The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 135: Spread Through the World!

The Ninja who was reporting the statistics heard Sakumos question, but he hesitated to answer, the shock on his face was apparent, he took a deep breath than he started to report.

“The number of deaths in the Rocks side was about 1,219 ninja, 21 of them were Elites, the number of Jonins was about 890, and the number of both Chunins and Genins was about 300, yet these are not exact numbers.”

“The Elites that dies by Naitos hands were seventeen Ninjas!”

The first stat was kind of a breathtaking.

The Elites are the highest ranked people in the Village.

Theyre very experienced ninjas who gained a lot of power over the years.

The number of the Elites in the Rocks army wasnt big, they were only twenty-one ninja, but the amazing thing was how Naito managed alone to kill seventeen of them!

These people were the strongest members of the army, some of them could be even famous!

Under the shock of everyone, Sakumo took a deep breath and calmed down himself, then he asked: “So what the numbers of the other Ranks?”

The others also regained their focus when they heard this question, they were dying to know the answer, they were very excited by they werent that optimistic about it because there was a lot Jonins between them, theres no way he killed a lot of them!

After all, when Konohas side charged at the Rocks army at the end of the battle, they felt like they killed a lot of them.

The Ninja who was reporting heard this question, but he didnt answer it right away, he turned his head toward Naito and looked him in the eyes, he couldnt help but to respect and admire him, at that time when he addressed him that way, it felt wrong for a moment.

But still, it was self-satisfying, because at that moment he already knew the numbers.

“The number of the remaining Ranks that died by Naito-Dono is about 600 people, some messed up corpses couldnt be judged, but its expected that he killed even more.”

A complete silence.

Even the sound of a needle falling on the ground could be heard at that moment.

This piece of information was even more shocking than hearing about how he killed seventeen Elites.

Naito is very strong, especially when hes against a lower-ranked, the fact that he killed seventeen Elites is beyond the imagination.

In the original story, Minato once used the flying thunder god and killed fifty people, the teachers were telling this story to the kids in the Ninja School while calling it a miracle.

However, if one person managed to kill 600 person alone, this is no longer can be considered as a tail, or a miracle, this is just too scary, even if the six hundred people were standing still, and killed one by one, it will still take so much time!

Moreover, these people were fighting for their lives, they were human beings!

There were nearly nine hundred Jonins and Chunins in the battlefield, yet six hundred of them were killed by Naito, what kind of joke is this!

Everyone was speechless, the only thing they could hear was the blowing of the wind.

Even Sakumo was shocked by this number, although he noticed that Naito was going back and forth in the battlefield, he didnt expect that he killed this much of people, these numbers are somehow ridiculous.

How could he be able to kill this much of people?!!

“Are you sure that these numbers are correct?”

With a shocked expression, Sakumo couldnt help but question these statistics, the people around him had the same doubts.

Indeed its kind of impossible, these numbers are just too much!

If these numbers are correct, then this is mean that Naito alone killed more people than the whole army of Konoha!

It shouldnt be possible!

“Sakumo-Dono, were pretty sure about these numbers, no even if there are any mistakes in these numbers, its because it should be, even more, there were some corpses so missed up, so weve couldnt be able to judge if it was killed by him or not, but from what weve seen on the battlefield am more than confident that they were killed by Naito-Dono.”

The ninja himself couldnt say any more than this, these data were even more shocking for him, he was doing this kind of stats for so many years, but he never encountered such a situation in his entire life, it was too incredible to believe, yet it was true.


The words of the ninja were so persuasive, which made everyone hold their breaths for a long time.

Then they all exhaled at the same time!

More than six hundred people, this is incredible!!

None of them could look at Naito anymore, who can blame them, this man has just killed six hundred people… Some of them couldnt even raise their heads.

This man is a killing machine!

At that moment, everyone couldnt help but start to fear Naito, they were afraid that they will provoke him if they looked at him in the eyes, this man is a monster, and you shouldnt be so carefree standing next to one!

Sakumo stood there speechless, he didnt know what to say anymore.



The Third Tsuchikage was sitting in his chair there silently.

The atmosphere was depressing.

Dark clouds were covering the sky above the Tsuchikage Office.

The Anbu captain was standing next to Onoki while his whole shoulder was covered in thick bandages.

Because their whole army got completely destroyed by Konohas forces, it was meaningless to stay in the Rain Village, so they came back.

More importantly, they needed to reorganize their forces, and think about the next move.

“No one expected this outcome.”

The Tsuchikage sit there quietly for a long time, he didnt look angry, yet he wasnt calm too.

“No one could expect the outcome of that war, but no one even thought that the outcome will be decided by the hands of one man.”

Onoki said that with a mysterious look on his face.

Indeed, Naitos power was beyond all expectations.

Everything was possible, Onoki even considered losing against Sakumo under some kind of circumstances, but he never thought that two thousand people would be crushed by one man.

In the fourth War, the Allied Shinobi Forces had almost 80,000 Ninjas, 20,000 of them were from Konoha, and every one of the other four Villages had at least 10,000 Ninjas.

Of course, this is wasnt the fourth war it was the second, and the Rock Village needed to defend against the other villages, it was impossible to push all of their forces in that battle.

At least five of six thousand Ninja were left in the Village to protect it.

In the case of a backstabbing attack at the Village, these Shinobis were left there to defend it.

The remaining five or six thousand wasnt all frontline type shinobis, there was a large number of scouts between them; also some of them were spies who were sent to various missions around the villages.

Among them, some people werent good at fighting, and others were Medical-Nin, and so on.

About three thousand people were only worthed to be used in battles.

And now, he lost half of them!

Onoki was freaking out, he was so stressed, although he was keeping his calm expression, he was feeling like his heart is gonna explode at any second.

“What should I do next?”

Onoki looked very confused.

He took a deep breath, then he slowly started to float in the air and moved toward the window.

This is truly was like a slap in the face.

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