The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 140: Naito Arrives!

Behind the army of the Rocks, the commander of the army and Onokis assistant Sando was standing there while his heart was full of haterade.

Looking at Sakumo, he revealed a powerful killing intent.

This killing intent was due to their last clash when Sakumo managed to cut his arm, it was impossible for Sando to not hate Sakumo for that.

But the person who hated the most was Yuu Naito.

If it werent for Naito, Sando wouldnt lost his arm out of distraction that day, now he lost an arm, and he could only print with one hand, which made his strength drop a lot because of that.

“Hes not using any tricks this time? hes gonna swing it hard from the start, fine with me.”

With a ray of light in his eyes, Sando commanded his army to engage the battlefield.

Although he didnt understand the meanings of Sakumos rush move, Sando found it in his advantage to raise the scales earlier.

Because he couldnt see Naito figure anywhere in the battlefield, and the sooner he deals with Konohas army, the better situation it will be later when he appears.

The Rocks army engaged at once, but Sakumo seemed like he didnt care about that.

The battlefield was at its climax.

The two sides were even in terms of power, there were more than 500 ninjas at the Rocks side, but there were only 400 people in Konohas.

Yet, here it appeared that Konoha was the favorite side in this war.

In fact, the Rocks side was suffering from the disadvantage of the Rain Country environment, while Konohas side had a lot of Taijutsu user along with a lot of Wind and Water user, who had the most advantage in these kinds of situations.

Even so, Sakumo was slightly frowning, because the Rocks side was outnumbering Konohas army!

This time, Konoha couldnt dispatch all of its forces into this battle since they moved their camp to the center and they needed some people to stay behind and protect their camp, Konoha could only bring one thousand and five hundred Shinobis, and they didnt even reach the battlefield yet!

Also because Konoha went deep in the center of the Rain Country, they had other battles in the hinterland with both the Rain and Sand.

Although these battles were small, yet they weakened Konohas army.

Fortunately, Hanzo still didnt target Konoha with his full power, he was focusing on the Sands side, there was some news that Chiyo from the sand has also cracked his poison wish threatened him and made him focus on them.

“We have a big disadvantage, the Rocks side is suppressing us, Naito didnt come yet?”

Sakumo couldnt help but take a glance at the back, but he didnt see any signs of the arrival of both Naito and Tsunade.

This battle was a little bit sudden.

Sakumo was leading an army to attack one of the Rain units, but he suddenly got attacked by the Rocks army.

Subsequently, the support from the two sides continued on reaching the battlefield, and the scale of this small battle got bigger and bigger until it reached this current situation.

If the previous battle didnt hurt the Rocks much to back off, this one is gonna do it.

Just as Sakumo was waiting for Natio to reach the battlefield, the situation changed!

The land of the Rain had a really incomparably muddy and damp ground.

This caused, the movements of the Konohas army to get really slow.

However, the Rock had a unit with special types of equipment that can make them move freely underground, and it was the Rock surprising unit!

It takes many years to train these kinds of special units; therefore, there was only three of them in the whole army of the Rock Village.

After one of them got completely wiped out by Naito, the Tsuchikage sent the two remainings into this battlefield.

The situation of the battlefield changed the moment these two units joined the battle.


After the entrance of the Specials Surprising Squad, they start to attack Konohas army every time from under the ground, which gave the Rock army on the surface the upper hand.

Konohas Ninja wanted to get rid of these two units first, but it was very difficult, and they were getting blocked every time from by Rocks Shinobis on the ground.

The scene, of the two sides when they were evenly matched, start to change into Konoha being the unfavorable side here.

Upon seeing this, Sakumo expression changed and became very anxious one, there wasnt any chance for them to retreat, with such a big number retreating will cause the whole morale of the army to drop, and once this happens, the entire army will collapse.

Sakumo needed to find another way to solve this matter.

The support continued on reaching the battlefield, and this battle suddenly turned into a huge decisive one!

However, Konoha was the losing side.

Under this circumstances, Sakumo finally couldnt hold back anymore, leading his Anbus he engaged personally the battlefield, which made Sando the assistant of Onoki do the same, starting a fierce battle between the two commanders.

Although it was somewhat unfavorable for him to deal with both sides, Sakumo needed to find a way to deal with this quickly; otherwise, this battle will end before Naito even reaches it!

In an Instant, Sakumo pulled out his sword and attacked Sando who lost his arm, pushing him back so hard.

This power shocked everyone.

However, this is wasnt enough, Konoha was suffering, and even the death of the Rocks commander wont change that.

“Naito didnt arrive yet…”

Sakumo was still worried, looking at the field every second.

At that moment, Konohas army was gradually falling apart by the surprise attacks from the ground.

“Damn these Rats!!”

The surprising squad role wasnt killing enemies, but bothering them with sneak attacks, this way Konohas side will lose focus and this will ease the task for the Rocks Shinobis on the ground.

Orochimaru looked very calm, yet his murderous intents were all over the place, he was very annoyed by the underground sneak attacks.

“The situation is getting worse, what should I do?!”

He suddenly got attacked from both sides and almost got injured, Orochimaru fell back and couldnt help but exclaim.

“Damn it, were gonna lose if this continues, we need to hang on until Naito arrives.”

As soon as he mentioned Naitos name, Konohas Shinobis regained their focus: “We just need to block them until he comes, he will deal with the Shinobis on the ground, then we will be able to deal with these sneak attacks from the underground.”

“But what if he couldnt come in time!”

“If we just had the Anbu Yujin between us, he would have been able to deal with them, I heard that he managed to wipe out one of these squads all by himself.”

Mentioning Yujin, made all of them wished if one of these two was here!

When he heard this sentence, Orochimaru felt a little bit strange.

Orochimaru knew the identity of the Anbu Yujin from the start, but he didnt expect that there were still some people who didnt guess his identity yet, the other Villages already guessed that Yujin and Naito are the same person by now, its true this information are top secret, but it was already exposed by his last performance in the war.

Still, a lot of people still didnt know this in Konoha.

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