The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 142: Shock Vs Dust!

From the first step he took in the battlefield, Naito managed to kill the whole members of the surprising squad.

Konohas ninjas looked so shocked from Naitos power, but this shock fired up their spirit and made their moral raise dramatically.

While the surprising squad is gone now, Konohas Shinobis were so confident that they can win this war even if Naito didnt fight.

In the distance, Sando who was in the middle of a fierce battle, couldnt help but shout.


When he first saw Naito entering the battlefield, he wanted to rush and stop him, but he got blocked by Sakumo, and could no longer pass.

The Anbu next to him was faster, and could easily pass through Sakumo while hes focusing on Sando, but once hes gone, Sando who lost his arm would be easily killed by Sakumo!

Looking at the situation on the battlefield, Sakumo looked relieved by Naitos arrival.

Naito finally came, the outcome of the war has already been determined.

However, when he looked back at Sando, the last didnt look like he was even worried, on the contrary, the look on his face when he took a glance at Naito was the look of seeing a dead man walking.

Just as he managed to wipe out the whole members of the surprising squad, the heat of the war once again exploded.

Holding his Chakra sword, Sakumo waved it so hard pushing back Sando and the other Anbu.

It must be said, that Sakumo should have been one of the Strongest Shinobis of his time if he didnt end up suiciding in the original story.

On the battlefield.

Naito stood up and set his sight on the other Rocks Shinobis.

The stare in his eyes was very cold, suddenly, Naito rushed over toward the nearest Shinobi at high speed.


In no time, Naito pulled out the Kusanagi sword and struck down the Shinobi, In an Instant, the blood splashed, and the whole body of the Shinobi got cut into two halves!

Naitos figure was flashing everywhere in the battlefield, smashing, cutting, and destroying everything that comes in its way, it didnt matter if he was a Chunin or even a Jonin, no one could stop him.

No defense!

Under the leadership of Naito, Konoha momentum continued on raising, and finally, they managed to overwhelm the Rocks suppressing.

This is also surprised the squad of Anbu that were fighting with Sando against Sakumo, they werent present in the last war, they only heard about Naitos power from Sando.

But now, after theyve witnessed it by themselves, they understood that Sando wasnt exaggerating!

That guy is really strong!!

Hes simply like a killing machine.

Holding his Kusanagi sword, Naito was everywhere, and the single thing they could see is his sword waving and cutting their allies.

And if theres anyone who dares to attack him, Naito other hand was always ready to shatter any kind of attacks with a punch.

Yet Naito was also facing a lot of clones, everyone was using this technique to distract Naito and win some time to regroup, Naito was so lazy to focus on the real ones, he was just destroying everything on his way.

It was really impossible to stop him anyway, so he just continued on destroying everything.

And in general, those clones were getting destroyed the moment he came near them by his passive shocks that he was using around his body, it was basically like a tremor aura.

This is one of the reasons that makes him unstoppable in these kinds of situation.

He is a monster!

Every single one of them wanted to kill him, the killing intent was so tense, that he could even feel it around this whole madness of the battlefield, yet it didnt have any effect on Naito.

But at that moment, he felt another strong intent around him, and couldnt help but stop.

Who is this?!

Although he wasnt sure who was this person, Naito was so sure that this person must be strong!

This feeling of hatred and killing intent was clearly meant to Naito!

This is extremely dangerous!

At the next moment, Naito finally knew who this person was, it was the one who didnt engage the battle last time thanks to Sakumo.

Suddenly, two thick walls raised from the ground and traped Naito in the middle, blocking him from moving.

“Dust Release!”

This two words had the intention of the whole battlefield.

Dust Release! Did the Tsuchikage engaged the battlefield!

At that moment, it was already too late to think of why the Tsuchikage decided to attack Naito, instead of Sakumo, because the Dust Technique was completed, and the moment it touches him, he will get wiped out!

The Rock walls that were blocking him from moving, could easily break with a punch from Naito.

But the Dust Technique was already falling from the sky toward Naito, if he destroys the walls first, he wont have time to escape from it.

This is really a clever trap!

In the sky, the Tsuchikage was already floating there, looking down at Naito, with very cold eyes.

He looked at him as if he was already a dead man.

“Damn you Konohas imp, go to hell already.”

He didnt have any mercy, Onoki was already confident that his technique gonna turn him into dust!

Looking up at the sky, watching the Dust Technique falling toward him at a very high speed, Naito looked very calm, he didnt have any fear in his heart.

Naitos eyes were shining with confidence.

Nothing changed, Naito was still confident in his bloodlimit!

The Earthquake Release can destroy everything!

The Dust release had the ability to turn everything into dust.

Which one will be stronger!

Naito aura burst out the whole space around him as he was clenching his fist so hard charging up his full power into one punch, the blood in his veins was boiling, and suddenly a smile appeared on his face, Naito was actually enjoying this!

The space around Naito was cracking so hard.

“Lets see which one is the strongest…”

Suddenly Naito punched the space targeting the Dust Technique in the sky!


With one punch, space broke like a mirror, and it spread out toward the sky!

This dangerous situation made Naito break his limit and send his strongest punch up until now!


The power of the shock blasted, even though he was targeting the sky, but all the Shinobis from both sides on the ground felt a violent and robust force hitting them.

Around Naito, a bunch of Shinobis who wanted to take advantage of the situation and attack him got suddenly shocked so strong until they got completely crashed!

But at this moment, nothing of that was important, what was important was the Shock force and the Dust technique that were about to crash into each other!

Finally, the two forces collided!

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