The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 192: Sarutobi!

Kushina right now has become a Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, just like the original, nothing has changed, the seal was in its strongest state, the Kyuubi cannot escape it, and Kushina cannot use its power.

Naito thought that there was a strong posiblity that Uzumaki Mei could replace Kushina as the next Jinchuriki but it did not.

This is made Naito somehow confused about the future of Mei.

“Speaking of it, you were living with Mei lately right?”

Naito gave Kushina some snacks to eat, then he asked her casually.

Kushina shrugged and said: “Shes a strange girl, although she lives with me, she doesnt stay a lot in the house, i dont know what shes doing.”

“Well, it doesnt matter any way, lets go there.”

After she shook his head, Kushina smiled and followed Naito.

Looking at her, Naito couldnt help but smile at her, suddenly, she reached out Naitos mouth and wiped it with her fingertip.

Some cream appeared on the tip of her finger.

It was the cream of the snacks he was eating.

Naito looked at her then he immediately smirked and ate the cream on her fingertip.

This action suddenly made Kushinas cheeks flush.

The two continued to move forward, soon they walked out of the street and came near to a very familiar place, the Ninja School.

Naito felt a little bit nostalgic when he reached it.

Naito could still remember the suffering he went through in this place.

How he worked hard and struggled to survive, after all, Naito didnt want to be another cannon fodder.

However, no matter how hard he practiced, it was impossible for him to use Ninjutsu.

Fortunately, Naito didnt give up, he knew for a fact, that there was another way to survive this world, he started a hell of physical training when other kids were practicing their ninjutsu, Naito was practicing as twice as hard his physical training.

At that time, Naito has also suffered from the cold stares of the people, even the teachers hated him, but everything changed when that Devil Fruit came from nowhere in front of him.

Naito couldnt help but smile when he thought about it.

Yes, it was all thanks to the Gura Gura no Mi fruit, without its power, Naito wouldnt be able to reach his present level, even if he practiced harder, Naito wouldnt even come near to his current level.

“Lets go in!”

When she saw the Ninja school, Kushina has also felt a little bit nostalgic and pulled Naitos arm.


Naito nodded, and they immediately entered the Ninja school.


“Hey, everyone look there, its our hero!”

One of the teachers saw the two of them then looked at Naitos teacherNakamoto and couldnt help but smile.

Nakamoto was still teaching the kids in the Ninja School, he couldnt get promoted to a Jonin, and he wasnt that strong, so he could barely maintain his position as a teacher.

“Lets go greet them, both of them were your students, this is a great honor!”

Nakamoto looked at other Teacher, who looked very amazed, then he smiled and said: “Yes, yes.”

Nakamotos response was very cold, after he said these two words he walked away leaving that teacher.

The other teacher couldnt understand the reason for his behavior.

Nakamoto kept walking aimlessly in the campus, while his heart was full of anger.

He was cursing his poor luck, if he just could figure how much Naito was talented his reputation could have raised a lot because of Naito.

But how could he know that at that time, Naito was weak, he a very poor talent, he couldnt even cast simple Ninjutsu, then out of the blue he became strong, then he grew a lot stronger in just a few years!

His heart was overwhelmed with sorrow and anger, and as he was walking aimlessly he almost hit someone, but he managed to react at the very last second.


Nakamoto raised his head and saw two familiar figures, and he suddenly got shocked.

He could easily recognize him from first glance.

The person who was standing in front of him is one of his former students Yuu Naito, Konohas Ashura!

“Nice to seeing you again, Nakamoto-Sensei.”

“Y-Yes… Its been a long time…”

Nakamotos forehead got overwhelmed with cold sweat, and his heart was shaking from fear, he didnt expect Naito to greet him, and he knew for a fact that Naito didnt like him.

After all, Nakamoto mistreated him, he even tried to kill him!

But things are different now, the Status of the two men was completely incomparable.

With one stare from Naito Nakamotos whole body start shaking.

Kushina stood beside Naito and kept watching, she knew how many problems Nakamoto caused to Naito when they were still in the Ninja School.

However, watching him trembling and shaking in front of them, made her felt a little bit satisfied.

In fact, Nakamoto wasnt a bad person, he was very good to the other kids, he only hated outsiders.

Kushina looked at Naito, she was afraid of what he was going to do next.

However, Naito didnt do anything, he gently grabbed her little hand, and moved forward.

“Lets go.”


Kushina nodded and followed Naito.

When the two of them walked away, Nakamoto felt relieved, yet this short encounter made his whole body soak in sweat.

Naito didnt even care about him, he passed right beside him, while he was shaking in fear, Nakamoto felt very embarrassed.

Yet he couldnt do anything about it even if he wanted, with a touch of regret in his eyes, he turned away and left away in silence.

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