The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 188: Surrender!

Going all the way in the desert.

Currently, the two Kusanagi swords were wielded by Naito, he sealed the first in his left hand and other in his right.

The moment he held the second one, Naito felt a bit of connection between the two swords, but there wasnt any special effect.

The two swords looked very similar they had the same shape and sharp edge, yet there were some differences between the two.

After all, these two swords are different.

The First one which is the one that was originally wielded by Orochimaru has the ability to stretch and shrink, this ability can be used by injecting the Chakra of the user, its a very special sword, but it doesnt increase the attack power.

However, the one he picked from the Sand didnt have these abilities to transform or expand, but it had the ability to enhance the Attack power of the user!

To put it simply, using the second one combined with Naitos shock waves make its power stronger than the first Kusanagi sword, this sword is more suitable to Naitos ability.

In fact, Naito doesnt even use the abilities of the first sword.

However, Naito was still eager to get the third sword.

The second he held the two swords there was a faint sense of connection between the two, Naito felt that if he gathered the three swords together, there should be some kind of effect.

Naito finally reached the location where the two armies were fighting.

After he walked for a while, Naito finally stepped into the battlefield, it was an extremely fierce battle, the ground was destroyed, and a large number of corpses were lying almost everywhere.

Naito observed the place, and it seemed like there werent any people fighting, the two armies were taking a rest to prepare for the next one.

However, it seems like the next one will be the last one.

Naito though about what he did to the Sand hidden village, and couldnt help but smirk, then he immediately went to Konohas camp location.

Soon, a temporarily building appeared in front of Naito.


Konohas Camp.

The headquarters was in the middle of the camp, the commander was still Sakumo, and Danzo has not appeared in the frontal battlefield for a long time, and no one knew what he was doing.

In the Commander room, there was a huge map of the Sand in the middle, while Sakumo and Tsunade were standing next to the table analyzing the situation on the battlefield.

“We didnt make any progress in the previous battle.”

Tsunade and Sakumo kept staring at the map for a while, then the last took a deep breath and snorted.

Sakumo sighed then said: “If it wasnt for you and your medical squad, and the antidotes that youve made for Chiyos poison, I am afraid that our casualties will have been a lot bigger than this.”

Tsunade nodded and said: “Yes, the environment here is really helping them, even if our army is stronger, after this long time, it started to affect them.”

She said these words and couldnt help but to slam the table in anger.

Sakumo looked at here, then he shook his head and said: “Its more difficult than what expected to break into the hinterland of the Wind Land, once we entered this endless desert we become in a complete disadvantage.”

“The Sand Shinobis used the environment in their advantage and kept ambushing and raiding us, we really had a hard time dealing with them.”

Listening to Sakumos words, Tsunade revealed a slightly helpless expression, then said: “It true that we can suppress the Sand in the battlefield, but as soon as they fell back in the middle of the desert, we will always be in disadvantage and loose.”

“This battle is a must win, I am afraid that the only thing we can do, is to keep pushing them until they will no longer be able to resist.”

“If we just can backstab them and attack their village directly, this way they will have no longer a reason to fight.”

Tsunade said these words, then she looked at their location in the edge of the desert, and couldnt help but laugh, they couldnt even reach the middle, how will they even be able to attack the Sand Hidden Village?!

“Thats very difficult, even with the help of the Hokage, it will be hard to raid the Sand Hidden Village directly, Moreover, even if we reach it in the end, we will suffer from the casualties and get defeated in the end.”

Sakumo took a deep breath then he shook his head.

Even if they reach the Village, how would they fight against the Third Kazekage while hes favorable by the advantage of the environment of Wind Land?

Even if it were Hanzo himself, he would not be able to defeat the Third Kazekage in this kind of situation.

Suddenly, while the two of them were discussing the situation in the battlefield, a ninja knocked on the door and reported back to Sakumo.

“Sakumo-Dono, Yuu Naito is here.”


Both Sakumo and Tsunade showed a hint of surprise, then they looked at each other, while their eyes revealed their happiness.

it was almost a year since the last time she saw Naito, he disappeared in the Rain Land for this whole time, and Tsunade couldnt help but feel happy that she was gonna see him again, on the other hand, since hes here they can finally make some progress.

Sakumo and Tsunade thought about the same idea.

Naito can be considered as a war weapon, once hes here, even if they cant perform the backstab tactic, they can at least win the frontal battles and slowly advance.

“Let him come in.”

Sakumo immediately gave him the permission to enter.

Naito waited outside, he could enter and exist whenever he wanted, but he was just being respectful.

After he pushed the door, Naito walked in the room, when he saw Tsunade, he smiled at her and said: “Its been a long time.”

Tsunade looked at him and chuckled: “Yeah it been a whole year, and youve changed a lot.”

Tsunade seemed like she has already reached the Kage Level, she had a green mark on her forehead; obviously, it was because of the Reserve Seal technique.

Tsunade could feel that Naito has become stronger, he made a lot of progress in this year, she was afraid that he became even stronger than Sakumo.


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