The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 16: Break The Limits

Naito stood helplessly in front of Kushina because he knew her goodwill.

Finally, he explained to her everything, but she couldnt understand.

After all, Naito also didnt listen to her advice too, in the end, she got upset then ran away.


With a little smile on his face, Naito stood helpless while seeing Kushina took off.

Back to the ease again.

After he washed up, Naito dressed up and walked toward the door.

Suddenly he felt like it was unnecessary to go to school.

Within three months, he will have to fight Uchiha Samui in a life and death duel.

Those three months should be spent on practice.

Going to the school is a complete waste of time.

After a little bit of pondering, Naito was ready to take a long holiday.

However, there is one problem, that teacher, I am afraid taking this holiday wont be easy.

when he thought about it, Naito was a little bit down, he cant leave without taking permission, he has to inform the school that he wont go to class.

At the school, the students were acting strangely while passing beside him.

Of course the reason behind there strange actions was obvious.

He walked toward his teacher office.

Naito didnt take permission and went in.

Coincidentally, they pumped on each other as the teacher was gonna take off.


When the teacher saw Naito, his expression was completely different than before.

There wasnt any despise or disgust, in fact, it was more complicated.

Naito was so surprised when he noticed that, after all this guy has more reasons to hate him now, after all, he injured Uchiha Izumi there is no doubt that he got punished because of that!

Surely it was strange, but Naito didnt think much more about it and directly asked for three months off.

After he said that, Naito didnt care about his answer, he made a decision that hes not coming anymore.

But the teacher patted his shoulder and nodded his head, Naito didnt expect that.

He even agreed?!

Naito expression was full of surprise.

Then he looked in the eyes of Naito and said:

“My friend died in a mission at your village, thats why I was always harsh on you, but youre a tough kid, just if you were born in Konoha… …”

The teacher didn t complete the sentence, he sighed, then patted Naitos shoulder again, then walked past him.

“just stay out of the sight in these three months, dont worry.”

then Naito and the teacher went out of the office side by side.

isnt this sentence so familiar?!

Didnt the Anbu said the same thing!!


Naito was so angry

So you think I cant win?!

With an angry face, he left.

Walking out of the school, Naito starts to cool his temper.

After that he went into a deep thought he wasnt even walking straight.

So he attracted a lot of eyes to him.

In fact, he was thinking about the idea he concluded last night.

He wont waste any more time.

If he solves some problems, then he will have a chance of 80% to successfully develop the eight gates technique!

The chances are already high.

Once he develope this technique, Naito believe that three months will be more than enough to beat Uchiha Samui!

He got rid of some problems, but there are several things to be solved.

So he decided to see Maito Dai.

Dai was still practicing in the woods, the whole village heard the knew of Naito challenging Samui, but he ignored all of that, And greeted Naito with a smile.

Of course, he wouldnt treat him like the village does.

Naito was so curious and wanted to ask whos the mother of Gai.

However, he decided that he wont waste any more time, so he directly mentioned the problems.

These issues, even Dai thought about it before.

Dai took his time answering his questions, he didnt find answers for some of them, but the last one was somewhat uncertain.

Naito and Dai discussed the last issue of several times looking for an answer.

The heart was the answer, Naito was so happy that he finally deduced a perfect and clear practice method.

Naito always wanted to find a way to develop that technique.

A reverse Hachimon Tonkou!

Surely it will be an absolute shock to many people, but Naitos way of ideas is different and had more guts into it.

The heart gives the vitality.

To open it as the last one means that you will use all of your vitality because that vitality will not only be used for power up but also to endure the side effect of opening all the gates at the same time.

However, if we reverse it and make the heart go first it will drive the body safely from gate to gate, he may be able to even do it without having side effects, it can even be a permanent Hachimon Tonkou!

After he concluded all of that and didnt have any doubt about it, Naito told Dai about his idea.

“A reverse Hachimon Tonkou!?”

Maito Dai kept quiet for a moment, he felt like he wanted to scream, but the shock made him speechless.

He wanted to make an objection, but he found… …that every point Naito made was a crit one.

It seems… really convenient.

Finally, Dai decided to support Naitos idea.

Because in his opinion, youth always will make you find your way…..

Maito Dai pointed some issues and helped Naito solve them.

At this point, a reverse Hachimon Tonkou is a fully formed method!

Naito didnt hesitate and began to try it directly!

Maito Dai, of course, stands ready for help if anything wrong did happen.

Dais character makes him a trustworthy, with him next to Naito he can go all out.

First, he opened all of his body blood meridians activity, and then he sits cross-legged.

He cleared his mind from every thought, then he starts to concentrate.

“From the heart…”

He murmured that, then he stabbed his chest with his thumb to activate the gate.

But it didnt work.

Opening the heart at the first gate is completely different than opening it at the last gate.

That left a frown on his face.

“This route doesnt work, but there are other ways…”

After all, this is method force the heart to activate.

The Eight Gates technique, break the limits of the body, in fact, it breaks the bonds of the Chakra itself.

But this chakra wont flow into the body, but it will form an aura that strengthens the body.

But controlling the chakra is one of the most things Naito isnt good at.

After he spent a lot of effort, he finally managed to mobilize a small amount of chakra toward the gate of the heart to do an impact.

However, it was as if he pushed a tree.

Naito felt that activating the heart gate as the first gate is impossible even for an Anbu!

No wonder that for thousands of years we never saw a reference Hachimon Tonkou.

Because the difficulty of practicing it is so incredible, no one can successfully do it.

That what he thought about for a moment, suddenly an idea struck him.

Other people fail… doesnt include his chance of succeeding!

After All, he got the power of the earthquake!

“…Gura Gura no mi! break that gate, SHACKLES!”

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