The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 133: The End Of War

After a few of the Rocks Shinboi sensed the big blow coming, they wanted to hurry and alert everyone, but it was too late.

Naitos next attack was already approaching.

But this time it was completely different than the previous one, this time its no longer just weak shots… This time it was a big deal!

Floating in the sky, Naito waved his Kusanagi sword so hard that made the space around him crack slightly.

Then, a shock wave was sent toward the dome.


The dome cracked open, leaving a whole, it looked like a drop of water fell on a calm lake.

After the first Shockwave hit the dome, Naito didnt stop there, he once again charged a significant amount of shocks into the blade and struck.

The Kusanagi sword is an artifact, it could easily withstand that amount shocks without breaking, in fact, it could withstand even more force!

Naito was holding his sword while his eyes were revealing his confidence, in a second, the momentum burst out, the rage was enormous as he was waving his sword.

“Earthquake Release! Cut!”

This attack was indeed so different from the previous one.

This Shockwave didnt have the same destroying effect, it didnt break space, nor it did burst the air when it hit the dome, it went through it like it was cutting a fruit, it was fast and sharp, it almost cannot be noticed by the naked eye.

Crack! Crack! Crack!!

The sound of cracking was thunderous, which made the whole field look at the dome in silent.

The Rocks Shinobis under the dome stopped moving.

Among Konohas side, some of the Ninjas looked very shocked with an unbelievable expression on their faces, but a few of them looked unknow of what happens.

In their view, Naito just waved his sword the same way as before, and in the result, the outcome is not gonna change.

“What happened?”

“The Rocks Shinobis stopped moving, what is happening?”

“This is weird…”

This argument gradually spread between them, then it suddenly got abruptly stopped.

The whole side of Konoha widened their eyes, revealing a very shocking and almost unbelievable look.

In front of them, the Rocks Shinobis got stunned and didnt move like if they turned into stones.


The reason for their silence is how shocked they were looking at the dome getting cut into two halves without making.

A line of blood appeared on the forehead of Some of the Rocks Shinobis, and suddenly, they also got cut into to halves!

The others didnt even notice that all eyes were on the dome above them, and all hearts were trembling from fear.


In an instant, the enormous dome above them which had just a few cracks a moment ago got cut into two halves.

Suddenly, under the gaze of all the people on the battlefield, the unbreakable dome… Got Smashed!!

Split into two halves along with several Ninjas on the bottom.

There was inexplicable beauty in this scene, it wasnt violent and raging like the previous one attack; instead, it was calm and beautiful.

The blood sprinkled on the ground like fascinating flowers of hell, this beautiful scene, made the hearts of the whole Rocks army sunk into fear, it revealed a cold chill on their shoulders, that nothing can cause it but death himself, Naito, turned this battlefield into a bloodbath.

This time, this scene stunned everyone in the scene, even Onoki, and Sakumo himself.


Onoki looked dull as he was looking at the battlefield, while Sakumo was so shocked yet also so confused.

That attack he just used… It might not be as strong as his Raiken Jutsu.

But the attack range and effect is a lot stronger!

Its true that Naitos status is not as high as Sakumo, but in this battlefield, Naito played a more significant role than Sakumo!

Whether it was the presence or the power, Naito looked like a Shinigami harvesting the souls of people.

“That little kid… He really did it”

Sakumo finally took a deep breath and regained his focus, after he whispered that sentence, a smile appeared on his face.

Although Naito did break their defense and killed only dozens of them along, yet this is was the end, Konoha won.

Naito finally made an end to this war!

On the battlefield.

With a dull look on his face, Onoki looked at Naito in the sky holding his Kusanagi sword, and couldnt help but reveal a trace of fear.

Even the Jonins had the same look of fear on their faces!

Naitos figure wasnt big; actually, he was small compared to other, but at that moment, he looked like a giant that gonna crush all of them with his bare hands!

At that time, the ninjas of Konoha finally woke up from their dreams, and in a second, they all got inspired by Naito, yet at the same time, they couldnt help but be scared from him.

The war and their spirits were on the peak!!

“Kill them!!”

“Destroy them all!”


In an instant, the whole army charged so fast at the remaining Shinobis of the Rocks side.

The spirit of the Rocks side has already been crushed by Naito, it can be said that this war has already ended, under these circumstances, even if Naito leaves the battlefield, the outcome will be the same.


Some commanders of the Rocks side under the fear and horror could no longer know what to do, they were just subconsciously roaring.

But in the next moment, the roar stopped.

They just saw Naitos figure falling from the sky and in an instant he was on the ground and right behind them holding his Kusanagi sword, some of them didnt even notice him until he was already on the ground.

And suddenly Naito start reaping their souls!

Splash of blood here and a splash of blood there, a body getting cut into two halves here and other there, flashing from one enemy to another, the Rocks side was just standing there looking at him killing them hoplessly.

Whoosh!! Whoosh!! Whoosh!!

On this battlefield, no one can face Naito!

Up until this moment, no one, but god knows how many people Naito killed, yet the only thing that all the people in this battlefield were sure about is that the number is significant.

Among these people, there was Chunins and Jonins, even the Elites and the Anbus got killed by his hands!

It was a bloodbath, this is was no longer a war, it got turned into a one-sided slaughter!

Finally, the Rocks army collapsed.

In just a short period of time, they got defeated entirely by Konohas troop led by Naito.

Although he was just a temporary captain, although there was also other captains and strong people in the army, yet none of them could say that he led Konoha to victory today.

The real leader of this war is none but Naito!

Because the morale and the momentum Konohas side have gained was all because of Naitos astonishing performance!

On this battlefield, Naito was everywhere reaping the lives of the Rocks Shinobis like a god of death.

Under this slaughter, The Rock Village… Got completely defeated!

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