The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 150: Final Battle!

Although every ninja who tried to get Naito got killed, they didnt stop and kept on coming back every time.

In addition, the battlefield was in chaos, so the number of attacks was going higher, which effected Naitos training badly.

Its estimated that it will take a long time for the situation to get better.

Or maybe Naito will do something to these assassins that will shock the whole world again and will prevent everyone from targeting him.

“What happened?!”

Finally, a bunch of ninjas who heard the noise from Naitos room came, then they took a glance at the assassins body on the ground.

Naito looked at the ninja in front of him, then said in an understatement: “Nothing, its just another assassin who managed to break through our defenses.”

After he said that, cold sweat appeared on the forehead of the Ninja.

“Am very sorry, Yuu Naito…”

“Its really hard in these kinds of situations to keep an eye on everything happening in the camp while everyone is out there doing missions…”

The ninja tried to explain the situation with a slight tone.

Upon hearing this, Naito took a deep breath then he shook his head and waved: “Forget it, just clean up the body.”


The Ninja nodded in a very formal way, then he immediately started cleaning the body.

And just when Naito was a little bit depressed and troubled, a figure walked into his room.

“Is it another assassination?”

The person who walked in was Tsunade, she lived next door to Naitos room, he recognized her voice immediately.


Yuu Naito nodded then said: “These guys will never get me.”

“But this seems endless, they will never stop.”

Listening to Naito, Tsunade felt sorry for him, she shook her head watching the Ninja cleaning up the body.

This is really annoying.

After a while, the ninja finished cleaning the body, suddenly Tsunade looked at Naito and said: “If you want you can come and stay in my room, they will never dare to attack you if there are two people in the room.”

Naito got slightly surprised to hear this.

Tsunade room was next to his, she didnt ask him to open a door between the two rooms… She actually asked him to live with her.


This is a little bit awkward.

“Youre a medical ninja, youre busy all the time, how could you always be with me?” Naito said that while looking at Tsunade.

Tsunade was a medical ninja, and she was always participating in the frontlines!


Tsunades eyes looked a little bit wrinkled as she said: “Well if you want someone else to be always with you, why dont you ask Orochimaru his room is next to you from the other side too right?”


Naito heard these words then he felt like he wanted to vomit.

Living with Orochimaru, just what Tsunade is thinking!

Naito would rather deal with two assassinations every day than leaving with Orochimaru in the next room, shes joking right.

After she finished her sentence, Tsunade felt the same way, no one will ever dare to live with Orochimaru, what he will do if he wakes up in the middle of the night to find himself already getting dissected.

“Ill ask Sakumo to help you, how about that?”

Tsunade said that then she walked out of Naitos room.

Naito shook his head helplessly, then he immediately looked at the ninjas who already dealt with the corpse, cleaned the blood and fixed the ground.

“You can all go.”


The ninjas nodded respectfully at Naito, then left his room, this is wasnt weird for them, they really admired Naito despite his young age.

If it werent for him, they wouldnt feel this safe, his existing only around them gives them hope, this satisfying situation theyre in right now is because of him after all.

After they left, Naito began his training again.

Soon, Tsunade went to Sakumo, the last send a special Shinboi squad to guard Naito room all the time while hes in there.

Of course, because the room is in the headquarters, he could easily send some Ninjas to guard it.

These Shinobi may not have the strength to stop every assassin, but theyre more than enough to scare them off.

After they start guarding his room, the assassination numbers dropped down magnificently.

After all, Naitos room was well guarded, and he was spending his whole time in there.

After the Rock Village got defeated, the war became a three-sided one.

The Sand, the Rain, and Konoha.

Among them, Konoha occupied absolute strength and advantage, the Sand and the Rain stopped fighting each other and start targeting Konoha together.

Even so, they still couldnt hurt Konoha badly since Hanzo still didnt show himself, and when he does this war will be over.

Even if Tsunade cracked his poison, Konoha would still be unable to defeat him.

Perhaps the original story didnt show how powerful this man is, but since he managed to hold his walls again the three major Villages and was considered as a demi-god, theres no doubt that this man is strong!

Otherwise, he would have been easily killed.

Hes a headache to everyone, and even if Sakumo is strong, it will be difficult for him to deal with Hanzo.

While Konoha was thinking of a way to deal with Hanzo, Naitos control over the Lightning Release was finally proceeding.

In Naitos room.


The lightning was flowing through Naito body then flashing on his palm, while rays of thunder start to flash out from his fingertips, suddenly the lightning took the shape of a ball.

Even though occasional arcs was flashing out from the Thunderball, it didnt lose it shape or explode.

“Its finally almost up to standard.”

Seeing this result, Naito nodded with satisfaction, suddenly he thought of something, he used the lightning in the ball and spread it on his whole body enveloping it with lightning.

Naito wasnt wearing anything on his upper part of his body, at this time, his skin has almost completely changed to a bronze color, but its not s dark as the Third or the Fourth Raikage, the color was still lighter.

This made Naitos body less tender and more mature, and his appearance looked perfect.

The lightning release was flowing in Naito body, yet this time under Naitos strong control, there was no trace of revolting due to the Rain weather.

The lightning kept flowing into Naitos body and constantly stimulating his body cells.

It wasnt just stimulating the cells, in fact, it was boosting the Chakras cells, so that every cell of his body becomes stronger, making it carry, complementing, and promoting his Chakra even more.

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