The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 163: Breakthrough!

Konan gently responded, without even looking at him.

However, Naito was so focused on other things, and his expression was very calm, which always made Konan also feel very safe around him.

Yet she never knew what that calm expression hid.

Soon, Naito reached a river.

Without stopping, Naito kept walking on the surface of the water until he reached the center, then he turned and looked at Konan.

“Try doing the same thing you did with the tree.”


Konan nodded then she carefully stepped on the water.

With one foot Konan stepped on the water, after she confirmed that there was no problem Konan stepped with her other foot.

After a few steps, Konan managed to reach Naito.

“Its a little bit harder…”

Naito looked at Konan with a stunned expression, he never expected that she will able to do it from the first try.

However, this technique has two phases, first is to stand on the water, and the second is to be able to use Ninjutsu while youre also standing on the water.

“Now try to use Ninjutsu while standing on the water.”


Konan nodded, and she immediately started using her Paper Ninjutsu.

Standing on the water and using Ninjutsu is, of course, a simple matter for an elite Ninja, but for a newbie like Konan, the difficulty is high.

Sure enough, this time, even with her high control Konan will not be able to do it from the first try successfully.

When she started casting her Ninjutsu, she lost the control over the Chakra on her feet, and suddenly she exclaimed and her whole body dive into the water.

Naito who was next to her immediately stretched out his arm and pulled her out.

“Sensei… Im sorry…”

Even with her high control, Konan failed, she was a little bit embarrassed to even look at Naito.

Naito released her little hand and slightly nodded at her saying: “Its nothing, you just need to practice more.”


After she nodded, Konan expression became very serious, then she immediately began her practice.

After he pulled her out of the water several times, Konan mastered the technique, although it was somehow unstable, she didnt dive anymore into the water.

However, the clothes on her body were very wet, even though she was still young, the curve on her breast was very clear.

After he looked after Konan for a while and made sure that she wont dive into the water anymore, Naito left and went to see Yahiko.

After a little bit of guidance, Naitos Chakra finally got recovered, he returned to his room, and after he calmed his thoughts, he was ready to open the fourth gate of the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou!

After he started meditating, the Chakra began flowing into the three first gates.


With the surging of the first three gates, Naito body gradually began to reveal a powerful momentum, and his Chakra started forming a turbulent Aura around his body.

Naitos body has fully reached the standard of opening the fourth gate, after the Chakra flew into the first three Gates, it reached the fourth and started pushing it, using the shocks, Naito slammed the gate and weakened it until it finally broke!

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