The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 164: Stronger!

lass Ninjutsu he can also fight against it!

This is only the power of the fourth Gate and the Fourth Stage.

When he reaches the fifth, theres no doubt, that Naito will reach the high-S-Class, and when he opens the Sixth… Will it be possible for him to reach the SSS-Class?!

When he opens the Seven and finally the eighth… Will he as strong as Kaguya?

Naito could easily predict the power he will gain with opening the fifth, but for the sixth and the seventh, he wasnt quite sure.

But as long as the power of the shock is getting stronger everytime he opens a new gate, there shouldnt be no fear of anything!

Mastering the second Stage of the Lightning Armor technique, and the opening of the fourth gate along with the enhancement of the Shock power and reaching it fourth stage has made Naito even stronger.

In addition, due to the enhancement he gained to his Chakra, the Soru has also improved, and the distance that one step can cover has magnificently improved from its first stage.

Naitos speed has also increased.

Naito himself doesnt know how fast he is right now, but surely even Sakumo wont be able to keep up with him at this degree!

Hanzo might be able to react, but he wouldnt be able to fight against him.

Naito clenched his fist and took a deep breath, the excitement in his eyes was evident.

Naito could no longer remember, but Its been a long time since he came to this world.

But his physical age should be twelve years old.

In the original story, Uchiha Itachi awakened his Mongakyu Sharingan at the age of thirteen and his power jumped at once to the Kage-level…

Naito is finally one step higher to Itachi, he managed to reach the same level at the age of twelve.

The fourth gate has just been opened, and it was impossible for him to go any further for a short time.

After he took a long rest, Naito took out a scroll.

In the past year, Naito has been practicing for most of the time, he only spared a small part for Yahiko and Konan to teach them.

Naito was still collecting information.

In the past year, there was no information about Nagato, he never appeared after their last encounter, even after the news has been delivered to Konoha, the Hokage and his council kept this information for themselves, then they sent a large number of the Anbus in the Rain to look for him.

After they searched the entire country they couldnt find any trace of him, no one could know where Madara was hiding him.

Of course, even after they searched the entire country and couldnt find him, they didnt stop and start searching in other places, but they still didnt find any useful information.

The scroll in Naitos hands was a piece of information about the Kusanagi swords, which is one of the two things Naito was interested in.

The other one is undoubtedly the third stage of the lightning armor technique.

The third stage secrets are definitely hidden in the Clouds Village, and it should be classified as a top secret even for their Shinobis, Moreover, even if he somehow reaches it, it will take a long time for him to practice it, and it might be even better for him to open the fifth gate first before thinks about it.

Therefore, in the process of his training, Naito stayed in the Rain country, but most of his concern was focused on getting information about the rest of the Kusanagi swords.

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