The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 177: Limit!

The Anbu Captain and Naito stood facing each other while their momentum raised, the killing intent that was coming out of them was very insane, it could freeze the blood in the veins!

This kind of killing intent was enough to make an ordinary person tremble and sweat from one stare.

After this momentum confrontation, the Anbu Captain finally moved!

“Wind Release: Wind Spear!”

The Anbu Captain erected his middle finger and pointed it as if he was gonna shoot something out of his finger, suddenly a crazy powerful Chakra start to flow out of him.


In the blink of an eye, the Chakra started to extend out of his finger forming the shape of a Spear!

The Anbu Captain was very strong, one shot of this Ninjutsu was at the same power of an A-Class Ninjutsu.

This simple trick was enough to cut off the body of a Jonin!


At the next moment, The Anbu Captain pointed his finger toward Naito, and shout the spear toward him.

The Spear went through space, making a very sharp sound, it seemed like it was gonna cut the air, it was powerful enough to open its way out through anything!

These kinds of condensed powerful Ninjutsu could scare off anyone, most of the people would have tried to dodge it, a few others will try to block it using a defensive Ninjutsu, no one would try to attack it.

On the other hand, Naito choose to face this technique with one finger!

Using his thumb Naito pressed his index finger gently, facing this horrible technique, Naito gently released his finger toward it.


With this simple moved, Naito sent a powerful Shock Force toward the Wind Spear and destroyed it!


The Anbu Captain saw this scene, and he couldnt help but get shocked.

He wasnt expecting much from this attack, he wasnt gonna get surprised if Naito blocked it with his sword or if he destroyed it with a punch.

However, Naito using one finger, sent a light bullet formed from his Shock force, and destroyed his Ninjutsu!

At that moment, the Anbu Captain knew that Naito was even stronger than Konohas White Fang.

But how is this possible?!

If Naito is this strong, then he wouldnt even need Sakumo to help him defeat the Tsuchikage.

Could it be possible that Naito in this short period managed to increase his strength to this extent?

Countless of thoughts were flashing in his mind, and he could no longer think straight.

Initially, the Anbu Captain didnt have the slightest intention of fighting Naito seriously, but now, the situation has changed, he decided to go all out, he will never give Naito the slightest chance to attack!

“Wind Release: Wind Spear!”

The strongest attack in his kite was the Wind Spear, but this time it was an enhanced version, it was a lot stronger than the previous one!

He is a Ninja who has only one Nature of Chakra, after he became a Jonin, he didnt practice other Natures, but instead, he focused on the Wind Release.

He firmly believes that if he enhances one Nature to the extreme, he will be able to beat anything, he wouldnt fear anyone!

And he really did it, in the Sand Hidden Village, he was the strongest after the Kazekage; therefore he became the Captain of the Anbu!


The is very different than the previous one when it appeared, it spread directly to the sky, it ran through the ceiling of the Anbu Base, leaving a big hole behind!

The horrible edge of the spear looked as if its gonna pierce the sky!

In the outside, the Sand Ninjas saw this scene, and they all got stunned.

“This is… The Wind Spear of the Captain!”

“This Ninjutsu is the strongest one.”

“Its said that even the absolute defense of the Third Kazekage cannot fully block this Ninjutsu.”

Numerous Ninjas were opening their mouths revealing a stunned expression.

“Who is this person who managed to break into the base and even made the Captain use his strongest moves?”

“Whoever he is, no one can survive this attack!”

“Yes, this will be the best punishment for breaking into our base.”


In the Anbu Building.

Naito looked through the hole at ceiling toward the Wind Spear, and couldnt help but reveal a hint of admiration.

With his Ultra perceive technique, he could really tell that this Ninjutsu is very powerful!

Its at the same level as the Rasenshuriken technique, which consumes a lot of Chakra!

The power of the technique didnt surprise him, what he really admired was the Anbu captain in front of him.

Generally, the Anbu members should always have special abilities, or at least they should be as strong as Sakumo, there were only a few people who were ordinary ninjas.

But for an ordinary ninja to come out with such a strong Ninjutsu is a very rare thing, this person in front of him was really the strongest person in the village if you dont count the Kazekage!

This Ninjutsu wasnt just about simply adding his Nature Chakra, additional shape transformation was applied into the Wind Blade condensing it and making it sharper, such as the Rasenshuriken.

Moreover, because its a wind nature, it was extremely fast!

Just as Naito was admiring this strong Ninjutsu, the Anbu Captain revealed his killing intent and waved his hand toward him.


The moment he waved his hand, the Wind Spear in the sky changed its trajectory and fell toward Naito.

This time it split the building into two halves as it was falling toward Naito.

It has not yet fallen, and the power of its momentum start to destroy the whole ground under their feet.

Looking at the Wind Spear reaching him, Naitos expression became serious.

“In this case, I have to be serious, lets check how really strong the S-Class Ninjutsu.”

If you dont count the Dust Release, this was the first time for Naito to face an S-Class Ninjutsu!

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