The Strongest Hokage

Chapter 193: Scroll Of Seals

After they took a walk in the Ninja School, Naito and Kushina left the place and headed toward the streets again.

The sky gradually got darker; therefore Naito escorted Kushina back to home

Kushinas hand was very soft, and Naito really liked holding her hands.

Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly saw a girl in the distance looking at both of them.

Suddenly, Kushina got very embarrassed, and let go of his hand, then she looked at that girl and snorted: “Youre really late, where are you going every day?!”

“Well, isnt it late for you too?”

Uzumaki Mei replied then she looked at Naito and couldnt help but get surprised: “Youre… Yuu Naito right?”


Kushina looked at her and got a little bit defensive then stood up in front of Naito and with a fierce look on her face she said to Mei: “Hey, why do you ask?!”

Mei suddenly showed a helpless expression, and said: “Its only natural that people will get a little bit curious when they see the famous Konohas Ashura.”

“Dont be!”

Kushina looked very serious.

Looking at the two of them, Naito couldnt help but smile lightly, he reached out Kushinas shoulder and pat it saying: “Well, you two go in, I will go now.”

“Well, dont forget to come and see me tomorrow… No, I will come and see you.”

Kushina nodded at him lightly, then she kept looking at Naito while he was leaving.

Then her expression instantly become a bit annoyed, she looked at Mei, then she said: “Where do you go all day? I always feel like youre hiding something!”

“No, nothing.”

Meis eyes slightly moved to the corner, then she snorted, and smiled: “Speaking of it, you should care more about yourself.”

“What do you mean!”

Mei laughed then she entered the house, then Kushina followed her.


Back home, Naito started cleaning up his house, it was a long time since the last time he was here.

The dust was everywhere, but cleaning was really easy for ninjas.

Although Naito didnt practice his other Chakra Nature, yet he mastered it to a certain level so it can be a little bit useful for him.

“Wind Release: Hurricane!”

A very simple wind Ninjutsu, with the help of Naitos control, the wind wiped out all the dust from the room.

After cleaning up, Naito didnt rest, but instead, he sat in the corner, he looked as if he was waiting for something.

Sure enough, in less than a moment, a masked Anbu appeared from nowhere in front of Naito.

However, he looked very respectful.

“Naito-Dono, can you please follow me to the Hokages Office.”

Even the way they talk has changed; usually, they will just say the Hokage summons you.

But now its different.


Naito whispered this word in his heart, then he nodded at him, stood up, and followed the Anbu to the Hokages Building.

Once again, Naito was in the Hokages building, but the feeling he had this time was different.

This time, Naito used his Ultra Perceive to explore the whole building, and the result was astonishing.

The entire building was covered with Perception Aura!

It was the same aura that was also covering the whole village, but because it was a lot smaller, it was a lot stronger.

Its really impossible to sneak into the Hokages building.

Moreover, even if you somehow managed to bypass this aura, with the help of his Ultra Perceive, Naito found out that Anbu and Shinobis were guarding the whole building from every direction.

Theres even some Anbu outside of the building hiding in the dark watching every move around the building.

Besides, Naito also sensed the location of the scroll of seals, where the security was higher, several groups were guarding it from every direction, and the room itself was next to the Hokages office.

In this case, it will be impossible to steal the Scroll without being noticed.

It looked very easy when Naruto stole it in the original, no doubt he used some kind of a trick to steal it.

Naito couldnt sense all of this before, but with the use of the Ultra Perceive technique, his eyes can see everything!

Soon, Naito finally reached the Hokage Office.

There was only one person in the office, but he wasnt sitting in his chair as usual, he was actually sitting on the floor.

After he saw Naito coming in, he invited him to come and sit next to him: “Naito come here.”

While he said these words, Saruotbi served Naito a cup of tea.

Naito looked at him quietly, then he sat down without saying anything.

When he saw how quiet he was, Sarutobi took the initiative to talk: “The situation on the battlefield improved a lot thanks to you.”

This sentence made Naitos eyes slightly flicker, because his tone, and the way he talked, wasnt the same as always, it looked like if two Kages were talking to each other.

Naito killed the third Kazekage, although this is doesnt make him a kage, but even if its the Hokage, he must treat him with respect.

“This my duty to the Village, after all, if it werent for Konoha, I wouldnt even be alive.”

Naito said these words, then he picked up the tea from the table and took a sip.

Sarutobi kept looking at Naito observing his movements his eyes and even his tone.

After that he heard these words, Sarutobi felt really relieved, and the smile on his face became more natural.

This is actually true if it wasnt for Konoha, Naito may have already died just like any other Kusanagi member.

However, the things Naito did for Konoha on the battlefield should also pay his debt to the village.

Konoha could still win even if he werent there with them, but the casualties would have been ten times more!

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