The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 170: War And Peace!

At the back of the rock, Zetsu was observing the situation, suddenly, he saw Naito rushing so fast toward him.

Zetsu was very surprised.

He saw him?!

But how?! Its impossible!

Zetsu didnt hesitate to rush into the ground and escape, but in the face of Naito, once he takes one step, there wont be any chance to escape.


When half of his body was already in the ground, a hand reached his head and pulled him out of the ground.

“Why the hurry?! Stay and have a cup of tea.”

Zetsu was very Shocked, its almost impossible to sense his existing even with the use of the Byakugan.

Just a moment ago, Naito was just sitting in his room practicing, then he suddenly came out and rushed toward his position and caught him.

Zetsu felt very stunned.

“For how long you have been spying on me Zetsu?”

Naitos eyes looked very cold as he was talking to him.

The moment he heard his name Zetsu got very surprised, it struck him like a bolt of thunder.

He was preparing to commit suicide the moment he got caught, after all, he was just a clone.

But when he heard Naito saying his name, he couldnt help but ask.

“You… How do you know my name?!”

“I just know.”

Naito said these words then the stare on his face became colder.

Zetsu was confused, the only person who knows his identity is Madara.

The shock hit him even harder in his heart the moment he thought that if Naito knows about him, then he definitely know about the existence of Uchiha Madara too!

Zetsu could easily run away if he let this clone die, but he wanted to get more information from Naito.

He always thought that everything Naito do or know is under his surveillance, but today, Naito proved him wrong, Naito knows more than what he thought, and he could no longer see through him!

It seems the Naito he thought he knew was only an image out of his imagination!

What is inside his head?!

“I was spying on you from the moment you won that battle against Hanzo.”

Zetsu answered Naitos question, he kept silent for a moment, then he asked him back: “In addition to knowing my identity, what do you also know?”

Naito looked at him, and there was a hint of disdain in his gaze.

“I know more things than you, now you go back to Uchiha Madara, and tell him, that if he messes with me again, I will destroy him along his plan!”

Naito knows that Madara currently doesnt have any power, so he wasnt afraid of him!

This sentence was very clear, but it hid a lot of things that even Zetsu couldnt understand.

Looking at Naito, Zetsu wanted to ask him how he knows this, but in the next moment, Naito with one hand broke his neck and killed him.

Looking at the dead body of Zetsu, Naito shook his head, with a slight of coldness in his eyes.

If there is any threat to Naito in this world, it wouldnt be anyone but Uchiha Madara!

As for Black Zetsu, he had no power, and Naito wasnt afraid of his existence.

Naito could find him and kill him whenever he wants.

In the rain, Konan came to Naitos side, she looked at Zetsus body on the ground, and couldnt help but ask: “Who is this…”

“Nothing, hes just a spy.”

Naito shook his head then looked weirdly at Konan.

“What is it?”

Konan felt that there was something wrong.

“Nothing go back and continue your training, oh right, it seems to be dinner time.”


In the dark, underground.

Madara was sitting there quietly, with his eyes closed.

His body was constantly dying, and even with the support of the Demonic Statue of the Outer Paths Chakra, it was only a matter of time.

He needed to build the foundations of his plans before he dies, then Madara will have to wait until the day of the resurrection comes so he can go back to the world.

In the next moment, Zetsu suddenly appeared in front of Madara, with a cold sweat on his forehead, and an incredible look was on his face.

“Something went wrong!”

“What happened?”

Madara slightly frowned and opened his eyes slightly to see Zetsu.

Zetsu was in control of observing the situation in the world, he needed to watch everything, the potential of each ninja, and even the hidden information that the major villages has.

It was almost impossible for anything to make Zetsu panic because he simply saw everything.

“Theres a problem… With Naito the one who made me spy on.”

With a trace of horror on his face, Zetsu told Madara about what happened.

Madara seemed like he didnt care at first, but when Zetsu told him about how Naito knows about him and his plan, Madara got stunned.

The shock in his heart was massive, even the rebirth of Hachirama himself wouldnt cause him this kind of shock.

Yuu Naito actually knows about his plan?!

This is impossible!!

He has just set up that plan, and many details have not yet been implemented, the only person who knows about all of this is Zetsu.

Who told Naito about all of this?

It seems that there is only one possibility, that is, Zetsu told him, but this is the most impossible thing.

Madara was in control of Zetsus life, he could end it whenever he wants.

Even if the Rinnegan was transferred to Nagato, Madara was still able to control him and know the truth, therefore; Zetsu wouldnt dare to betray Madara.

The more he thought about, the more his heart sunk more in horror.

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