The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 143: Side By Side!

When the power of the dust and the Shock force collided, it didnt cause any sound, there was no roaring or reverberating.

However, their collides caused a big light that seemed like it illuminated the distance between the earth and heaven!


Everyone in the field looked at the sky, the light was so strong and dazzling, that it seemed like a star.

Everyone was terrified from this scene, the light became stronger, and they couldnt help but close their eyes, they could no longer look straight to the sky.

At that moment, the light immersion everything, it looked like it turned the whole place into a void, and this is cause to stop the movements across the entire battlefield.

That light was so strong that it blocked the vision on the sky, and they could no longer even see the clouds and the sun.

It illuminated the whole ground and sky, even the people in the nearby towns could see it, even the Shinobis of the Rain in a far distance could see it!

“What is that?!”

At this moment, Hanzo the Salamander frowned when he saw the light.

The light seemed like it replaced the light of the sun itself.

What a shocking scene.

In the end, the light start to fade away and both the shadows of Onoki and Naito start to emerge again.

Naito didnt retract his punch and stood there like if he was targeting the whole sky.

Onoki was still maintaining his stance as he was holding the whole sky, yet his expression looked very confused, he never expected that his Dust power could be stopped by Naitos Shocks!

“The Dust… Hes able to block it?!”

Onokis heart was full fear.

Theres a lot of people in his life who managed to avoid hes Dust, but no one ever could block it, he was sure that he could destroy everything up until this moment!

Its a known fact that Onoki was possessioning the strongest bloodlimit!

In the original story, Onokis dust managed even to wipe away Madaras uncompleted Susano.

Even Madara wouldnt be able to stop it if he wasnt using the Rinnegan ability Gakid!

What a shocking scene.

The Dust Release was created first by the second Tsuchikage Muu, the power of this release is well know, even the Rocks Shinobis knew how strong it is, its a fact that the dust release is the strongest bloodlimit!

But now, it was blocked by Naito!

Every single one in the field was shocked.

“The Tsuchikage Dust got… Blocked?!

“This… This is impossible!”

“There shouldnt be a bloodlimit stronger than the Tsuchikages…”

All the Rocks Shinbois had a dull gaze on their faces, under the horror they were feeling, their bodies were shaking, and even their tones were revealing their fear.

Although most of Konohas ninjas at the time didnt know this information and how strong the Dust release is, but when they heard and saw the Rocks Shinobis expression, they got so shocked.

The Tsuchikage!

Hes one of the five Kages, and hes one of the strongest Shinobis in the world!

His figure was smaller than Naito, but in fact, he was the Kage of the Rock Village, and he was standing at the top of the Ninja World!

Such a man was blocked by Naito even though he used a sneak attack!

Everyone on the field could no longer breath normally!


In the battlefield, the reflection that caused from the collide from the two forces didnt stop, the cracks were still spreading out as the dust was still getting blocked by the shock, but it was slowly fading, while the reflection of the shocks on the battlefield was still trembling it.

In the sky, Onoki was still maintaining his stance while he was looking all shocked at Naito; finally his expression changed.

This kid must die!

At such an age, he managed to block his dust, if he grows up later, what else he will do?!

Onoki revealed a very strong killing intent, he bit his teeth, then he madly started to mobilize his chakra an injecting it into his hand.

The Dust release is, of course, can be used several times as long as the user still have Chakra.

The power is really great, but as the consumption of the Chakra, it far beyond the consumption of normal Bloodlimit, but he had only one thing in his mind.

Is to be sure to kill Naito!

The amount of Onokis Chakra was already on the level of a Kage, Naito wasnt sure which one had a bigger one Onoki or Muu.

But no doubt, the two of them were at the level of a Kage!

This is the problem Onoki was at the peak of his power, while Naito was only on the Third Stage of his Shock force.

The moment Onoki decided to wipe out Naito from the ground with all of his power, a figure rushed over from the ground to the sky.

There was no flashing light, but the movement was so fast that almost no one noticed him!

Then with his full power, he waved his sword toward Onoki.

It was Konohas White Fang!

Even Onoki couldnt deal with him while he was trying to attack Naito, so he dispatched the dust release and fell back.


Suddenly, a cut appeared on Onokis nick!

The dispatched dust went all the way down, but it wasnt that strong, Naito once again sent a shock wave toward it.


And once again, the nearby Ninjas got shocked by Naitos punch.

In just a short period of time, the Situation on the battlefield changed again.

First, the Tsuchikage appeared from nowhere in the sky and did a sneak attack on Naito using his dust release.

Followed by a second shocking scene, where Naito who should have been wiped out by the dust release of the Tsuchikage managed to block his attack!

Then, when the Tsuchikage decided to use his full power to kill Naito, Sakumo rushed over toward him and almost managed to kill him!

Every scene was shocking!!

But from all of these scenes, the most shocking one was the one when Naito blocked the Dust Release.

Even though this one has been followed by other shocking scenes, almost every single Rock Shinobi was still shocked by that.

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