The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 160: Shock Vs Rinnegan!

inst it and took out his sword and suddenly struck it with his whole power and smashed it.

However, while he was dealing with it, Nagato disappeared.

“He escaped?”

Naito looked at the ground and wanted to chase him, but finally, he only shook his head.

Perhaps this is an excellent opportunity to win Nagato on their side, but its also a very dangerous situation, no one knows the other cards that Madara could be hiding.

“The Rinnegan, its very strong.”

Orochimaru looked at were Nagato was standing with a very strange color in his eyes.

He was still shocked!

“I didnt expect these eyes to appear again, the world is really falling more and more into chaos, what does the appearance of these eyes mean?”

Jiraiya also took a deep breath, and his expression was a shocked as Orochimaru.

Tsunade was looking with her beautiful eyes toward Naito.

She didnt expect Naito to be able to block the power of the Rinnegan, he even looked stronger, this only made her more shocked.

She knows what does the Rinnegan represents, and that is the power of the Six Path himself!

“Naito you did it, you managed to block that power.”

She rushed toward Naito, while her tone was slightly revealing a trace of fear, because if he didnt, maybe they will be all buried alive by this time!

The most dangerous moment they felt today wasnt when they fought against Hanzo, but it was this short moment!

“No, he couldnt use the full power of the Rinnegan… No, he couldnt even use half of its power.”

Naito shook his head, then he took back his Kusanagi sword, and then took a deep breath.

Hes still too weak!

In the eyes of the whole power, the power of the four of them is enough to destroy the entire world after they managed to stop Hanzo.

But Naito knew that it wasnt enough!

If Nagato is able to pull out the whole power he has in the original, even the entire world wouldnt be able to stand against him!

After this event, Madara will be watching Naitos every move.

But Naito wasnt afraid because Madara was weak at the moment, he wouldnt be able to control Nagato time after time, so there was no need to be worried about him currently.

But still, were talking about Madara!

Even if the whole world stood against Naito to kill him, the former would have no fear.

But Uchiha Madara is a different case!

“Its time to open the fourth gate; otherwise, I will never be able to stand against the Rinnegan next time.”

“No the fourth wont be enough, I need to open the fifth or even the sixth!”

After this mumbling in his heart, Naito took a deep breath and tried to calm himself.

At this time, Konan and Yahiko at a distance came over to see Naito.

Konan was the one who saved Nagato after she found him starving to death, but she never expected that Nagato will bring such trouble to Naito.

“Naito-Sensei, Im very sorry, I didnt know this will happen.”

“Its okay, its not your fault.”

Naito shook his head gently.

Although Yahiko didnt finish the story from before, Naito already knew what happened, and how they found him on the verge of the death and helped him.

Of course, in fact, it was impossible for Nagato to die.

Even if Yahiko and Konan didnt show up, Zetsu who was spying at him would never let him die.

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