The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 185: Smashing The Ichibi!

The Ichibi glance at the Sand Shinobis, then he looked back at Naito.

“Although, it was because of you they released me… But you will just die along with them!”

Suddenly, the Ichibi attacked Naito using his claws.


The horrible wind pressure instantly burst out as his huge claws were falling, it looked like it was gonna smash everything, it seemed unstoppable!”

“This bad… No one can stop the Ichibi.”

“What the elders are thinking? after he kills him, we will be next!”

The Sand Shinobis were watching this scene in horror, although he was not targeting them, they were so terrified, after all, even though Naito was an enemy, but at least he was a human.

But the Ichibi… Hes a monster!

The huge claws were falling, and they were really close from turning Naito a meatloaf.

Naito raised his head looking at this huge claws, yet there was not the slight confusion on his face; instead, his eyes revealed a hint of coldness.

The Ichibi didnt need to attack him, the Sand Shinobis was his true enemy, theyre the ones who sealed him, and theres no doubt that he hated their guts for that.

The only reason he attacked Naito, was because the former didnt even pay him attention, in other words, Naito ignored him instead of being afraid of him!

In the Ichibis point of view, all of the Ninjas are ants, and they should be afraid of him, and Naito shouldnt be a special case!

But this little bastard dared to ignore him!

Naito knew very well what the Ichibi was thinking, so he wanted to teach him that he wasnt the same as these ants, therefore; Naito didnt choose to avoid his attack!


At the next moment, Naito clenched his fist, and the white light directly emerged around it, then he turned toward those huge claws and slammed them.

Naito wasnt even as big as one of the Ichibis claws.

And the size of his fist compared to his claws was ridiculously small.

However, this is wasnt a battle of size, power is what really matters!


Naito slammed his claws, and suddenly the entire sky got shattered.

The space above him cracked, and it looked like if it was an invisible broken mirror.

The power of the shock force suddenly slammed the Ichibis claws.


The Ichibi got confused he felt as if he stepped on something that stopped his movements.

But this wasnt it, suddenly, his claws along with his whole arm got destroyed!

Even his huge body got pushed back by the power of the shock and crashed on the ground!

The Ichibi got stunned and widened his eyes looking at Naito in front of him.

The power of Naitos punch wasnt the reason behind his shock, nor how he managed to smash his entire arm… But how Naito made him feel pain!



The Ichibi has never felt pain before, this is was the first time for him to experience this concept since he was born.

Even if his whole body got smashed by a Ninjutsu, he would never feel pain, he will just get recovered after some time.

Its very difficult to kill a Bijuu, but even it was killed, their chakra will never disappear, but they will just get reborn again after a while.

But Naitos fist made him feel pain, which was completely different!

Suddenly the Ichibi emerged a huge amount of chakra, which made the whole place around him tremble, the sand started to raise and condense again, and in an instant, he restored his arm back to its original state.

In the distance, the Sand Shinobis saw this scene while their whole body got overflowed with cold sweat.

They knew that Naito was very strong, and they werent surprised that he managed to destroy his arm, what made them really afraid, was the fact, that this monster… Cannot die!

“The Village got evacuated right?”

“Yes, they were moved to a very far place.”

“But the situation is very bad, Konohas Ashura cannot win this one, and when he gave up and escape, we will be the ones who will suffer.”

The Sand Shinobis kept falling back, while they looked very scared.


On the battlefield.

The Ichibi restored his arm back, then he stared at Naito while he was very confused, he couldnt understand how did Naito make him feel pain.

The only thing he knew, that he hated that feeling, and he needed to kill Naito who made him feel it!

“Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet!”

This time, the Ichibi didnt use his claws to simply crash Naito, this time he was serious!


The horrible chakra got surged, and a huge ball of wind got condensed, then fell at Naito.

Although it wasnt a Bijuudama, the power of this Ninjutsu was extremely powerful, even if it doesnt reach the S-Class, its enough to be considered as a High-A-Class Ninjutsu!

However, in the face of this technique, Naito didnt even move, he was standing in his place, and he simply punched it.


The power of his fist shattered the ground under him along with the ball of wind that was heading toward him.

Later, Naito started to walk, step by step, looking at the Ichibi in front of him.

Its meaningful to fight a Bijuu since its really hard to hurt him.

Yet Naito had the power to fight him face to face, and even hurt him!!

“This guy…”

The Ichibi looked at Naito who was coming over toward him, and he couldnt help but feel strange.

He never encountered a ninja who can fight against him!

He wasnt even trying to avoid his attacks, how can he have the power to even fight back?!

He couldnt help but feel despised, the Ichibi got angrier, and once again he attacked Naito.

“Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet!”

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

This time the Ichibi sent more than just one, and the power that was emerged into these ones was bigger.

Perhaps the Bijuu is not that strong, but the amount of the Chakra that one tail has is more than any human being, of course, the only exception is Kizami who had the same amount of Chakra as the Ichibi, but its almost impossible for anyone to have Chakra that can be compared to a Bijuu.

In the face of these enormous balls of Wind, Naito again didnt choose to avoid them and continued on using his fists.

No matter how many you throw, I will just destroy them!

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

Naitos fist fell down, and everything in the place got destroyed, all of the Air bullets got shuttered along with a huge explosion.

This time, Naito didnt stop there and kept walking toward the Ichibi, it was his turn to attack!

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