The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 175: The Anbu Captain!

Just when he sited back, the ninja start to feel that something was weird.

Suddenly, one more person appeared in the room, he wasnt dressed like the Anbu, and he wasnt wearing a mask.

He looked like if he was a ninja from another village!


The man started trembling the moment that idea flashed in his mind.

Could it be that this person in front of him is the one who broke into the building?!

However, how could he reached all the way to here, this room was the deepest one in the building!

He couldnt understand, and he didnt have time to think.


Suddenly, his body felt very cold, and his vision started to get blurry.

This man was already dead, at the last second, he saw Naitos figure pulling back his sword.


Suddenly, the ninjas head fell on the ground, and while it had an incredible look on its face.

In the last second of his consciousness, he managed to take a good look on his face, and he could recognize Naito.

Konohas Ashura!!!

How did dare he break into the Anbu Departement, this is unforgivable!

But this is had nothing to do with him anymore because he was already dead.

After he quickly killed the ninja in charge of the place, Naito shook his head, then his Kusanagi sword suddenly disappeared into smoke.

Later, Naito entered the room in the back where they stored essential items and secret information, he rushed very fast into the room, ignoring the ninjas who were looking from him.


Naito sensed the existing of the sword into a stone box on the corner of the room, he rushed quickly to the box and opened it.

Naito took his own sword and cut the box to find the new Kusanagi sword lying there, he extended his hand and took it.


With a trace of joy on his face, Naito looked at the sword, but at the same time, the sword gave Naito a bloody feeling.

For a blade such as this, the metal was forged along with the blood and the life of the blacksmith!

Holding this Kusanagi sword, Naito smiled and touched its blade.

The name of this Kusanagi sword was Sneak Sword, the blade of the sword was very long and sharp.

“The second sword has been found, in this case, only one sword remained.”

Holding the sword with one hand, Naito started waving it.

If theres no accident, Naito will only need to look for the third one, the one that it has the sealing effect.

The third one seems to be the strongest since it has the most substantial effect, Naito took his new sword and left the room.

With the use of the Ultra Perceive, Naito could sense everything else in the room, but nothing was interesting besides the Kusanagi sword.

Therefore; Naito didnt have to stay anymore in the room.

After he walked out of the room, Naito could sense a large number of Shinobis gathering outside waiting for Naito to catch him!

However, in the face of nearly half of the Anbu force in the Village, Naitos expression was as calm as ever.

Other Shinobis were surrounding the room preventing Naito from smashing any walls and breaking his way out to the Village.

In their view, it was very unlikely for Naito to go out of the room from the main entrance, because it was impossible, therefore; they were ready to stop him from opening his way out from the other side.

However, all of their actions were clear in Naitos mind, everything was visible to him.

Suddenly, Naito smirked!

In this case, Naito was going the thing that they werent expecting.

Hes gonna open his way out from the main entrance!


At the next moment, Naito pulled out his new sword and started moving.

Suddenly, Naito rushed very fast toward the main gate.

All of the sensor ninjas were observing the whole place, the moment he moved they all reacted.

However, Naitos movements shocked them, and they immediately showed a horrified expression.


Too fast!!

They never saw such movements before, even within the Anbu Department theres no one as fast as Naito.

Of course, this wasnt the most shocking thing, the most one was where he was heading, Naito didnt choose to smash the rear wall, he directly rushed toward the main gate!

What is he trying to do?!

They all had one explanation for his movements, but it was ridiculous!

Yuu Naito… Is he trying to clear his way out from the main entrance?!

Almost all of the Sensor Ninjas stopped moving for a moment, and no one dared to say the words, this man is actually looking down on them!

“Who is this guy…”

“This strong Chakra, this man should be famous, he should be a Ninja from Konoha, but I dont know which one, is it Konohas White Fang?”


All of the sensor ninjas were shocked, and few of them had very strange expressions.

The sensor ninja can only determine the position of the enemy by sensing his chakra, they cannot directly determine the identity of the enemy, unless he is extremely familiar with that Chakra, such as the Kage of their Village.

Just when they were still in doubt, Naito had already gone out from that room and rushed toward the inside of the Anbu Building.

“Damn! Block him!”

“Do not let this guy escape alive.”

The sensor ninjas sensed Naitos movement, then in a second, they quickly informed his location to all of the other Shinobis.

They could only hope that the Anbu could block him.

Otherwise, if this man opened his way out, there will be anyone who could stop him from escaping the Village!

Being beaten in then out again, how could they show their faces again after that?

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