The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 134: Shocking Stats!

In the frontal line of the battlefield, the blood was flowing like a river, and the corpses of the Rocks Shinobis were everywhere, it looked like a bloodbath, Naito was still going at it killing every single person he across, while the Rocks army was retreating.

Naito was like a Shinigami harvesting their souls.

On the other side, Onoki and Sakumo, and the Anbus of both parties who were about to cross their swords were still facing each other.

However, Onoki didnt want to fight Sakumo, all that he wanted to do at that moment is rushing at the battlefield and stop Naito form killing his whole army, but Sakumo was the one who interrupted his plan.

The moment has gone, and the war came to an end.

At the current situation, Onokis life was in danger, and there was nothing he can do now to change the outcome of the war, it was hard for him to escape while facing Sakumo, but he didnt have any other choice.

Of course, Onoki is one of the strongest Kages of all time, but Sakumo wasnt gonna let him go this easily, he pulled out his knife and struck him while he was trying to escape underground along with his Anbus, however, Onoki technique was so fast, and Sakumo couldnt know what he hit, and the only thing that remained was a cut arm!


Onoki could easily fight against Sakumo, he was even confident that he could defeat him, but the only thing he was afraid of was Naito rushing at the fight and join hands with Sakumo!

However, even if Onoki escaped, the situation wont change, the Rocks Village got defeated!

The victorious was Konoha, and even their casualties were a tiny number!

At the battlefield, there wasnt many remaining Rocks Shinobis.

Yuu Naito killed almost every single one on the battlefield.

He put back his Kusanagi sword, then he took a glance at the battlefield.

In the rear, Orochimaru joined the others cleaning up the battlefield, yet what was more astonishing was how all eyes were on Naito who was standing in the middle of the battlefield.

This time, Naito wasnt as clean as always.

After all, in such a huge fight, Naito couldnt maintain his passive state when he trembles his body with shocks; preventing anything from touching the surface of his body. He was only focused on killing the enemies, and because of that, the blood was all over his body.

He stood there while his whole body was covered in blood.

Just watching him standing there gave chills for every single person of them.

“A single man dominated the whole battlefield by himself.”

Orochimaru looked at Naito, and his evil eyes revealed a strange expression.

“Hes strong, he might not be as strong as Sakumo… But sure thing, Naito is a Killing machine in these kinds of battlefields.”

“Hes Bloodlimit is really suitable for these kinds of situations.”

In the end, Orochimaru took a deep breath, revealing a ray of light from his eyes that no one could understand, then turned away.

On the other hand, Jiraiya kept standing there, he though for several times to go toward Naito, but he was a little bit embarrassed, he couldnt show his face to him, how could he, when he didnt do anything worthy in this battlefield, he could only stand there, looking at Naito while admiring both his power and spirit.

He always thought of himself as an elder for both Naito and Minato, however, after this battle, he cannot treat Naito with nothing but respect, even if he was older than him!


After he took a glance at the battlefield, Naito knew that there was nothing more for him to do, so rushed at top speed toward Sakumo.

Sakumo was already about to put back his sword.

“How unfortunate, he managed to escape after all.”

Sakumo said that with pity while he was looking at the bloody arm on the ground.

Sakumo was sure that this arm wasnt Onokis, it was the Anbu captain of the Rock Village arm.

When Naito reached Sakumo he looked at the arm in the ground, then he nodded at Sakumo and said: “If I just came over faster, we could have stopped him.”

“No, its hard, once he made the seal, Onoki disappeared, and I could no longer sense his presence… Although your Earthquake release can affect the ground, his technique was so fast, and he could easily escape the range of your attack.”

Sakumo shook his head then he seriously analyzed the outcome of that prospect, yet he was a little proud of this outcome.

Its very likely that this person didnt survive after he cut off his arm, killing the Anbu Captain is still worth the praise, and this could quickly eliminate the Rock from this battlefield.

However, as Sakumo said, killing Onoki wouldnt be easy even if Naito was here.


Naito nodded, he didnt need Sakumos explanation he already was aware of how strong Onoki was.

Naitos ability is powerful, especially in these kinds of battlefields, he a killing machine, but if there were a bunch of strong people like Sakumo in the Rocks side, it would be difficult for him to performe the same way.

Naitos strength at this moment, was great, it was higher than the quasi-kage level, yet he wasnt also at the Kages level, you could say that his rank was a special quasi-kage, Naitos power was indeed special, it allows him to wipe out easily any person under his level.

Sakumo didnt want to think about how Onoki escaped anymore, he turned and looked at Naito, then he noticed how he was covered in blood, Sakumo didnt even frown, he smiled at Naito as he was so sure that this blood wasnt his own.

“I cannot find the words to praise your performance today, the only thing I can say is.. You was perfect.”

With an incomparable appreciation, Sakumo smiled, he knew from the very start that once Naitos power blooms he will become a killing machine.

And It seems that this is the case now.

“I could pull such a performance because no one in the Rocks army could stop me, because that strong person was stopped by you, Sakumo-san.”

Naito smiled, at that time, his murderous instinct has finally calmed down, and his expression went back to normal, however, because of how much enemies he killed, Naito was still covered in blood.

Just in the time while Naito and Sakumo had this conversation, the battlefield over there was finally cleaned up by Konohas ninjas.

A Ninja suddenly appeared right in front of Sakumo and Naito.

“Sakumo-Dunno, Yu… Naito-Dono, this a rough statistics of the battle.”

The Ninja first bowed to Sakumo, then he hesitated on how he should be addressing Naito.

Naitos rank was still Genin at the time, and he was still very young, it was still a little too much for him to be addressed by “Dono.”

However, after his astonishing performance in this battlefield, he was absolutely worthy to be addressed this highly!

“The number of the Rock army was about 1,400, 1,219 died, and 37 got caught, the number of people who managed to escape cannot be accurately calculated, but they should be only about one hundred.

Listening to the report of the ninja, Sakumo nodded, then he suddenly asked: “And how many people did killed by Naito on the battlefield?”

When he said this sentence, some of the Ninjas gathered around, all of them wanted to know how many people did Naito kill.

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