The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 182: Destruction!


The energy slash flew out toward the Kazekage cracking the space around it, it actually looked as if it was gonna split it!

In the face of this technique, the Kazekage didnt dare to underestimate it, with the move of his hand, he condensed the Iron Sand around him forming a huge wall.

“Magnet Release: Sand Iron Shield!”


The Shockwave suddenly hit the Wall and cracked it.


The third Kazekgae was shocked by the power of this simple slash, it could even crack his Iron Sand Shield.

The Shock force continued on pushing its way through his shield, but it was eventually blocked, under the Kazekages control, the Iron Sand shield suddenly changed its form into the shape of a pyramid and rushed toward Naito.

“Iron Sand Gathering Assault!”

The huge Iron Sand pyramid rushed forward, but Naito didnt look surprised, waving his sword he struck it with the power of the Shock.


The space in front him once again got cracked, and the huge pyramid got shattered by Naito sword, then he rushed at top speed toward the Kazekage.


Naitos movements were very fast, even the Kazekage revealed a hint of surprise; obviously, his speed was completely beyond his expectations.

However, he was at the level of a Kage, even if he didnt have the same speed, he could control his Sand Iron very quick to recondense it into a defensive state.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

Naito didnt hesitate to attack the Iron Sand in front of him, but he didnt use a big amount of his shock because he needed to be ready to defend against it in case the Kazekage changed its shape.

In the face of this strong defense, Naito was trying to constantly move very fast around the Kazekage to break his defense.

The Iron Sand movement wasnt slow, in fact, the Kazekage was defending against Naito while trying to find an opening to counterattack.

This is the power of a man who reached the peak of the Kage level!

If he were any lower than that, he would have already been killed by Naito.

However, the Third Kazekage was being pushed by Naito from the very beginning of the fight, and he could only defend against him.

“Earthquake Release: Kuzure!”

Holding his Kusanagi sword, Naito started to flash around the Kazekage while striking him with countless shockwaves.

In an instant, the Kazekage looked like if he was trapped inside countless of shockwaves heading toward him from all directions.

Naito wanted to break the Kazekages defense from every direction so he cannot move his Iron sand to block his attacks.

“Magnet Release: Iron Sand Armour!”

The Kazekage knew that he couldnt block every attack, so he condensed a huge iron sand ball around him and wrapped himself in it.

Boom!! Boom!! Boom!!

The Shockwaves hit the surface of the Iron Sand Ball one by one, and it started to crack it, it looked like if it was gonna destroy.

The Kazekage who was inside that iron sand ball looked a little bit horrified, he never expected that his attack will be this powerful.

His absolute defense should be able to block even S-Class Ninjutsu, but now it can bearly stop Naitos attack!

The Kazekage envied Naito who had such a strong ability, and he could no longer disperse his Iron Sand again, he simply stayed inside that ball while enhancing it every time to block Naitos next attack.

Naito continued on attacking the Iron Sand Ball from all direction in order to break the Kazekages absolute defense!

It seemed like if the Kazekage was blocking Naitos attacks, but in fact, he was just being pushed by him!

The Sand Shinobis in the distance looked stunned at that moment, they never thought for a moment that the Kazekage will be pushed by Naito.

“If this continues… the Kazekage will lose!”

“Not necessarily, with this absolute defense, that guy will never be able to break in, and the Kazekage will not lose.”

The Shinobis in the field were overflowed with cold sweat, although the guy said it with his own mouth, they all knew that the Kazekage can only defend against Naito, which already considered as a defeat!

The helder of the strongest ability in the history of the village, the strongest Kazekage, the man who is one of the strongest five shinobis alive, is being defeated by a Shinobi from Konoha, this news is worth enough to shake the whole world.

At this moment.

In a hidden room inside the Sand Village, a group of suspicious ninjas was sitting around a table, from the first glance, you could guess that they were all elites.

They were the elders of the Sand.

“The Kazekage is getting pushed, he will lose if this continues.”

“We cannot let this happen, even if Konohas Ashura didnt win against the Kazekage, and escape, this will also have a great impact on the reputation of the Sand Village, which will affect the morale of our army on the battlefield.”

Several elders gathered down to find a solution.

Suddenly the expression of one of them changed and finally said: “I think we should use the Ichibis power.”

Once he said this sentence, one of the elders got upset.


Another directly slammed the table and replied strongly saying: “We dont even have a Jinchuriki who can use his power, it will be dangerous to use him!”

“But theres no other way, the Ichibi is the only one who can face Konohas Ashura!”

“The Village got already evacuated, even if the Ichibi went out of control, there wouldnt be a lot of casualties, then we will seal him again after that.”


“We dont have time for this, lets vote on this by raising the hands!”

The silence controlled the room as the elders of the Sand were about to decide whether they should use the Ichibis power.


On the outside.

After he tried for many times to break the Kazekages absolute defense, Naito finally understood that this one was a lot harder to break than the one the thousands of ninjas from the Rock used at the Second World War!

After all, the Iron Sand Release was a lot stronger, and once it gets condensed it becomes indeed a true absolute defense, which is much stronger than the technique that the Rocks has used against him!

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