The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 157: Reunion!

The weather was as rainy as ever.

The battlefield had a sense of sorrow.

Asking him to join them in this battle, the three legendary Sannin teamed up with Naito to fight Hanzo the Salamander, they were in a disadvantage at the beginning, but now things got heated up, and the battle became more fierce.

The change of event that happened in this battle was because of the fact that one man who shouldnt be here has joined that battle, it was Naito!

One person with one wave of his sword changed the whole destiny.

Step by step, with every attack they start to put some pressure on Hanzo which made him get more passive and defensive in this battle, its seems like theyve already won!

In the distance, Konan, Yahiko, and Nagato were very shocked, even if it was four versus one, this one was Hanzo the Demi-God!

This one of the strongest Shinobis in the history, yet four people managed to put this much pressure on him, and even gradually made him lose the ability to fight back.

What a shock!

Konan with her pretty face was looking at the battlefield, and especially at Naito and how he was beating up Hanzo while she was revealing a very admirable look.

Naito-Sensei… Maybe one day he will really gonna be the strongest in the world.

Konana believed in Naito from the bottom of her heart.

On the other side, Zetsu who was hiding in the dark, looked like he got slapped in the face, showing a very amazed expression, hes for sure is the man who knows everything that is happening in this world, and its a fact for him that Hanzo is the strongest man alive.


Absolutely strong!

Even the Third Hokage wouldnt be able to stand against Hanzo in a one versus one battle.

The Demi-God nickname is not just for show!

However, this person is being pushed back to the verge of death, although Hanzo still didnt have any kind of serious injuries, yet he was loosing!

“This is incredible, the four of them are really crushing Hanzo, although they have antidotes, yet Hanzos strength doesnt rely on his poison only.”

Zetsu looked at the battlefield, then he shook his head and said: “No the reason behind this is Konohas Ashura… Without him, even if they had a whole squad of Jonin along with them, they wouldnt be able to defeat Hanzo.”

“Wait, if they actually win, Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato will meet with Konohas Ashura and these three, in this case, the Rinnegan will fall into the hands of Konoha…”

The moment he thought about this, Zetsu expression changed, and he didnt hesitate for a second to pass this information to Madara.

And just when he decided this, the battle has finally come to an end.


A roar of ground-shattering, Hanzo crushed on the ground, and he spilled blood out of his mouth.

On the opposite side, Orochimaru and the other didnt have any serious injuries, but they looked all exhausted as they were breathing hard, especially Jiraiya, he consumed a lot of Chakra, and he was on the verge of collapsing.

The battle was really tense, even Naito with his strong physical power looked somehow tired, but it must be said that Hanzo was really strong, Naito wasnt able to kill him, this battle was the most difficult one up until now.

But… After all, Naito was winning!

Although Hanzo did only suffer minor injuries, the situation in the battlefield was already obvious, even if this is continued, he might be able to kill Orochimaru or Jiraiya, but in the end, he will also be killed!

Although Naito was very famous and strong despite his young age, the three legendary Sannin werent famous yet at that time.

However, the four of them managed to defeat Hanzo the one who was scaring the whole world, they pushed him this far, and this is was enough for this to be called a victory!

Standing next to Naito, Tsunade looked very excited!

She didnt expect things to go this far against Hanzo!

Originally, her idea was to drag Hanzo only for a short time.

However, with Naito and the hard effort of the three of them, they managed to defeat Hanzo

“Konoha… Sure enough, this village is the strongest one.”

With blood on the corner of his mouth, Hanzo was staring at Naito.

He tried to kill him countless times, but every time Naito stopped him, hes not just powerful, but also extremely invincible.

Hes a Genius!

This was Hanzos evaluation for Naitos strength, as for the other three, they were also very good, they much better than average Jonin; otherwise, they would have been killed a long time ago.

As for the Jonin squad that came along with the four of them after they defeated the Rains troop, they joined the battle against Hanzo, but they were all killed one by one by the last in no time.

They were just too weak to join such a battle.

“The four of you are very strong, even I couldnt defeat you, rather than that, you four managed to defeat me, in the future, the world of Shinobi will inevitably call the four of you by a Nickname.”

“Especially you…” Hanzo looked at Naito with a strange expression on his face. “Konohas Ashura, this title may have the ability to stand at the apex of the world.”

When he heard Hanzos words, Naito got a little bit confused. “What do you mean?”

“I dont mean anything, this war doesnt have to continue anymore, Konoha won, and the four of you defeated me… And this is, even more, worse than being killed.”

With a very calm expression, Hanzo said these words, then he finally looked at Naito and printed a hand sign.

Instant Technique!


Suddenly, Hanzo disappeared.

Naito looked at Hanzo disappearing in front of his eyes, yet he didnt do anything but shaking his head, he wasnt afraid of Hanzo, nor he was afraid of continuing this battle.

However, the three others were very exhausted, and if he chases Hanzo they will never leave his side, and this is will only end with their death.

“Hanzo the Salamander… This guy is really strong.”

Naito put back his sword, with a slight sigh.

With the defeat of Hanzo, the second shinobi world war has finally come to an end!

It very similar to what happened in the original story, the only difference is that the existence of Naito in this war made Konoha completely crush the other sides in this battle and declare itself to the whole world that as the strongest!

With the end of this war, and the defeat of the rain, there will be a long-term local battle for several years, these conflicts will gradually slow down, then it will get tenser again, and finally, the third war will break.

The Shinobi third world war, in fact, can be regarded as a continuation of the Second.

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