldnt believe that there is someone in this world who can kill a person with just a punch.

The expression that Jiraiya had at that moment couldnt be described in words, his mouth was twitching, and he his eyes had a dreamlike look.

One punch can kill a person, Yuu Naito… Just what are your limits?!

Even Sakumo at that time looked really amazed, he knew that Naito was really strong, but he didnt really see him in action before.

This time, Naitos performance managed to surprise him!

In the distance, among the Rocks side, Onoki stood there so shocked and terrified, he finally gets it, and he couldnt stay quiet about it.

“Its him! It turned out to be him!!”

Before this last scene, Onoki felt some kind of familiarity when he saw Naitos movements, yet he couldnt be sure, but this power, this monstrosity, theres no doubt about it, Its him.

He finally gets it.

The person who managed to ruin all of his plans up until now is Yuu Naito, and Konoha managed to fool Onoki and put Naito in the frontal lines as a factor of surprise!!

Who would think, that he will turn out to be this young boy!

Knowing the true identity of Naito, Onoki could no longer remain calm, without no hesitation, he immediately gave orders to his side.

At this time, Onoki finally sent his best Shinobis, Naito cannot be underestimated now, after seeing him in action Onoki was so sure that Naitos power is at the same level as quasi-Kage!

However, on the other side, Sakumo could no longer maintain the situation, and with a somber expression, he gave his orders.

“Block the supporting units of the Rocks!”


In a second, a large troop suddenly rushed at the battlefield at top speed.

Upon seeing it, the whole situation in the battlefield change, and the Anbu Captain assisting Onoki reported what happening to Onoki in a bit of hesitation.

“The first troop! The second! the third and the fourth!! they all get destroyed by Konohas Shinobis!”

“Tell the first, the second, and the third troop of the Anbu, to engage, they can use forbidden Ninjutsu if its necessary!

In an instant, under the command of Onoki, thousands of Shinobis, nay the entire army were dispatched into the battlefield!

Among the high ranked Shinobis in Konohas side, Hatake Sakumo stood there calmly, yet his fighting spirit was on its limit, he turned back and gave his last order, and the whole army of Konoha break into the battlefield!

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