The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 131: One Vs Thousand

The momentum was so tense between Onoki and Sakumo and what the last said made it raises even more: “If you do want me to play with you, I will play.”

With the momentum between the two commanders, the Anbus of both sides were staring at each other from behind as the two of them were taking step by step toward each other.

The final battle is about to broke!

Just when the two commanders where about to reach each other, a sound of loud roaring came from the battlefield, the two of them stopped immediately and looked at the battlefield.

“What is this?!”


On the battlefield in the distance.

Naitos fist fell from the sky.

Thousand of Shinobi gathered in the bottom, then jumped to the sky blocking the shocks.

“Earth Release: Rock Wall!!”

“Earth Release: The Art of Ascension!!”

“Earth Release: Hardening!”


More than dozens of earth defensive releases were cast and fused from nearly hundreds of Shinobis, covering the entire sky above them, and creating a big block of hard rock.

The remaining Shinobis of the Rocks start to throw attacking Ninjutsus toward Naito.

“Fire Release: Fireball!!

“Wind Release: Breakthrough!

“Earth Release: Earth Dragon!”


For a moment, the wind and fire releases fused, and the earth releases combined forming a big dragon of rocks.

At this time, Naitos fist finally fell down and hit the space under him!


Naitos current level couldnt allow him to move in the sky using the Soru or the Shock release.

But… he could temporarily float in the air!

The power of the shock always had a weakness, and it was the one that Sakumo pointed out before when he first fought against Naito, the last needs still to charge the power of the shock before he can use for another time.

But now, this weakness has turned into a useful advantage, although Naito couldnt move in the air, he can float longer in the air every time he uses the Shock since it pushes him back every time!


After he threw a punch, the whole sky above the Rock Shinobis seemed like it turned into a broken mirror, and the air burst, then many white cracks appeared.


The power of the shock slammed down the air, and the first thing it collided with was the attacking Ninjutsus of the Rocks.


Both the Fire and Wind releases were immediately destroyed, as for the big Earth Dragon it got burst open the moment it reached the Shock.

These Ninjutsus wasnt perfectly cast, even after they got fused; the Ninjutsus were only ranked as C-Class or B-Class Ninjutsus.

And as long as they didnt reach the A or the S-Class level, Naito could easily destroy them using his fist.

Naitos fist seemed like it was able to destroy everything!

The momentum was tremendous, it made all the Shinobis of Konoha look at this scene with shocking expressions, this scene was enough to make a massive impact in their hearts forever, no one of them will forget this scene for rest of his life.

One person against thousands of Shinobis, floating in the sky, punching, and destroying countless Ninjutsus.

What kind of power is this!

On the opposite side, every single one of the hundreds Shinobis at the bottom looked like theyre gonna faint out looking at this scene.


The power of the shock continued its course until it each the massive dome of rocks.

This dome was cast using the power of hundreds of Shinobis, and no one can destroy it but the likes of Uchiha Madara!

After it reached the dome, the Shocks got wrecked, leaving only some cracks on its surface.

In an instant, those cracks got repaired.

Even so, all the people on the battlefield were so shocked by this strong attack that Naito just pulled out!!

Almost every single Shinobi of the Rocks army had a cold sweat on his forehead, just how many people joined their forces in order block the attack of one person, if it were one versus one, none of them would be able to stand against Naito!

This thought controlled the mind of the whole army of the Rocks, and a lot of them looked like they already lost although they managed to block his attack, even the commanders of the army overwhelmed by this feeling, yet they needed to encourage their side.

“Its true hes strong, but dont forget, his only one person!””

“Dont get afraid, weve managed to block his attack, dont mind him anymore, and focus on Konohas army!”

“If it gets worse, our Elites will hold him down.”

After hearing these words, a lot of the Rocks Shinobis seemed like they regained their focus, and the momentum of the army got raised again.

At this time, Naitos figure in the sky started to fall slowly.

If looked impossible for him to break this kind of defensive Ninjutsu at his current level, maybe if he managed to open the Fourth Gate before he enters this battle, he could have been able to destroy it.

As he was falling slowly Naitos eyes flashed with a distinctive color, then he stepped gently with his foot, and an explosive shock got burst from his foot, then he floated back in the air.

He couldnt move in the air, yet he could stay for a short time.

Naito didnt mean to fall, but he got lost in his thoughts thinking about this dome of rock under him, then suddenly, a smug grin appeared on his face.

This defensive Ninjutsu is kind of interesting!

“One attack couldnt destroy it… but what a bunch will do?!”


In the next moment, Naito stretched out his hand, and a white smoke suddenly appeared, and a sword came out from that smoke right in the palm of Naito.

Its the Kusanagi sword!

This is the first time that Naito pulls out his sword in public.


Naito waved his sword, and a white halo emerged, covering the blade of the sword.

In the next moment, Naito waved his sword so hard, and a turbulent shock got thrown away toward the Dome of Rocks.

“Earth Release: Dan!”

Initially, the Shinobis of the Rocks were planning to remove that defensive Ninjutsu, they didnt expect that Naito will not give up and will continue on attacking them.

Bunch of them shook their heads then they continued on enhancing their Ninjutsu.


“However, this way this guy alone will be able to hold some of us from entering the battle.”

“But he will never be able to break our defense.”

They shrugged and looked at the sky, slightly revealing a disdainful expression.


Suddenly, the turbulent shock hit the surface of the dome leaving small cracks.

Seeing this scene, the Ninjas of Konoha also shook their head slightly, they felt it was unnecessary for them to watch this anymore.

It seems this is his limit.

At the next moment, they looked in front of them as they were about to attack the Rocks army.

But this is wasnt the end, Naito once again waved his sword.

“They really think that I wouldnt be able to break this dome?!”

Naito smirked, and his eyes flashed with a trace of confidence, then he released another turbulent shock from his sword.

But this time, Naito didnt stop and waved his sword with both hands for several times.

Crack! Crack!! Crack!!!

In the blink of an eye, four or five turbulent shocks slammed the surface of the Dome, they werent fused, but their momentum was still extremely terrible!

And this is wasnt over yet.

When the first pack of Shock hit the surface of the dome, Naito charged more Shock power into his sword sending more shocks toward the dome, until the crack got really clear for the eye to notice!

“Earthquake Release: Infinite Dan!!”___________________________________________________________________________

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