The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 141: Dust Release!

Orochimaru wanted to tell them that Yujin is Naito, but he couldnt because this information was top secret.

“As long as he comes here it wont matter whether they know or not.”

Once he whispered this sentence, the stress-controlled his thoughts again

At the moment, Konohas army was waiting for the arrival of either Naito or Yujin to the battlefield to deal with the surprising squad.

Not only the Chunins but even the Elites were also waiting for his arrival, they didnt need him to join the battle, just his presence is enough to improve the morale of the army!

Just the presence of Konohas Ashura in the battlefield will scare the enemies and give confidence to the allies.

Just as the situation of Konoha was getting worse and worse, far away at the edge of the battlefield, Naito finally arrived!

Naito was originally coming with Tsunade, but when he heard about the situation in the battlefield, he left her and rushed over at top speed.

Sure enough, when he first reached the battlefield, he noticed how Konoha was getting pushed back by the enemies, and how a lot of his allies were laying on the ground injured or killed.

On the other hand, the Rocks momentum was powerful, it was evident that they were the winning side.

“The situation is terrible, the Rocks seems like they have been very prepared for this battle.”

He noticed that even Sakumo was dragged into the battlefield, suddenly, Naito revealed a very cold aura.

And suddenly, he took his first step on the battlefield!

This time Naito wasnt rushing; instead, he was walking step by step toward the center of the battlefield.

With every step he was taking in the battlefield, his aura was getting more stronger.

Moreover, it wasnt any aura, it was the Aura of the man who has been named after the demigod of war Ashura!

With every step Naito was taking in this battlefield, his body was starting to regain the cold-blooded state from the last time when he slaughtered hundreds of ninja, his killing intent was all over the place, and his eyes were as cold as ever!

Therefore, every single person on the battlefield felt his cold aura, and the fear started to control the minds of the Rocks army.

They didnt know who caused it, but they were sure that this person was so strong; finally one of the Rocks Shinobis saw Naito coming from a distance, and immediately his heart sank into horror.

Naitos aura was so strong which made the whole people in the battlefield feel it.

This wasnt a Ninjutsu or a technique, it was just his killing intent, it didnt do any damage to their bodies, but it seemed like it was torturing their souls from the inside.

A moment ago the Rocks momentum was on its peak and Konoha was on the edge of collapsing, but the moment he took his first step into the battlefield, Naitos presence reversed the situation!

“Its Yuu Naito!!”

“Great! Naito is here!”

“Konohas Ashura!”

The moment they heard his name the ninjas from Konoha at once were relieved.

The presence of Naito was enough to strengthen them, as long as he was on the battlefield, they felt like they can win this war!

This couldnt be caused by anyone, the only man who could reverse these kinds of situations with his presence only, is none but a true leader!

In an instant, Konoha who was on the edge of collapsing a moment ago got fired up, and start pushing back the Rocks side, while the Rocks start to lose their momentum!

“That guy… Is Konohas Ashura?!”

“I heard hes very strong, but doesnt he seems like hes just a kid?”

“Indeed, nothing about him looks strong.”

Although every single one of them knew Naitos name, yet only a few of them saw his face since there wasnt a lot of survivors from the last battlefield, and boy did they were frightened to see that face again!

Just seeing that face again was enough to make them think of running away!

But most of the ninjas didnt know his face, so they didnt have any fear from him, yet they were very curious because they noticed the changes in the events.

Just when this young boy reached the battle the whole situation changed.

How is this possible?

Under the confusion of almost everyone in the Rocks side, Naito joined the battle.

Naitos eyes flickered, and in an instant, he felt the Shinbois of the surprising squad moving under the ground.

“Playing the game of the hamster again? Sorry, but I dont have time to play with you this time.”

Naito couldnt see them, yet he felt them moving under the ground, and suddenly, his eyes became very cold.

Naito also hated these guys, he was really annoyed last time when he fought against them.

The next moment, Naito gently lifted his legs, and under the gaze of countless ninjas, he smashed the ground.


Suddenly a roaring sound spread like a lightning thunder in the ears of everyone in the battlefield, the whole place started shaking, and the cracks begin to appear on the ground, then in an instant, it spread in every direction!

Naito looked very young, his body wasnt muscular, even his leg was tiny, yet he managed to destroy the whole ground with a simple kick to the ground!!

What a monster!

“Is this the strength of Yuu Naito!”

The Ninjas from Konoha looked very amazed.

On the other side, the Ninjas from the Rock looked very shocked, at that moment, all of their thoughts about Naito changed!


“What kind of power is this!”

“He just destroyed the whole ground with a kick!”

Under the gaze of everyone, the power of shock didnt just destroy the ground, it also continued its way down toward the Surprising squad!

Suddenly their expressions changed the moment the shock force got close to them.

“Not good!!”


“Block it fast!!”

Under the horror of getting hit by the Shock force, the Shinobis of the surprising squad joined hands to block Naitos attack.

In an instant, all of them were running their chakra and printing hand signs to strengthen the ground above them.

Finally, they managed to block his attack.

After a slight sigh of relief, cold sweat appeared on their foreheads.

Just… What was that?!

On the ground.

Naito shook his head after he sensed that his attack got blocked.

“Huh what a pain in the ass, just accept your fate and die.”

Naito looked at the ground under him, then with a sigh of disdain on his face, he lifted his leg once again and hit the ground.

It doesnt matter whether you were in front of him or under the ground, so why bother hiding anyway?!

What a pain in the ass!!

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

The power of these several kicks was so strong that it managed to destroy the whole ground around him, the cracks were spreading all the way in the depth of the ground, trembling and shaking the entire place, the ground could no longer withstand the force, and it finally collapsed leaving a big hole!

The cracks continued on spreading on the ground destroying it, while some of the Shinobis from both sides were running and jumping trying to avoid them.

The others couldnt do a thing but look at this horrifying scene.


In the end, the cracks finally stopped from spreading, leaving the whole people in a shock.

When the cracks stopped from spreading, the whole place became quiet, and no one dared to move.

They looked like they didnt believe that the horror has stopped, the only thing they were so sure about is that the surprise squad under the ground were already gone!

On the other side, the ninjas of Konoha were also very shocked, suddenly, all of them couldnt help but think about the Anbu Yujin.

Naito just did the same thing that Anbu did before, he easily managed to kill the squad that was giving them a hard time, and that made them think about another thing.

That Anbu codenamed Yujin… Is actually, Yuu Naito?!

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