The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 190: Out of Control!

o wasnt born in Konoha.

Although he grew up in this Village, there wont be any chance for him to be a Hokage!

Sarutobi has always liked Naito, but he didnt expect him to grow to this extent in a very short time, his power became a threat to the Village, just like the Uchiha.

But even worse, his growth seemed like if it didnt even have a limit, and it just a matter of time before he starts causing trouble to everyone around him.

Of course, Sarutobi knew that currently, hes not entirely out of his control, even if Naito managed to kill the Third Kazekage and defeat the Ichibi.

Sarutobi was way more stronger than both of them combined, he wasnt that old geezer that could barely seal Orochimarus hands.

However, he was still young, still strong, he was the man who mastered every single technique in Konoha.

Sarutobi was undoubtedly strong!

He was the man who had a very unique chakra, he could use the five natures of Chakra, and this helped him master powerful Ninjutsu.

In his peak, Sarutobis amount of Chakra was extremely high.

Even though his power was at the level of a Kage, yet it also was at the peak.

The reason why Danzo was always under Sarutobi, wasnt only because he had that very tough character, but because he was also way stronger than him.


Konohas streets.

Naito and Kushina were wandering around the Village.

Naito temporarily put the third Kusanagi and the third Stage of the lightning armor technique issues behind his back, and came back the village to rest for a while, and see if he get his hands on Konohas Scroll of Seals.

Naito could get it with no problems before, but its unlikely to happen now.

Before he goes back to the village, Naito got some information from Yahiko and Konan.

Nagato still didnt reappear, Kanan and Yahiko began to be active in the Rain Land, but it seems that there wasnt any problem, as for the Akatsuki it seems that Yahiko has not yet thought about establishing it.

Naito threw all of this behind his back, the only thing he was thinking about was being with Kushina.

Naito didnt know how much he will be able to change the destiny, but he was sure that he can change some things.

Naito felt that even if Kushina and Minato were dead, Naruto would somehow be born to save this world.

But Naito knew for a fact, that even if he didnt defeat Madara, Naruto and Sasuke would always be able to do it somehow.

But he wasnt gonna rely on them to do it, he could only depend on himself.

“Naito-Kun, taste this.”

Kushina happily brought two kinds of snacks from the store and handed one of them to Naito.

Naito stopped thinking about all of this, and smile at Kushina.

Naito now is almost thirteen years old.

Kushina was also around that age, and it didnt no longer look like a little girl, she gradually turned into a beautiful young girl.

Naito wanted to forget about Madara and his whole plan and stay with her.

But in order to protect her, he needed to leave her, and become stronger.

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