The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 147: Danzo And Sarutobi!

The horrible power swept in all direction, and wherever it hit, whether it was muddy ground or hard one, it turned them all into dust.

Finally, when the waves stopped, a huge semi-circular deep pit appeared in the field.

What a shocking scene!

It looked like heaven and earth got crushed each other!

Therefore, the Rocks Shinobis looked at the field, with an incredible expression on their faces, they felt like they were day-dreaming.

The thing that happened to the field was nothing, the fact that Naito was able to block Onokis dust was the most incredible thing for them.

Almost all the Rocks Shinobi know what kind of Release is the dust, it was created by the Second Tsuchikage Muu, and the only one who could use it after him, was the Third, its the Bloodline limit that above all the other Bloodline limits!

The Second Tsuchikage was the strongest in the world after the death of the Sanju brothers, despite the fact that he died in a mysterious way after he fought against the Second Mizukage in a fierce battle that ended with both of them killing each other, no one ever dared to underestimate his power nor his Dust Release!

The Dust Release has the power to wipe out any kind of Bloodline limits, yet Naitos strange power managed to block it, this only means that Naitos power is also a bloodline limit that is above all other bloodline limits!

Sando, the assistant of Onoki, was standing from a distance looking at this scene, while his eyes looked all gloomy.

“Impossible… He actually blocked the dust release, is this a joke?”

The Anbu next to him looked very calm from the outside, but behind that mask, he was so freaked out, he couldnt believe what he saw!

Its not a matter of strength, the dust release is an advanced branch of Jutsu that is more advanced than the Jutsu class of Kekkei Genkai.

The only thing that could stop it was the Rinnegans Preta Path that can absorb any kind of chakra.

Its an incredible thing to see the Dust Release get blocked by another kind of power.

Of course, the only reason that made Naito block it was because his power is from the beginning independent of Narutos world unique power system.

Therefore, the shock force is able to block any kind of powers whether it was a bloodline limit or a bloodline selection like the Dust Release, perhaps it will even be able to block the six path power in the future.

Compared to the horror the Rock side felt, Konohas side got stunned at first, then they all got excited.

Suddenly they gained a significant momentum!

Orochimaru was slightly surprised at first, then he licked the corner of his mouth then murmured: “The Dust Release should be able to wipe out any kind of Bloodline limits… It seems that Naito is hidden something, and the Earthquake Release is definitely not just a bloodline limit.”

“Nice work!”

After she punched the Anbu so hard and fell back, Tsunade looked at Naito from a distance with a strange look on her face.

Sakumo took a few steps and reached Naitos side, the two stood next to each other looking at Onoki in the sky.

The fact that Naito blocked Onokis dust made Sakumo very shocked, but this is didnt matter at the time, because this is made them the favorable side in this battle.

Onoki was floating in the sky, looking down at Naito, while the look on his face changed from a pure killing intent to a one full of hatred.

This little devil!!

At this moment, Onoki start to get afraid of Naitos power!

Yet Onoki didnt give up, he continued his attack on Sakumo and Naito.

Naito and Sakumo didnt need to communicate, and they immediately rushed toward the Tsuchikage, and the war broke again!


The ground and the sky were shaking and trembling so hard that everyone in the battlefield felt it, it was like endless meteors were hitting the ground so hard!

For a moment, this battle looked like it was never gonna end.

A hit here, a cut there, a dust cube here, and a shock wave there, the three of them were going back and forth trying to kill each other.

Yet this time, Onokis attention was different, he knew that he couldnt kill Naito first.

Therefore, he decided to kill Sakumo then Naito.

Its hard to kill Naito because he could block his dust Release with the Shock; therefore, Sakumo was the weak spot here.

After all, even if he was strong, Sakumo didnt have the power to cut the Dust Release with his sword!

Boom! Boom!!

The ground was shaking and trembling so hard from the countless clashes of the Dust and the Shock power, while the momentum was getting higher and higher.

The other Ninjas were looking from a distance at the battlefield while the two of them were trying again and again to kill their Kage.

Onoki was getting pushed back under the excellent combination attacks of Sakumo and Naito!

In the end, the battle got more and more fierce, and the momentum got raised even higher, and Onoki suddenly managed to target Sakumo with his dust release and almost kill him, if he didnt get hit by Naitos shock too at the same time.

Onoki tried to avoid it, but he got slightly hit by its power.


Onoki got shocked by Naitos attack, then he immediately spurted blood.

“Sure enough, that kids power is not a joke, I got slightly hit by his attack, yet I got hurt badly…”

Onokis expression got really ugly, it made him spurt blood, but it was only a minor injury.

If this continues, he will kill Sakumo eventually, but he will undoubtedly die too in this battlefield!

Which one is important his life or Sakumos?!

For Onoki, the answer to this question was obvious.

Finally, under the joining power of both Naito and Sakumo, the third Tsuchikage Onoki lost the battle.

With the retreat of their commander, the momentum of the Rock Shinobis collapsed!

Seeing their own Kage getting defeated, the Rock army lost their will to fight, and the whole army broke.

While the momentum of Konoha reached its peak!

Naito and Sakumo managed to defeat a Kage, they beat one of the five strongest ninjas in the world!

What a shocking and exciting news!

Although the outcome got already determined, Konohas army was chasing down every single Ninja form the rock and killing them.

The blood dyed the whole battlefield with a red color, the entire battlefield turned into a bloodbath, the corpses were everywhere, and the blood was flowing like a river!

At this point, the Rock Village got completely defeated!

“Damn, even the Tsuchikage got defeated.”

Sando, the assistance of Onoki, was looking at the Rocks army who got defeated with a bitter expression, he had some unwillingness in his hear, yet he couldnt do nothing.

Moreover, what he was really feeling is horror.

The Hokage didnt participate in this battle, yet Naito and Sakumo alone managed to defeat the Tsuchikage!

Is this the real power of Konoha?!

Even if they couldnt kill him, their power cannot be underestimated!

Sando calmed himself down and prepared to retreat with Onoki.

But at the same time, Jiraiya rushed toward him to stop him from escaping.

“Damn you Konohas pig, do you think you can kill me?!”

Sando got angry, so what if he lost an arm, he will never lose to anyone!

In the next moment, a cold voice spoke from behind his back.

“He cant kill you, but I can.”


Suddenly, a sword got thrust from his back broking through his heart, then it cut its way out from his chest.

Sando turned his head around in pain while the blood was flowing out from his mouth to see Naitos shadow.

The only and last thing he could think about is when did he appear behind him?!

What kind of speed is that!

In the next moment, Naito moved out his sword, and Sando corpse got dropped dead on the ground!

“Whew, youre finally here.”

Jiraiya saw this scene and couldnt help but reveal a sigh of relief, although Sando was seriously injured; still, he was powerful, Jiraiya was also worried about his forbidden technique, so he was very cautious.

But it seems after he lost his arm, Sando was unable to use that technique very fast.

In other words, Naito came to fast before he could even use that technique and killed him.


After he nodded at Jiraiya, Naito rushed again into the battlefield.

He once again was standing from behind looking at Naitos back, he couldnt help but to take a deep breath and reveal a bit of sigh.

“Even a Kage lost to him huh.”

Who could believe that the young child from that tournament would turn out to be this strong?!

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