The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 170: War And Peace!

y Konan was stying beside him.

Compared to Yahiko, Konan was a compassionate girl, and her emotions were always able to control her mind.

Yahiko had his own goal in the original story, in fact, he was a bit like Naruto, although their dreams were different, the two of them wanted peace.

One was born in war, and all that he wanted is to change the world.

The other wanted to change others views on him, so he wanted to be a Hokage and make all people respect him, later all that he cared about was also peace.

“What is Senseis view of war?”

Konan kept silent for a while, then she said what he had in her mind.

He beauty flashed then she whispered: “Yahiko said that he wants to be strong to make the world stop all the wars, what is Senseis idea?”

In Konans view, Naito was already strong, and no could ever stand in front of him.

Yuu Naito should already be able to do that.

However, Naito wont stay in this country forever, he always has other things to do.

Naito was a little surprised, he didnt think Konan will have the courage to ask.

“Actually, it doesnt matter.”

After a while, Naito looked at Konan and gave her an answer, but it only surprised her and made her more confused.

Looking at Konans reaction, Naito suddenly smiled and said: “Yahiko wants to be a god thinking that this will solve the matter, but the world had already once a God.”

“When that god existed, although there werent wars, people were afraid, and hate still existed, and it finally led to war.”

“Wars wont stop, once, they had a war, and it was very big that they said they wont need another, but as you can see, the wars didnt stop.”

“Some people think that if people understood each other, there wouldnt be any hatred after that, but is it possible to say that Konan doesnt hate those who killed her parents?”

Naito said these words, then he looked straight to Konans eyes.

Konan showed a hint of sorrow, she kept silence for a while, then she shook her head and said: “That kind of thing cannot be forgiven.”

“Yes, it is.”

Naito nodded gently, saying: “Its too difficult to change the world, so what Sensei is trying to do is to change himself first, this is my idea.”

“No matter what kind of war the world has, it will never be destroyed, hope will always appear in new lives, and as long as these people exist, there will always be hope.”

“As long as theres war, death, fear, and hate will always exist in the world.”

“So first, before anyone changes the world, he will need to change his self, become strong, strong enough that war wont change him, strong enough to be able to protect the people he cares about, if people can change this way, war will stop.”


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