The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 184: Pain!

With the establishment of the five major villages, and the presence of the first Hokage Sanju Hachirama, the world lived a quite long time in peace, no one dared to start a war until the death of Hachirama.

In the first world war, four Kages has died, the second Tsuchikage and the second Mizukage killed each other in a fierce battle, both the second Hokage and the second Raikage has also died.

In the second war, the Kages didnt take part in battles except for the third Tsuchikage, therefore; none of the Kages has died.

By this time, the village system has already become perfect, they start to emerge Anbu Captains, and hands for every kage, which helped them commanding their armies into the battle.

The first one to die after a long time was the third Kazekage!

And the most incredible thing is that he wasnt killed in the battlefield, he died in his own village, he died in the Sand Hidden village!

Its simply unbelievable!

Even though there was a lot of Kages in the history, none of them has died in his own village, Naito alone managed to kill the Kazekage under the watchful eyes of countless of Sand Shinobis!

Not even the Shinobis, even the elders felt stunned at that moment.

They were all shocked.

Just a moment before, they all were waiting for the Kazekages counter-attack, suddenly, with one attack from Naito, he was gone along with his absolute defense.

Almost no one could react!

At this moment, the pain was all that they felt, they were looking at both the hole on the ground, and Naito who was standing there.

“The Kazekage-Sama… Is dead?!”

“No thats impossible.”

Some couldnt believe it, the Kage of their village died in front of them in the middle of their Village by Naito!

At this moment.

Naito was standing there also looking at the big hole in the ground.

“The Kazekage was really strong, I couldnt break his absolute defense with my sword.”

Naito whispered these words to himself, initially he thought after he reached the fourth level of the Shock Force he would be able to destroy anything using his fist.

Because Naito was sure that if he reencounters Onoki, he would now be able to destroy his Dust Release by only using his fists.

But now that seems impossible, even after the power he gained, the two releases seems like they will always cancel each other.

The Dust Release is the strongest bloodline limit after all.

The advantage of the Shock force is its power of growth, Naito will always get stronger after all, and he might be able to destroy this absolute defense using his fists eventually.

As long as his growth continues, he will be able to destroy everything with one punch!

The Sand Shinobis didnt know what was Naito thinking about, the only thing they know that Naito had broken the Kazekages absolute defense and killed him, however, they werent gonna give up.

“The Anbu Captain got killed, and now the Kazekage… No one can stop him.”

Naito looked around indifferently, the whole time he was fighting, he was thinking if he should kill the Kazekage, and wipe out the entire village for good.

Suddenly a roar came out from a distance, it even made Naito a little bit surprised.

This is…


In the distance, far away from the battlefield.

In a secret hidden place in the Sand Village, a person was standing.

He was a Jinchuriki!

Of course, he couldnt control the Ichibis chakra, he was just a container, if he wanted to use the Ichibis power, the only solution he had is to break his seal!

At this moment, a Ninja reached him and broke his seal, and suddenly a crazy chakra emerged.


The moment he broke the seal, the violent Chakra destroyed the place.

“Hahaha! I finally came out!”

Almost in an instant, the Ichibis body got out from his cage, and the Ninja who broke the seal escaped the place.

At the next moment, the Ichibi looked at the bottom where his Jinchuriki was standing.

The man looked very weak, and he could bearly speak, with a trembled tone he said: “Go and kill the enemy.”

The Ichibi kept looking at him, completely ignoring his words.

At the next moment, the Ichibi made a sharp and strange laughter with a hint of sarcasm: “Wow, Hahaha, so thats why they released me, well I never been interested in the humans matters, but hell since you released me, I will try to be selfless and kill him along with a bunch of others!”

After he laughed, he emerged a huge terrifying chakra that destroyed the place.


The ground got crashed, and the place started trembling, and endless sand suddenly came out and started destroying the area.

The ninja who broke the seal, looked very terrified, when he saw this scene, he wanted to escape, but the sand has already captured him and crushed him along with countless of buildings around the area.

The Ichibi suddenly jumped directly in the center of the village right in front of Naito.

Naito looked slightly surprised as he was looking at the Ichibi in front of him.

“I almost forgot about you.”

“Guwahehe, so youre the one who was giving these people trouble which made them release me.”

The Ichibi was looking at Naito and laughing very loud.

At the next moment, the Ichibi stared with his scary eyes at the place, sweeping it through all the Sand Shinobis.

“Its… Its the Ichibi!”

“They released the Ichibi, this is really bad.”

All the Sand Shinobis fell back at once, the Ichibis body was very big, that it covered the whole place, and Sand Shinobis couldnt even afford the idea of fighting along with him.

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