The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 158: Rinnegan!

“Of course, after all, hes the Demi-God.”

After she saw Hanzo leaving the battlefield, Tsunade took a deep breath, and finally felt relieved.

After this whole time, the battle in the frontal line should be already over.

“Its really unbelievable to say it, but we actually defeated Hanzo.”

After Jiraiya took a few breaths, he gradually calmed down.

Orochimaru pointed with his hand at Naito then said: “This is all thanks to Naito, only you managed to block Hanzos attacks…”

Speaking of this, Orochimaru smirked then with a strange color in his eyes, he looked at Naito and said: “But I still think that you would have defeated him if this battle continued.”

Naito shook his head then said: “No it couldnt be this easy.”

On the other side, Jiraiya listened to both Naito and Orochimaru talking, and couldnt help but smile. “Youre really strong Naito, you already reached a very high level of strength, it wont be long before you reach Hanzos level, it might even be in your twenties.”

Twenty to thirty years old is the general time for a person to reach his peak.

In general, the fastest period of growth is between the age of ten to sixteen, Its a rare case to find someone like Kakashi who start his growth at the age of five years old.

“Twenty years old…”

When Naito heard these words, he didnt say anything, but he shook his head.

Uchiha Itachi activated his Sharingan at the age of thirteen, and when he opened the Mangekyou, he reached the level of a Kage immediately.

For Naito, opening the fourth gate will give him much more power, which will make him reach the level of a Kage!

Speaking of it, it wont take long before the third war broke; therefore, Naito needs to be even stronger.

The second world war is actually the weakest in terms of strength than the other three.

In the third war, there will be the third Raikage one of the strongest Shinobis in the history, fighting against this guy will need much more power.

Natios strength currently is more than enough for the second war, but in the future, he will need to be much more powerful.

In order to become stronger, Naito will need to open, the fourth, the fifth, and even the sixth of the reverse Hachimon Tenkou!


“Hanzo the Salamander… Got defeated?!”

Yahiko couldnt believe it.

Konan who was beside him nodded, and with a bit of exclamation, then she said: “Naito-Sensei won.

“Do we go out now?”

Yahiko looked at Orochimaru and the other two with Naito, then he hesitated a little bit.

Naito is okay, but Orochimaru looked very scary, and the other two doesnt look like good guys too.

“Is it okay to go there?”

Konan slightly hesitated too, she smiled, then looked at Yahiko, and said: “Naito-Sensei is with them so it should be fine, lets go.”


When Yahiko heard Konans words, he nodded and felt relieved.

Yes, Yuu Naito is there, even if Konohas Shinobis look a little bit scary, they wont be able to do anything for them in his presence.

“Nagato, lets go together, youre gonna meet Naito-Sensei.”

“Oh… Umm…”

Nagato replayed with a very shaky tone, while there was a slight fear in his heart.

He also remembers clearly the day when his parents got killed by a ninja, who had the same symbol on his forehead protector.

Yahiko and Konan didnt know the past of Nagato, both of them stood up and walked toward Naitos direction.

Nagato extended his hand and wanted to stop them, but he didnt know how, he didnt want to be left over, but he also didnt want to go.

Under constant hesitation, his heart sunk more and more into chaos.


In a hidden place underground.

Uchiha Madara was still in there waiting.

“Madara, Naito and the Shinobis from Konoha defeated Hanzo.”

“Yes, it looks like that little devil is, even more, stronger than what we expected.” Madara slightly raised his head, and there was a rare worried expression on his face.

But it wasnt the end of the world, so what if he managed to defeated Hanzo, this is changes nothing.

Its like two kind of ants fighting against each other, even if they defeated the queen of ants, that doesnt mean that they will be able to conquer the world after that!

“Theres one more thing, Nagato was also there, and he will meet Naito soon, what should we do?”


Upon hearing this news, Madara frowned.

He wanted to say that everything will be okay, but this is wasnt the case, Naito was getting stronger, and his actions are somehow unpredictable.

Madara kept quiet for a long time, while he had a very strange expression.

“prevent him from meeting that little devil, he might interfere with our plan…”

Madara said that with a tone that seemed very strict, then he closed his eyes.

Uchihas eyes at this time didnt have the Rinnegan, he had the normal Sharingan because he transferred them to Nagato.

However, even the Sharingan is very strong!


Suddenly, Madara opened his eyes, and the three tomoe shined.

Although they were only normal Sharingan, they looked even stronger than a Mangekyo!

Even though he transferred his Rennigan to Nagato, Madara had still some of the Six paths power.

This power seemed to ignore the fact that he no longer has the Rennigan, and stuck to his Sharingan.


The Rain Country.

After they defeated Hanzo, Naito and the others wandered around the battlefield.

Even though they won, the scene looked very terrifying, they almost lost the whole squad of Jonin that they brought with them, and the entire Rain troop got also destroyed.

Most of the Konohas ninjas who died werent killed by the Rains troop, they all got killed by Hanzo.

They were too weak to be part of this battle.

Naito and the three legendary Sannin couldnt stop Hanzo from killing every single one of them.

They could protect them for a while, but it was impossible to defend them for the whole time.

“Theyre all dead.”

Jiraiya looked at the blood river then he took a deep breath.

At this time, Orochimarus eyes flashed then he said: “No, theyre not all dead.”


Jiraiya was slightly surprised to hear Orochimarus words.

Orochimaru turned and looked at the other direction: “There still few people hiding there.”

At the next moment, Orochimaru was ready to attack anything that moves.

Suddenly, Naito reached Orochimaru and stopped him.

“No need.”

After he stopped Orochimaru, Naito looked a little bit surprised.

Its Konan and Yahiko…

Although his ability to sense peoples Chakra wasnt as strong as Orochimaru, Naito could easily feel the presence of these two.

Is it fate? Or is something else?

After all, here it is again, he got reunited again with them, in the most unpredictable place, but obviously, it didnt have anything to do with Jiraiyas presence, theyre his own disciples.

After he shook his head, Naito took a few steps forward then smiled looking at Yahiko and Konan, who were running toward him.

“Long time no see, Yahiko, Konan.”


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