The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 189: Back To Konoha!

Naito walked to a chair and sat down, then he smiled and said: “Well Ive come here to help since I heard that youve missed me.”

“Well, youre here now, and you should make up for that.”

Tsunade looked and Naito and smiled.

On the other hand, Sakumo also smiled, then nodded: “Yeah, its about time, after we invade the Wind Land, were gonna stop since it will be very difficult to go any further.”

“The battle against the Sand Shinobis was tough for us because of the environment of this land, its impossible for us to reach their village, it will be more than enough if we could at least win the frontal battle.”

“But since youre here now, we can push them harder, and maybe we could advance after that step by step toward their Village.”

Sakumo kept talking, while Naito has already taken a cup of tea in his hand, the moment he took the first sip, he heard Sakumos last sentence.

Tsunade nodded at Naito and said: “Thats it, youre gonna participate in the next battle Naito.”


The expression on Naitos face, while he was looking at the two of them, made both Sakumo and Tsunade feel strange.

If he wasnt gonna participate in the battlefield, then why did he come here?

Its reasonable to say that the environment of the Wind Land wont effect Naito, it doesnt make sense that he doesnt want to join them.

However, Naitos next sentence made them more surprised.

“I think that there wont be a next battle.”

Naito said these words, and they couldnt help but get stunned as he shrugged looking at the two of them.

No next battle?

This is doesnt make sense since Konoha will not stop the attack, and the Sand surely will continue on defending, then how there wouldnt there be a next battle?

Both of them got a little bit confused.

In the next moment, a ninja rushed into the room and banded a knee toward Sakumo, while his tone was a little bit trembled.

“Sakumo-Dono! An Urgent Information!”

“Is the Sand about to attack us?”

Sakumos expression was very serious, and his replay was very strong, it even made Tsunade stand up.

“No… The Sand… Surrendered.”

The Ninjas tone was a little bit trembled, and the shock on his face was still apparent, he was also surprised, just hours ago, they were having a fierce battle, but now the Sand surrendered so suddenly.

Its just unbelievable!

When they heard this news, Both Sakumo and Tsunade couldnt help but look at each other helplessly.


What the hell!

Tsunade widened her eyes and couldnt help but say: “They still have an advantage, and they suddenly surrendered, what is going on?”

“Something isnt right.”

Sakumos eyes flashed while he was thinking that this should be a trap.

At this time, several thoughts flashed in his mind.

There should be something…

Just like Naito said, he estimated that there wont be a next battle, did he know that Sand gonna surrender?!

However, why did they surrender, and how did Naito know?!

At this moment, both of them turned their heads and looked at Naito.

Just as the two of them were preparing to ask Naito, another Ninjas rushed in with some other news.

The ninja had a shocking expression on his face, after he came in such a hurry, he couldnt speak, especially when he saw Naito sitting in the middle of the room drinking his tea.

“What happened again? The Sand is not surrendering?”

Sakumo couldnt help but think that something wasnt right, even the Ninja who came with information couldnt talk, and Sakumo couldnt help but stare at him and ask.

“Sakumo-Dono, Great news!”

“Yuu Naito-Dono alone invaded the Sand Hidden Village and killed the Anbu Captain… And the Third Kazekage!”

“The elders of the Sand, Released the Ichibi, but Naito-Dono has also managed to defeat him, the Sand Hidden Village got almost destroyed!”

When the Ninja opened his mouth and said these word, the silence controlled the whole room, even the sound of a falling needle on the ground could be heard on that moment.

Even the Ninja couldnt believe what he was reporting back to Sakumo.

Sakumo was also stunned.

Tsunade was shocked, and she couldnt even stand anymore.

The only one who was as calm as ever was Naito who was in the middle of the room drinking his tea.

After a long time of silent, Sakumo and Tsunade turned and looked at him, even the two ninjas were looking at Naito.

The look in their eyes was really revealing their shock.

Especially the ninja who reported back this news, he was afraid to even deliver it back without confirming it several time.

“How… Did you do all of this?!”

Tsunades eyes were shining with a strange color, even her tone was shaking.

Naito shrugged then said: “I went there to get the Kusanagi sword, but I was stopped by them, so I killed few people.”

Killed a few people!!


These words struck them as like if they got hit by thunder.

Sakumo teamed up before with Naito and defeated Onoki the third Tsuchikage.

However, they didnt kill him, they barely managed to fight back!

To be able to Kill both the Anbu Captain and the Third Kazekage, then defeat the Ichibi alone, is just too incredible!

Although everyone knew that this wasnt as simple as Naito described it, still he really managed to do it.

After he spaced out for a long time, Sakumo finally regained his focus.

Looking at Naito, his eyes flashed, Sakumo couldnt help but smile a little, while his expression was slightly emotional.

“I never doubted that you will surpass me someday, but I didnt expect it to be this fast.

Sakumo was very amazed as he said this sentence.

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