The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 132: The Rocks defea

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

The roar of the impact was so loud, it could be heard even at the doors of heaven, it was like the sound of endless meteors falling from the sky crushing and trembling the whole the ground.

Naitos hands were flashing while he was waving his sword so fast sending turbulent shocks one after another, he could easily use this technique several times.

When the first one fell down, the outside shell of the dome got hit, and only a small crack appeared on its surface, but when the second fell, the crack got even wider since it didnt have time to get repaired.

Then the third, the fourth, and the fifth!!

The madness continued, as he sent one shock after another, presenting a very terrifying scene.

The constant damage of his attack caused the space between him and the dome to crack so horribly like a broken mirror!

The white halo light broke the space and shined with great brilliance through the battlefield!

At this moment, in the distance, Sakumo and Onoki couldnt help but look at each other, revealing a shocked expression.

Yuu Naito… is able even to pull out such a continuous attack!

“Not good!!”

At this time, Onoki felt the danger of the situation and wanted to engage the battlefield immediately, but Sakumo was right in front of him, and he couldnt do that.


Countless of Rocks Shinobis teamed up to support the dome from falling, but under the endless shots Naito was sending, the crack continued to spread out, and finally, it cracked open then entire surface of the dome.

Moreover, those crack didnt stop and start the spread even wider reaching the sides of the dome, if this continues their defensive wall is gonna fall, then the outcome will be terrible.

The cracks start to get deeper and deeper!


“Not good!”

“Dont give up!”

The Rock Ninjas at the bottom of the dome got stunned at first, then the hustle and bustle start to spread between them, they begin to doubt their ability to hold the dome against Naito any further, the Elites were the most shocked between them, they didnt expect Naito to be this strong!

Almost every single one of them was running his Chakra trying to hold the dome from breaking.

More Shinobis were joining them, and the hundred became thousand, none of them dared to hold back, because the dome looked like it was at its limit and its gonna get destroyed if they dont do something about it!


Countless of Shinobis were madly condensing their Chakra together to hold their last defense line against a single person yet they were losing!

On the contrary, Naito could use his Shock power endlessly.

This scene has made Konohas army who was ready to rush over to the battle stop and watch while every single one of them had a shocked expression on his face.

“Strong… Very strong.”

“One person is pushing a whole army?!!”

“What are we even doing here?”

No one could blame them for feeling this way, the scene was really shocking, no one could hold himself from feeling this way, because what Naito was doing wasnt human, how could one person be this powerful.

The Ninjas of Konoha couldnt move anymore.

Its not like they didnt want to help, they just couldnt do anything in this situation.

If they rushed under the dome and broke the Rock Shinobis formation, they will indeed help Naito destroy the dome, but then they will be in the attacking range of Naitos turbulent Shocks.

Therefore, the only thing that they could do is watching Naito alone fighting against hundred of Shinobis!

Everyones eyes were on Naito, some of them couldnt even blink for a second, it can be said that these Shinbois wont witness such a scene for the rest of their life.

If he just let it go and rushed toward them, Naito would be able to kill hundreds of them, yet a man of pride will never back on his words, he said that he will destroy it and kill them all, and this is what hes gonna do!

But the thing that he was trying to achieve, even the strongest person in the Anbu wouldnt be able to do!

The reason why hes the only person who can do this is that hes barely using his Chakra!

On the other hand, an average person will need to use his strongest Ninjutsu to break such a defense, even if he could use it for four or five times, it will be an enormous burden on his body.

With such a level, I am afraid that the only person in Konoha who can be compared to Naito is the Hokage himself!

“Fortunately, were still blocking him, but this guy… What kind of Chakra does he have, to be able to release this amount of attacks, does he have an infinite Chakra?”

The Anbu who was assisting Onoki couldnt help but reveal a shocking expression.

On the other side, Sakumo was also surprised, but he got used to this around Naito, so he took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

Yuu Naito always manages to surprise him every time!

He thought that Naito was already strong enough, hes already good enough, but every time Naito proves him wrong, every time Naito shows that hes even stronger than what Sakumo expects!

Although, Naito this time didnt break the Rocks defense, yet this was enough, in Sakumos opinion, what Naito has already achieved was more than enough, ney it was perfect.

However, the definition of perfect in Naitos opinion is really different than what Sakumo think.

Sakumo thinks that this is perfect, but Naito doesnt.

“I can do it… I will never give up.”

Naito looked down while waving his sword, and his eyes shined with an unusual color.

Its true that his consumption of Chakra isnt massive, but his Chakra compared to thousands of people isnt enough.

Even if he destroys it, at this rate Naito will get exhausted, and the Chakra of the Rocks Shinobis will also get consumed, and Konohas side will be able to kill them quickly, but Naitos didnt want it to end this way!

Naito wants to break that defense along with every single one of them!

When he was weak, Naito was afraid, he hated those days when he needed to hide, to run, but now, Naito is strong, Naito is the strongest, and as long as Madara himself is not the one in front of him, Naito will never give up.

Naito knew what he was capable of, and he needed to act this way!

Naito wanted to be recognized as the strongest in the world, and these Shinobis of the Rocks were his first stepping stone to the peak.


At the next moment, Naito finally stopped waving his sword, and the white halo light on his blade slowly disappeared, the surface of the dome after he stopped his attack got repaired quickly.

The Rock Shinobis looked really pale, even though they finally managed to stop him, none of them seemed happy.

On the contrary, they were terrified!

“He wont attack again right?”

“Damn, I dont know, he doesnt look tired!”

“Dont scare me, he stopped, and we managed to repair the dome

completely, so theres no way that hes gonna attack again.”

These words managed to comfort a few of them, but just as they start to feel relieved, some of them had their expressions changed to a really terrified one.

They could sense it, Naito was still floating in the sky, and he once again he waved his sword!

But this time, it was different!

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