The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 174: New Sword!

Suddenly, Naito felt his Kusanagi sword trembling, and his face shined with joy and began to follow the traces.

The more his sword, the more he was getting close to the other Kusanagi sword.

Finally, after he walked for a while, Naito himself start to feel the existence of another sword!

At this time, Naito has reached already the center of the Village, and he could see clearly the Kazekages Building.

At first, Naito thought that the Kusanagi sword is actually in the Kazekages building, but the more he came close, he started to feel its existence from the next building.

After he started to sense that building carefully from a distance, Naitos expression changed.

Its the Sands Anbu main building!

The Anbu department in the Sand is different from the one in Konoha, it was located on the ground next to the Kazekages building.

At this time, Naito used his Ultra Perceive to determine the exact location of the other Kusanagi sword.

The Structure of the Building looked the same as the one in Konoha.

Natios technique made him capable of observing the whole place, everything was clear to him, even the Anbu in the place, and they werent even aware of him!

Even the elite ninja who has a strong sensing power werent aware of Naito and how he was spying on them!

Naito didnt only find the Kusanagi sword, but he could even know which one it was, it was the one that has been wielded by Sasuke.

“This is very dangerous I cannot sneak in.”

Wondering around the building alone will be a very suspicious act, and it will expose his cover.

After all, Naito ability is perception, not disappearance.

Sneaking to the Anbu department will be impossible!

The difficulty is lower than sneaking into Konohas Anbu department, but its still an impossible thing to do either way!

Naito didnt expect the Kusanagi sword to be in the Anbu Departement.

However, Naito decided from the start that he will not gonna give up even if it was wielded by the Kazekages himself!

The Anbu Department Huh?

Since you cant sneak in, then lets just go from the front door, grab the sword then come out!

Naitos eyes looked very cold, at the next moment, he stopped wandering around the place and entered directly through the entrance of the building.

“Lets see how much time it will take them before they expose my cover.”

It didnt take them a second before they knew that something was wrong!

The sensor type ninjas were preparing to inform the other Anbu Ninjas that someone has broken into the building!

They thought that Naito was just a scout, and they didnt actually believe that hes gonna rush his way in!

They felt like they were dreaming the second they saw him rush through them.

Is someone actually trying to break into the building?

This didnt happen before!

Because of the stupidity of these sensor ninjas, the other Anbu movements were slower, they almost didnt have time even to react.

Naitos movements stunned some of the Anbus that were very close to the event.


One of them couldnt even complete his sentence yet as Naito has already rushed through him.

Suddenly, the blood got splashed on the floor.

Several Anbu couldnt even catch his face, before they crashed on the ground, with their blood being splattered.

They didnt even know why they were killed.

Someone will actually break into the Anbu Building?!

Breaking to the building that is located next to the Kazekages?

This is absolutely unpredictable, and it never happened since the Village was established!

without mentioning that sneaking into the building should be impossible!

The silver light continued flashing deeper into the building.


Holding his Kusanagi sword, Naito kept rushing at top speed through the building, cutting and punching everyone in his way, even the Anbus squad leader, couldnt stop him, he got killed instantly the moment Naito saw him.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye, the whole situation in the Anbu department become chaotic.

“What is going on! where are the enemies!”

“What is happening, did Konoha attacked ou Village?!”

A large number of the sand Ninja were stunned, and with an incredible expression on their faces, they rushed toward the place to find many fallen bodies on the ground.

At this time, the sensor ninjas finally woke up from their dreams, and sent the news to all the Anbu in the place, and reported the situation to the Third Kazekage.

In the process of this reporting, everyone was feeling like if it was war again!

A single man made them feel this way!

However, Naito has already found the place where they were storing the unique items.

The Anbu who was in charge of the place was sitting there in peace.

Suddenly, he raised his head the moment he received the urgent information.

“Someone broke into the building?”

He had an incredible look on his face, and then he just cracked down from laughing, and he couldnt help but reveal a hint of mockery.

“Its really interesting, I dont know from which Village is this scout, but is he stupid to sneak into the Anbu department?”

The ninja didnt look like he cared that someone has broken into the building.

Because this is seemed to him to be a joke!

In his point of view, even a Kage wouldnt be able to break in.

Therefore; the ninja who broke in has just wasted his life, the Anbu will never leave him unless hes dead.

After he shook his head and laughed one last time again, the ninja sit down back in peace.

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