The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 175: The Anbu Captain!

e gonna face Konohas Ashura, they would definitely not choose to block him inside of the building, they would all run outside and surrounded him with every single man available!

Naitos power was no longer a secret to the world, and no one would dare to face him!

Although they have the ability to smash the wall and rush out of the base, Naitos attack has already been cast!


The sword looked like if it cut the space in front of it, and the air burst very strong leaving white cracks behind it.

The Shock Force slammed down the entire Anbu squad in front of him, dozens of them tried their best to cast some defensive Ninjutsu, but under the power of Naitos attack, it was useless!

The power of that cut threw around the whole squad.

More than a dozen were killed in an instant, and the rest were all wounded, they were too scared even to escape.

However, Naito didnt care about that, he couldnt let anyone walk, because once he does that he will definitely go back to him!

No one in here could stop Naito, cutting them, was like cutting vegetables, even the Squad captains were falling down.

The blood stained the walls and the floor, Naito turned the Anbu building into a bloodbath, he pulled back his sword, ready to leave the Anbu base.

But at this time, Naito got slightly amazed watching one of the Anbu walking in!

The people outside should be aware of what happens inside of the building since there was still some sensor ninjas outside.

In this case, no one will dare to come in alone, theres no doubt that this person has absolute confidence, or hes just an idiot.

Apparently, someone who is an Anbu will not be an idiot.

Naito looked straight at that person trying to figure out who is he.

The person who came in… Was actually the Anbu Captain!

Without hesitation, Naito calmly stepped forward toward the direction of the Anbu captain.

Soon they came close to each other!

As soon as they met, the Anbu Captains eyes flashed with an amazement color.

“Is that you? Konohas Ashura!”

Everyone heard about Naito even the people who didnt meet him on the battlefield, have memorized his face, and even an ordinary ninja could recognize him at first glance!

His face instantly became dark.

He couldnt help but remember the information about Naito and how he managed to defeat the Third Tsuchikage, and Hanzo.

However, after he took a deep breath, his expression became serious, he had no trace of fear; instead, the Captains eyes were full of killing intent.

He couldnt sense Naitos power, yet he didnt judge it, most people didnt understand his power, they only knew that he was just too strong.

The Anbu Captain has fought once with both Sakumo and Orochimaru, and he has a clear idea about their strength.

In his view, theres a big chance, that Naito isnt that strong, he was able to defeat both Hanzo and Onoki, because he teamed up with both of them in the two battles.

If he were alone, Naito wouldnt have a chance to defeat both of them.

The Anbu Captain was ready to end the so-called Konohas Ashuras life with his hands!

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