The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 162: Half a Year!

The rain was falling as always in the Rain Country, and the people looked like they were has been soaked in the water, the only person who didnt look the same was Naito.

“Did you know about the Rinnegan Naito?”

Jiraiya looked at him and couldnt help but ask him.

Although he looked a little bit funny, Jiraiya wasnt a fool, he was as smart as Orochimaru.

It can be said that the three legendary Sannin werent only powerful, but also smart to be qualified as a Hokage.

“When I first met Konan and Yahiko, Nagato wasnt with them.”

Jiraiya looked at Naito for a while, and from the look on his eyes, he knew that Naito wasnt lying, yet he kept silent for a while and didnt know what to say back to him.

After the three Sannin looked at each other for a while, Tsunade took a deep breath then asked Naito: “So, what are you gonna do next, are you going back with us?”

Hearing these words, Konan couldnt help but feel a little bit worried, she bit her lips then looked at Naito.

“No, Im staying here for the time being.”

Naito looked at Konan, then he shook his head and said: “Since the Rinnegan has appeared, its very important to keep an eye on the situation currently.”

“The war is already over, Ill just stay here and take care of these two.”

Hearing Naitos words, Konan was slightly surprised, and her eyes flashed with happy color.

Although they were strong, and they were no longer ordinary people, life was still hard, and it was tough for them to survive.

During this whole time, they were always hiding.

After all, in the face of a Shinobi, Konan and Yahiko were still too weak to win.

When she heard these words, after a short silence here eyes flashed, then she nodded and said: “Alright, the appearance Rinnegan is a big deal after all.”

On the other side, Orochimaru shook his head slightly, then he said: “The Rinnegan is not something you can handle alone.”

“Even if you couldnt handle it, you cannot just sit back and ignore it, am I right?”

Naito attentions were clear, he wouldnt let Orochimaru be near to the Rinnegan.

In the original book, Orochimaru didnt pursue the Rinnegan, he was only interested in the Sharingans.

But there are no guarantes that he wouldnt chase Nagato after this change of events.

Also, it wont be a surprise if he wanted to chase Naito too, such a blood limit that can destroy the Dust release or any kind of Ninjutsu is hard to find.

adding that to Hachiramas cells!

It might be a little bit difficult to achieve, but if he managed to succeed he will get the most powerful body.

Even so, the success rate is extremely low.

comparing this to the Dojutsu bloodline limit, it even easier to get.

He can just transfer the eyes if he has the right body to handle it!

The Sharingan and the Byakugan are the strongest Dojutsus in the history, but theyre only limited in two families, the Uchiha, and the Hyuga.

As for the Rinnegan it was only known as a legend, but now it appeared to exist in the world, you think Orochimaru wont be tempted after he saw it?!

“Its true that its hard to deal with it, but we will just need to find a way to… Every Ninjutsu has its own weakness, and the power of these eyes are no exception.”

The look on Orochimaru was a little bit strange, his eyes were also shining with a peculiar light, he finally shook his head then left.

Naito was too lazy to guess what he was thinking, and there was no need even to guess.

Getting the Rinnegan is not easy!

Not to mention that Orochimaru is alone, and even if he tells Danzo, and last after he fails to do anything tells Saruotbi, then the last also send the whole army of Konoha to look after the Rinnegan, they will never be able to find it.

Madara was well hiding him, and even if they find him, the Rinnegan is not something you can fight with numbers, they will be like ants to him.

“This matter is of great importance, it must be reported as soon as possible, we will go back first.”

Jiraiya took a deep breath then he looked at Orochimarus back, and he slowly started following him.

Unlike the original story, the news about the Rinnegan will be no longer a secret, because even Orochimaru and Tsunade know about it now, and they will never let things be as they are.

After a while, Jiraiya also left the place.

Tsunade looked at Naito for a while, she knew him very well, and she knew his attention, he decided to stay in the Rain Country not because he just wanted to look after Konan and Yahiko and look for the Rinnegan, but because he also wants to find a quiet place to practice.

After all, in the war, Naito didnt have a lot of time to practice, whenever she wanted to see him, she would find him practicing a new thing.

There no doubt about it, hes a training-maniac.

However, if he werent such a hard worker, he wouldnt reach such strength at the age of twelve years old!

No pain no gain.

“Just be careful.”

Knowing his intention, Tsunade would never stay and disturb his training, after she said these words she also left him.

Only Konan and Yahiko remained.

The rain was falling, yet Naito was still standing, Yahiko and Konan didnt dare to bother him, and stood by his side.

“Lets go.”

After a while, Naito started moving, and the two of them nodded and followed him.


The war in the Rain country ended with Konoha being victorious.

Sakumo leaded Konohas army to the victory, in the battlefield he did a great job, and managed to put a lot of pressure on Chiyo the Kazekages assistant, and also killed both Sasoris parents, it wasnt very different from what happened in the original story.

However, this is wasnt as shocking as the others news.

Konohas Ashura and the three disciples of the Hokage Sarutobi fought against Hanzo the Salamander and the one who also known as a Demi-god, and defeated him!

When the news just came out, no one could believe it.

Because it was simply incredible!

Even if Naito is strong, hes still very young, hes even younger than the other three.

The four of them joined their forces and managed to defeat Hanzo, the news was almost like a bomb that hit the world.

Even the major villages didnt believe it, and they sent their scouts again to figure out what really happened there.

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