The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 14: Study

e original limits.

Starting from the first gate,

The Gate of Opening, The Gate of Healing, The Gate of Life, The Gate of Limit, The Gate of View, The Gate of Wonder, The Gate of Death.

Eight Gates, From the Brain all the way down to the chest, Abs, then back to the heart.

When the gates are open, the last impact will be on the heart, the ultimate power comes from the heart, wish also known as The Gate of Death.

“The heart… is the last source of power, breaking all the previous limits, then abruptly breaking through the last gate “the heart” will give you a burst of vitality…. but after that, you will end up being dead.”

“But does the heart really is the source of the power?”

All of this questions made Naito in a trouble.

The heart is the last station, the last force, the last boost of vitality.

However, what happens if the heart was the first gate, can the heart of a strong body avoid those side effects?

Does it solve the problem?

The idea he concluded made a sense, but he didnt rush to try it, he wanted to discuss it with Dai first, after all, these matters are very dangerous, it isnt a playing matter.

the next day.

Naito was in a deep sleep, but a noisy person just waked him up.

Well, the only noisy person he knew in this world was Kushina.

Because he was awake all that night he was so dizzy, he felt her voice was coming from the inside of his head.

He couldnt understand what she said, but he knew what she meant.

it was about the challenges of the Uchiha Samui.

Its just unbelievable to see a student who wasnt graduated from the ninja school challenge An Uchiha to a duel of Life and Death.

its the first time in history.

Because of that the news spread out so quickly, almost all the people in the village knew by now, and of course, Kushina heard too, so she couldnt sleep for all the night.

The first thing in the morning she came to him.

Maybe shes annoying, but her actions made his heart move for her.

“You never listen to me! I left you alone for a day, and you went all the way out challenging an Uchiha from all the people an Uchiha… and to what?! to a life and death duel!”

Kushina caught him, then she put her hand on his forehead.

Naito couldnt help but smile.

“Ok, Ok, I know its a little bit crazy but am not sick.”

“Well maybe you got a fever or something, thats the only explanation.”


Naito looked at Kushina seriously then said: “I really need to do it… if you dont like it, I understand, you cant be always by my side.”

“Am not gonna leave your side!”

Kushina voice was so warm.

Naito couldnt control himself, once again he smiled

“I Am confident that am gonna win after three months, so end of discussion.”

Naito thought really it was the end, but he turned around to find that Kushina was still looking at him with dumb eyes.

“After three months youre gonna win… stop daydreaming!” Kushina voice was deafening.

Of course, this was just normal, How can she sit tight and watch Naito going to his death?

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