The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 167: Boom!


Naito nodded, then he immediately went forward, without wasting any more time, he went straight toward the ninja in charge, looking for information about the Kusanagi sword.

Its not like the intelligence network of the Black Market is much better than the Anbus, but since the Kusanagi has appeared in the black market, they should know more information about it.

Sure enough, after he paid for the goods, Naito got the information he wanted.

One of the Kusanagi swords, Totsuka is wielded by a ninja named “Blood Hands” this ninja has appeared to be very famous.

Out of his shock, Naito continued to ask for more information about the ninja codenamed “Blood Hands,” but there was very little information about him.

Even the intelligence network of the Black Market doesnt know his location.

this lack of information was a little bit of a disappointing for Naito, but fortunately, since he knew its owner, there is always a chance to find it.

In the midst of disappointment, a sudden change of event happened!

There was new information about The third sword, the one who Sasuke wielded!

And the news confirmed that the sword right now is in the Sand Village!

This news doesnt worth anything for a regular ninja, because no one would go all the way the Sand Village to grab the sword.

Because its impossible!

But Naito is different, he wont even fear to face a whole village by himself!

In the original story, Deidara attacked the village alone and captured the Fifth Kazekage Gaara in front of everyone, and Naito, of course, is way more powerful than Deidara!

“The Sand, huh, it seems that this journey is gonna take more time than what Ive expected.”

Naito whispered these words, with a hint of coldness in his eyes.

Konoha right now is trying to invade the Land of Wind, and they are having a fierce fight against the Sand, one of the Ninjas who was leading Konohas army was Tsunade, which gives Naito enough reasons to go and help them in the battlefield.

Not to mention that one of the Kusanagi appeared to be in the hands of the Sand.

After getting the information he needed, Naito left the black market.

A lot of eyes were falling on Naito, these eyes were full of hatred and greed, after all, Naitos name was still on the top of the Black market assassination list, and the reward was extremely high.

But almost all the ninjas who were in the black market couldnt even think about attacking him.

In the Second World War, thousands of people were killed by his hands, and one of the five strongest Kage of the Major Villages Hanzo got defeated with the help of the three disciples of the Hokage and Konohas Ashura, they even forced him to retreat which led him to lose the war.

This one information alone was enough for them to not even think about attacking him.

Of course, there will always be some people who will be dominated by greed.

After he left the black market, Naito felt that some people were following him waiting for an opportunity to attack, without even turning and with the back of his hand, Naito killed them with one shock wave.

For the rest of his journey, no one dared to attack him.

But when Naito was about to return the camp, an extremely strong fire Ninjutsu flew toward Naito from the side.

“Katon! Zukokku!!”

“Futon! Atsugai!!”

In the blink of an eye, two powerful Ninjutsu fused, then get turned into a huge raging fire, targeting Naito.

Although they were only a B-Class Ninjutsu, the influence of the Chakra Nature mastering of the user turned its power to the extreme degree, although its not compared to Madara, it was still very terrifying.

After the wind and the fire fused, the power of this Ninjutsu was very close to the S-Class!

The horrible waves of flame rushed toward Naito and looked like it was gonna turn him into ashes.

However, in the face of this horrible Ninjutsu, Naito with a calm expression punched it.


The moment he punched the space, the sky itself start trembling.

The fourth stage of the Shock Force has already reached a very terrifying level, with one punch, the whole area in front of Naito got shattered, and destroyed.

The fire Ninjutsu in just a second got destroyed entirely, and the force of the shock continued to blast in the distance.


The ground got entirely destroyed by the shock power.

The ninja who sneaked attacked Naito saw this scene, and his face suddenly showed a shocking color.

“Even my fused Ninjutsu got destroyed, his power… Is even stronger than the information said!”

The next moment, a figure of a person suddenly flashed out from behind a rock, then fell back toward one of the sides.

The force of the shock continued its course until it hit that rock he was hiding behind and wrecked it.

“Its you!”

Looking at that person Naito got a little surprised, Naito was originally thinking that someone who can cast such a Ninjutus shouldnt be some nameless person, but he didnt expect it to be him.

One of the future Akatsukis members and Hidans partner, Kakuzu!

During this period, the Akatsuki hasnt been established yet, and Kakuzu was only doing some tasks in the black market, collecting money.

If theres any person who dares to target Naito, it will be no one but Kakuzu!

All that he cared about was money, and the bounty on Naitos head was the highest!

“You know me?”

When he heard Naitos words, Kakuzu stopped for a moment.

Naito looked at him, and with a hint of coldness in his eyes, he said: “You dont wanna do this.”

“Yeah, but the bounty on your head is extremely high, enough for me to make you my target.”

There was a hint of cold in Kakuzus eyes, he knew how powerful Naito is, therefore he directly went all out.

Whoosh! Whoosh!!

Black tendrils rushed out of his body like a demon that climbed out of hell, then immediately several masks which were wrapped to those black tendrils went out of his back.

“So you blocked my fused technique, then try this again!”

“Katon! Zukokku!!”

“Futon! Atsugai!!”

“Doton! Domu!”


For a moment, it looked the same as the last technique, but this time he added the Earth Release.

But this wasnt all, Kakuzu was going all out!

The two masks reached Naitos side with the help of the thick black tendrils and cast two more Ninjutsu.

“Water Release: Water Bill!”

“Raiton! Gian!”


The sky was shaking as the two Ninjutsu fused with each other forming a powerful compound Ninjutsu!

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