The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 19: Superiority

If the odds went in Naitos favor, once he opens the second gate, the amount of the Chakra he got will increase, his strength will get much powerful, at the same time he will need to develop the power of the earthquake more, then he will learn more ninjutsu compatible with his fighting style, Rasengan will be great in this case.

With the path much clearer then ever, Naito start his training again.

Few days past like a blink of an eye.

He didnt only adapt his body to the power of the first gate, he even increased his control of the Gura Gura no Mi.


A piece of coarse wood crushed after he knocked it with a punch, Naito took a deep breath, wiped the sweat off of his forehead, then he nodded with satisfaction.

Kids from the school are no longer a threat.

Its the end of another day, Naito and Dai greeted each other and said goodbye, and then went home.

Near his home, Naito saw a figure that seemed to wait for him for a long time.

It was Kushina.

Even after she got upset and left away last time, but as the time goes by, Kushina couldnt stay away, she becomes more and more worried, finally, she heard the news, and she couldnt help but come to Naito again.

But she came and couldnt find him at home, Kushinas heart couldnt resist anymore, she becomes more and more worried, and she waited for him in front of the door for the whole day!

finally, she his figure from a distance, Kushinas worried and tight expression suddenly disappeared.

At the same time, her expression changed to an angry one.

“Naito… you must listen to me this time!”

Kushina walked toward him, Naito helplessly said: “Yea what.”

Kushina took a deep breath and said with a look of seriousness:” You need to go to the school and participate in the next ninja combat qualification exam.”

This sentence took Naitos attention and made him slightly surprised and puzzled.

A ninja combat qualification exam?

Whats this?!

Not waiting for him to think, Kushina directly held Naitos arm, and said: ” I know youre very strong and arrogant, and you dont want to live relying on others strength… but this time, its your chance to prove yourself!”

“This exam is not a normal exam, it determines the actual level of combat, its not a simple one vs one fight, but instead it will be decided by the round of draws, and finally it will determine the ranking of the students.

” the third will be there! as long as you do an outstanding performance, you will catch the Sandaimes attention, this way the Uchiha will never dare to harm you!”

Kushina said that with a weird tone it looked like she was forcing him with that tone.

But seeing how he was unconcerned about this from the start she feared that he will refuse to go and inexplicably she got soft.

She feared that he will get hurt.

Her breathing went heavier.

The serious look on her little face start to disappear and got replaced by fear and restlessness.

“Naito… listen to me … … you dont need to win against the most talented person, I mean Minato, you only need to put a great show to catch the Hokages attention… …”

Kushina tone, at that moment… her eyes were filled with tears!

That shocked Naito.

Is this still her? is this the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero!?

Her emotions were real, she wont let him die, she didnt want him to leave, thats the reason behind showing her weak side.

Naitos heart was touched.

He couldnt help but to hug her, and say: ” I promise you.”

Kushina didnt react, but then she couldnt help but to ring her arm around him, then she felt like she was gonna cry.

However, she held it, and immediately let go.

her cheeks were a little bit pink, however, she needed to drop the attention, she revealed a serious expression, clenched her fist and put it on Naitos chest.

“You boys, always make us worry, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!”

“Yea, ok.”

Naito held her two small hands.

Kushina face went red, she struggled for a moment, then she gave in.

Naito with one finger patted her nose.

“dont worry, since I decided to join in, I will take the first place just for you!”


Kushina snorted.

She knew Naito said that to make her happy, though she believes in him and in his power, she doesnt think he will get the first place.

Because, to take that first place, he needs to pass an enormous mountain.

Namikaze Minato

She knew Minato for a period of time, and she knows that hes the most talented one in the school!

After all, hes at the same level as a Chunin, and he already qualified to graduate in advance!

Minatos strength and the other students simply are not in the same dimension.

The next day.

Naito agreed to participate in the exam, its not only because he promised Kushina, actually its a great idea to catch the attention of the Sandaime.

After all, there is a chance he will lose against Samui, of course, he can also win, but also it will mean that he will have to face all the Uchiha.

If he doesnt have a strong backup, the Uchiha will tear him apart.

And the strongest backup in Konoha is, without doubt, the Hokage himself.

At the Ninja school.

After he had beaten Uchiha Izumi, no one dared to provoke Naito again, the eyes of full of despise and disdain become admiration and fear.

But today, those eyes have changed again.

“Did you hear the news? Naito challenged Uchiha Samui to duel.” A student turned to his friend the moment he saw Naito and start whispering.

“Uchiha Samui! Naito is just crazy?” The boy suddenly widened his eyes and showed an incredible expression.

” SHHH… keep your voice down, this duel is still far, lets talk about today, who do you think will win?”

“Of course its gonna be Minato.”

“Yea I agree.”

“In addition to Minato, there is Hyuga Setsuna hes strong too”

“Yes, but Naito is strong too, he did beat Uchiha Izumi after all.”

“He is strong, but Naito only use the Taijutsu, but the Hyuga fighting style is much stronger when it comes to the Taijutsu they use the Gentle Fist to hit the Chakra Pathway System.

A group of people was discussing the matter.

With such an event was prepared a lot of people gathered in the school.

The teacher was very surprised when Naito came.

He did not expect to participate in such an event.

Because in his opinion, Naitos life doesnt have a lot of time to live, he should be playing around.

The name of Yuu Naito has been added to the list.

Naito without any more thinking completed the application.

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