The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 13: Hachimon Tonkou

The two men stood against each other, but the one who won was the Anbu.

After all, the one who is behind him was the Hokage himself.

“Well, this is not the end.”

Uchiha Samui was so angry because it seems unlikely to deal with Naito with the presence of the Anbu.

However, he will get another chance thats for sure, the Anbu cant protect him all the time!

He wont feel better unless he kills Naito.

After showing his attention, he turned his back and prepared to leave.

Even the people showed a trace of sympathy, they knew the fate of Naito


Even if Naito managed to survive now, this wont be the case when the Uchiha claim to revenge, they wont spare his life.

Knowing the Uchiha dark side, no one gonna gets surprised if they end up hearing that Naito is missing the next first thing in the morning.

They couldnt do anything but to feel sorry for him.

But out of nowhere, Naito played his final card.

He called for Samui.

“Wait a second.”

Uchiha Samui stopped, then turned to him with a trace of a sneer, even if he banded his knees and begged for his life, it too late!

Thats what he thought, but he didnt expect Naito to say this!

“Do you dare to challenge me to a life/death duel after three months?!”

Naito said that with a calm tone.

This sudden twist made the crowd awed with surprise.

how he can be this crazy.

a life/death duel, after three months?

is this a joke!

Even if by some strange power Naito managed to knock Samui once, it doesnt change the fact that the difference between the two of them is huge, this is without mentioning that Naito didnt even graduate from the ninja school, its just impossible!

And without mentioning that we are talking about Uchiha Samui!

Everyone wouldnt believe what he just said.

Even Samui thought he got it wrong.

Naito, challenging me?!

This kid really thinks because he got that bloodline he could stand against me?!


Uchiha Samui laughed.

Then he looked at Naito and said: ” I accept your challenge!”

Although he knew Naitos attention of delaying the matter, he wouldnt refuse his challenge in the presence of that crowd.

This not just his name, its the reputation of the Clan too!

However, three months wont change anything after all.

As long as he takes it seriously he wont lose to that kid!

With this was the case, Uchiha Samui just disappeared directly into smoke.

After a second, everyone starts to talk.

“This kid is really good, and he really has guts, to challenge an Uchiha is just requires a lot of courage.”

“But hes gonna waste his talent like this, he wont be ready after three months, it just impossible!”

“Three months, its cruel to this kid…”

Thats what they felt but they wouldnt dare to stand against the Uchiha so they shook their heads while leaving.

Even the Anbu felt sorry for him, maybe if he reports this event to the Sandaime, perhaps he will save Naitos life, but this possibility is small.

The Anbu approached Naito, patted his shoulder, then he said:” just stay out of the sight in those three months you can even play, dont worry i will deal with it.”

After he finished his sentence he disappeared immediately.

Play for three months?


Naito knew Uchiha Samui wouldnt refuse his challenge, so he didnt hesitate to actually try to win after three months.

but these three months, wont be waster on playing!

walking in the street.

It seems the news of Naitos challenging Samui spread out quickly through the village.

A ninja school student challenging a Jōnin, its just sound like a tale.

Everyone is talking about it.

Everyone was looking at him with a trace of pity.

Even those who are not usually rooting for Naito, this time they were very shocked.

Naito started to act strange too after he knew hes been targeted, he no longer ignored any gaze.

He went every day to see Maito dai practice, then he went home to continue his training.

for two months he focused his training on his earthquake power, and now he got no fear about enduring it.

Maybe its a big gap, but still, its not impossible!

Following the footsteps of Hatake Kakashi who graduated from the school ninja at the age of six years old then becoming a Chunin at the age of six years old.

So Naito also had the same confidence and perseverance that he within three months will upgrade himself to the next level!

Naito came to the place where Maito dai practice like always.

He only wanted to just check him out, after all, he still didnt see him open the eights gate for a while now, Naito didnt have much hope but he came anyway.

However, he did not expect to be this is the moment he was waiting for.

the sky was getting darker.

The last rays of light from the sun were shining on leafs of woods, it was quiet and peaceful, the only sound you would hear was Dais punches.

Smash Smash!


Suddenly he stopped, Dai was standing while glowing in a green Aura.

A color that cannot be described in words, surging into him.

Hachimon Tonkou!

Naito stood up while watching this scene, his eyes suddenly widened, he couldnt help but murmured: “There is no mistake, this is the most amazing body enhance skill in the world.”

He always wanted to steal this technique, and finally, he saw it today!


Maito Dai stood quietly in the field for a moment, then he suddenly screamed and kicked the ground with his feet.


the ground under his feet started to crack.

“Fifth Gate: Limit Gate, RELEASE!”

This time the Cracks spread out and destroyed the ground.

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