The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 14: Study


Suddenly, an aura appeared around Dais body, Then he fired a punch toward a big tree.


A big blast Knocked the tree, it starts to break and crash then it fell to the ground.

After what he did, he just stood in the middle of the place without doing anything, Naito was waiting for him to open the sixth gate.

After a while, Dai suddenly said, “Come out”, Naitos cover has been found!


Naito slowly came out, he was so excited to the point, he didnt pay attention that he needs to hide.

Peeping on people practice is a little bit embarrassing.

He was coming every day for two consecutive months, its just two normal that he will be exposed in the end.

However, Maito Dai wasnt angry, he even gave Naito a thumbs-up.

“boy… you work hard.”

Side effects start to miss with his body, Dai exposed a very rough smile.

Naito thought at that moment.

its funny how you have to pay for everything you earn in this life.

“Sorry, I have stolen….. …” Naito said.

“Never mind, I will allow it!”

Maito Dai laughed loudly, after interrupting Naitos words.

While he was laughing he almost vomited blood.

Then he crushed on his knees and said: “After all of this years there still some people who want to learn from me the art of Taijutsu, my youth didnt end yet…”


Even if the capacity of the nervous Naito has been very strong, but seeing this scene was a little too much.

its just!!!

Maito Dai, Maito Gai, Lee…

Those people determination and toughness are just perfect, its sad how they need to work so hard every time to achieve anything.

“Ha Ha Ha.”

Maito Dai stood up again, he walked toward Naito while laughing, but his body was still trembling.

The excitement was lesser, this is was the side effects of only opening the fifth gate.

seeing this scene Naito felt a little bit down.

The side effects of the Eight Door…. is…

Is there any way to change this fact!

Naito was distracted by this thought.

Dai, on the other hand, was patting his shoulder while seriously saying: ” Do you want to follow my steps as your teacher? but thats impossible…”

“Because… Am still a genin, am not allowed to have a disciple.”

Dai was laughing a self-deprecating one.

Naito twitched his lips, then he shrugged and said: “I have been peeping for two months now.”

“What? seriously!! two months?!!”

Dai was shocked, he starts to move around Naito in circles.

“Humm … I can not think of a boy like you who is so loyal to the art of the body.”


Naito was so embarrassed that he was exposed like this.

He was so close to turn around and leave.

Dai actually didnt notice him for all this time, and he still didnt notice that Naito only followed him for these past two months just to steal the secrets of the eight gates.

I thought he already knew it!

Following him for two months didnt do me a lot, I need to go deeper.

“Cough, Actually… Am totally weak when it comes to Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. To be exact, I cant even control my chakra… so I can Only practice my Taijutsu.” explained Naito.

“Is that right?!

Maito Dai froze for a moment, then he hugged Naito from the excitement.

Naito subconsciously wanted to dodge him, but still, he couldnt do that, instead of that now he feels like his bones gonna crush at any moment.

“Ooow Oooow … I feel you brother!”


Naito couldnt help it.

He knew he has to handle a lot of this.

“Do not afraid!”

Maito Dai let go of Naito, then he patted his chest with his fist: “Even if you cannot practice Ninjutsu, you can still become a great Ninja!”

“Like you,” Naito said that proudly.

Dai was a little embarrassed.

“This is not important, the important thing is … Young boy, did you saw the power I just cast now?! That was a skill I spent more than a decade to master!”

Maito Dai said that without showing off a lot, then he completed: “This is the absolute liberation of physical limitations, there is a total of eight gates in the body, and you can open all of the eight gates, turn on just one and you will get a tremendous power, even if I still didnt master the last gate but i am so sure of what am saying.”

Naito was so surprised when he heard Dais last words.

In the original story Dai practiced the eight gates in 20 years, so the time he is it didnt reach the original.

Then its a matter of a few years, maybe after the world war II, he will be able to open the last gate.

While Naito was distracted again, Dais excited expressions suddenly tuned out to a depressed one again


“You … Totally uninterested…”

“No, Am very interested.” Naito couldnt help but make an excited expression then he asked: ” what happen when you open the eight gate?”

After seeing his expression, Dai turned on fire again clenched his fist, and said: “When the eight gates fully open, your power will be even stronger than a Hoka… …..Well, you will be so strong.”

Dai thought of the side effects for a moment, its a matter of life and death so he needed to be more serious.

Dai patted his shoulder and said like a big brother: “Do you want to learn?!” Naito was wondering about the answer to this question.

Naito: “…”

Its not that easy!

and to casually reveal a forbidden technique is that really ok?

However… …to think about it, there is not a lot of people who is willing to learn a technique like this, you cant blame Dai for revealing this technique like this, he just met the right person with the right talent to teach him, its just normal he want to pass his path.

the most important thing is his good personality…

Of course, Dais gonna ask Naito to promise that hes gonna do anything to learn the way, of course, Naito didnt have a choice.

in the end, he needed to learn.

“Of course I want!”

Naito didnt hesitate and nodded hard.

Since Dais also wanted to teach, he wouldnt miss the opportunity of teaching a natural like Naito.

although he can continue to strengthen his body, slowly it will gradually make him able to open the first gate, but its gonna take a long time, of course, this is not the case when you learn from Maito dai himself.

Because three months later, he has a life and death duel!

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