The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 144: Fighting Against The Tsuchikage!

ugh these balls.

As for Naito on the other side, his move was even simpler, he jumped in the air than he kicked the space under him.


The mud balls that were heading toward him got all smashed by his shocks.

At the same time, Naito teleported very fast toward Onoki smashing him down with a punch.


Onoki looked at Naito, then he suddenly snorted, this is one of the few times that someone tried to attack him from the sky since he had the ability to float, no one ever dared to attack him from above.

“Earth Release: Golem Technique!”

When the force of the shock was crashing down reaching him, a huge golem rose from the ground blocking Naitos attack.

Onoki used this technique several times in the original story, its defensive power is powerful, and at this time, it was enough to block Naito punch.

However, Naitos attack didnt stop there, he reached his back pulling out his Kusanagi sword, then he rushed over toward Onoki again from the sky at top speed.

At the same time, Sakumo rushed over from the other side at full speed.


The two of them flashed with a silver color from the two sides of the field.

In the next moment, the two of them struck down both Onoki and the Golem, the last got split into two halves, but Onoki managed at the last second to retreat, although it was so dangerous to dodge the strike of these two swords, Onoki didnt have any choice, he stood up in the distance, while some part of his clothes got shuttered, and a blood mark appeared on his shoulder

It hurt!

The two of them turned around looking at him holding both of their swords.

Both of them used their full force in that attack, they seemed like they could even cut the sky if they wanted!

The battlefield in the distance wasnt so far from here, and its almost clear from where they were standing, they could see everything in the other side, including the scene when they managed to cut Onokis shoulder.

“The Tsuchikage… Got Hurt?!”

“This is impossible!”

Some of the Rocks Shinobis had a very terrified look on their faces.

Although it didnt look like a serious injury, but were talking about the Tsuchikage here, hes one of the strongest Ninjas in the world!

“Tsuchikage-Sama consumed a lot of his chakra, and he cant use the dust release for a short time, dont worry this will end soon.”

“When the Tsuchikaga-Sama restores his chakra, Konohas White Fang, and Ashura wouldnt be able to face him!”

After a few of them saw how their will got a little bit broken, they suddenly looked at them and comforted them.

hearing these words, they all came to their senses again and nodded.

Thats right!

The Tsuchikage got injured because he couldnt use his Dust Release, once he recovers some of his Chakra, he will turn around the situation!

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