The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 180: Shock Vs Magne

“What an arrogant guy!”

The moment he saw that smile on Naitos face, the third Kazekage expression suddenly changed to a hideous one.

In his view, what Naito have done and the way he is acting is simply arrogant!

Even the other Shinobis in the place couldnt bear to see the way Naito was smiling, and all of a sudden they all start screaming at him.

“Kazekage-Sama you can do it!!”

“Let him see the true power of Sand hidden Village!”

“You will die!!”

The third Kazekage stood in front of Naito while his Shinobis stood behind him staring at Naito.

For a moment Naito stopped looking at the Kazekage and stared at the Sand Shinobis behind him.

With one look Naitos killing intent burst!

Even some of the Jonin had a cold sweat on their forehead the moment they saw those eyes looking at them.

In the blink of an eye, the entire army became silent!

“You better shut your mouths you pigs!”

Naitos eyes were very cold, he could kill every single one of them if he wanted, they were like ants compared to him.

And ants should know their place.

Naito looked back at the Kazekage again.

The Kazekage has not made a move yet, and Naito, of course, knew what he was thinking.

They were inside of the Sand Village, once they start fighting, the whole village will be damaged!

Therefore, the only people who were allowed to remain in the village were the Kazekage and the hundred Shinobis behind him, in fact, the people inside the village has already moved out, and most of the ninjas were guarding them.

Naito wasnt interested in slaughtering civilians, he wasnt even interested in the women, Naito is not a pervert nor a murderer.

Finally, a ninja came to the Kazekages side and reported the situation back to him.

“Kazekage-Sama, the Village has already been evacuated.”

“Thats good.”

After the Kazekage nodded to him, he once again looked at Naito, and he finally revealed his killing intent.


In the next moment, the Kazekages Chakra started to flow wildly, in just a second, the whole ground started shaking.


With one move from his finger, a sea of sand raised instantly in the space around him, even several houses around him collapsed and got turned into sands.

Of course, this wasnt over yet, the third Kazekages ability wasnt only controlling sand!

With the wave of his hand, he gathered iron from the ground and compressed it into a high-density shape.

The Kazekages ability allowed him to control the iron sand, he could condense it or even disperse it, as well as the ability to nullify opposing puppets by clogging their joints with sand, he could even use that on the human body, the Kazekage can directly destroy various organs from the inside of the body.

This was the horror of the Kazekages ability!

“Magnet Release!”


The Kazekage was finally ready to attack, using both his hands, he condensed that iron sand into a horrible big spear, then he suddenly threw it toward Naito.

The Iron sand spear was still far away, but the amount of the Chakra in it was very shocking, once it hits you, you will already be a gone man!

However, Naito didnt care about that.

“This kind of tricks…”

The look in his eyes was very dull, Naito without hesitating, stood in front of it and threw a punch.


The moment he threw that punch space in front of it start cracking and broking like if it was a mirror.

The force of the shock burst horribly, crashing the Iron Sand Spear.


The crack started to appear on the edge of that spear then in just a second it spread through its entire surface and crashed it.

The shattered black iron didnt fall on the ground, it was floating in the air, suddenly it turned into small bullets and tried to attack Naito.


Seeing this scene, Naito felt like laughing.

He felt that the Kazekage is too naive to think that this kind of trick can destroy Naitos defenses, whatever he does, the result will always be the same!


With the use of the Shock force, Naito slammed that iron sand, not a single one could break through his defense.

After the Shock force blocked the course of the Iron Sand Bullets, it continued its way toward the Kazekage.

the Kazekage didnt hesitate to avoid it, he jumped aside looking at that shock, the expression on his face seemed a little bit jealous.

“Sure enough, his defense is unbreakable, even my Iron Sand cannot do it… His Earthquake release is really the strongest bloodline limit.”

“However, my magnet release will not be defeated!”

Suddenly his eyes became cold, he waved his hand, and suddenly the iron sand that was shattered a moment ago got once again condensed.

This time, the scene was really shocking.

In the blink of the eye, the iron sand got condensed again, but this time it didnt only create one spear, countless of them surrounded Naito from all directions.

“Lets see how will you block this one.”

With a very cold stare on his face, the Kazekage waved both his hands toward Naito.


In an instant, countless of Iron sand spears got fired toward Naito.

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